Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year's Resolution, 2012

It's 2012! Happy New Year!

That can only mean one thing...

The End is Nigh!

Ok, we don't know, really. The Mayans were probably tired and gave up at 2012 when they made their calendar.

Anyway, after deliberating over the exam period, it's finally done. Here's my New Year's Resolution for 2012...

  • I will finish my 2nd year with at least a 2:1 overall.
  • I will NOT go back to Jakarta over Christmas, so I can focus on my January exams in 2013.
  • I will get an Internship, and I will actually enjoy my internship &// find it useful and beneficial.
  • I will actually help Robin with his Bubble Today website (have you heard of it? it's really good)
  • I will brush up on any sort of code. HTML5/CSS/Objective-C, etc. Seriously, I will actually improve my knowledge of one/more of the above-mentioned computer/web design languages.
  • I will be in a committee in my 3rd year and not regret it.
  • I will submit 6 articles to Exeposé by December 2013. Surely not that difficult, right?
  • I will single-handedly work in a team to make Photosoc awesome. 
  • I will learn to develop film.
  • I will get presenter-trained/tested and get my own radio show on Xpression. 2 ideas for a show at the moment: A "Versus" show, in the style of Zane Lowe, AND/OR a food review show, reviewing the food on campus and in Exeter. (If I do get that food review show, I'll get off my pescatarian diet straight away.)
  • I will go to a gig in 2012.
  • I will not chicken out like I did in 2010/2011, and I will actually get tickets to Glastonbury 2013. (ANYONE ELSE INTERESTED?)
    • Failing that, I'd love to go to any of the major music festivals while I'm still in the UK. BBL, perhaps?
  • I will get a girlfriend. I'm 20 (as of 14 Feb, which is exactly one month away.), my brother's getting married tomorrow (15th Jan), so every nosey member of my extended family (and my mum) is going to start asking me now. Alright. THERE! I'll have a girlfriend by the end of 2012! HAPPY?!
  • I will give up chocolate for Lent.
  • I will wean off my Pescatarian diet by the time the June exams come. And I will then learn to cut the sugars and carbs out of my diet.
  • I will run a 10K (standard triathlon distance).
  • I will cycle 40K (standard triathlon distance).
  • I will try to do a triathlon in one day. Yes, I know I've had this resolution as holiday targets that never ever gets done, but I'm going to give it a try.
  • I will NOT ask my parents for any more money until the 2012/2013 academic year, when I really need money to pay my tuition fees.
  • I'm allowed to buy an iPhone 5 and a new Mac this year. NO MORE. No iPad, no iPod.
20 resolutions in 2012. Let's see how I get on!