Saturday, 28 February 2009

Time Machine

Whoever who came up with the idea of "Time Machine", the backup
software on Mac OS X Leopard,
That guy deserves a bonus. A big, honking bonus.

I was looking through my Mac for some old O Level Art footages
(thinking of uploading them online since Shaun Chui asked me for the
video, and I wanted to create a web portfolio of some sort as an
extension for my blog, kinda like that ridiculous daronfiles|gallery
thing that I did 2 years ago.) (that gallery has been closed, by the

However, to my dismay, I realised that I deleted it. Probably to clear
room for my videos from the choir trip. But bottom line is: my Art
videos were missing.

Fortunately, every night I came home from school, I would plug my
Seagate Time Machine drive into my Mac to backup my data. And as a
result, my video clips were found, and I restored them onto my Mac's
internal drive. Problem solved, case closed!

So, once again, my 5 months' worth of hard work has been deleted, but
recovered, thanks to Time Machine.

Thanks, ™! (that's Apple^tm, to the viewers who don't get the
intended result from my keyboard input.)


In these troubled times
I write haikus just for fun
I am really bored.

In these troubled times
I chose not to change my Mac
only the hard drive.

In these troubled times
I do not have anything
new to blog about.

In these troubled times
I get super poetic
to amuse myself.

I sure have no life.
What the crap am I doing?
Should I delete this...

oh, what's this button?
It says "Send" in my Mail App.
I clicked it and then...

Friday, 27 February 2009

Half-marathon! Again!

I ran another half-marathon today. The difference this time: I didn't pause the workout to go to the toilet, and I ran in the morning on an empty stomach (keeps the body light. Less effort on the legs, I guess.).


Thursday, 26 February 2009

That's one crazy ad!

Yeah, I've been out of the loops when it comes to Heroes.

But, I've been fortunate enough to have a stable internet connection today.

Which means Hi-Def YouTube Goodness!

I came across this ad while searching for Heroes-related stuff on YouTube. Guess it's just one of the many brilliant ads for this year's Superbowl. (I don't watch American Football, in case anybody is asking. I watch the ads that go with it. There's a number of brilliant ads that air only during the Superbowl, like the notable Apple '1984' Macintosh ad, tons of ads for cars, and this ad that was meant to advertise a phone that nobody thought existed at the time of advertising - 2007.)


Wow, I really need to catch up on Heroes Season 3 / Volume 4...


I'm making a switch...

If you haven't switched to Safari Beta 4, I highly recommend it. It's blazin' fast!


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Ripped from Facebook again.

I asked people for ideas on how to remove the stench off my iPod nano (the fat nano, the 3rd Gen) through a status update on Facebook. Let's just say I got some bizarre responses...

Ronald thinks his iPod nano is starting to stink from all that running. Is there such a thing as an iPod deodorant?7:06pm
Stanley Ho at 7:10pm February 23
dunk into concentrate Detoil...kills smelly germs. n the Nano in the process. Euthansia.
Ryan Lry at 7:14pm February 23
alcohol swabs?
Basil Lam at 7:15pm February 23
wd40 is great for your ipod. brasso too. if you want fierce power deodorant you should wipe under your arms. sure to get rid of the smell.
Ethan Liew Sheng Wei at 8:09pm February 23
Narb nano.
Ben See at 8:12pm February 23
70% Methylated Spirit or 80% Isopropyl Alcohol.
Ronald Liong at 11:09pm February 23
so, to sum up, alcohol, brasso/WD40[seriously?], and Detoil [erm, isn't this some sort of "purifying oil for hair manufacturing"?]. Think I'll try the alcohol swab, and maybe leave the rest to the Mythbusters, or someone else with more iPod nanos to spare. I need mine to work after the de-odorising.
Ronald Liong at 11:11pm February 23
anyway, thanks for the suggestions!
Ryan Lry at 9:57am February 24
and, i use the 3M "just add water" sponge for the click wheel and my macbook. $1.80 for 2 sponges, kills all the discolouration issues that ever existed.
Ronald Liong at 1:51pm February 24
The click wheel discolours? How do you discolour that which has no colour (i.e.: white)? Or did you mean the discolourisation on the MacBook only.
Ryan Lry at 1:57pm February 24
both...from white to yellow? "discolouration" here is the term used by apple, but its actually sweat and chips of dead skin.
Ronald Liong at 8:41pm February 24
oh. eww.

Monday, 23 February 2009

That Facebook Thing again. tagged by Ryan

Whatever I say are in green. (If you're reading this on Facebook or on RSS, please go to my blog, to see this post in colours.)

blah blah blah. yada yada. you have to do this cause you've been tagged or you die. same story. pick your victims when you're done. [NO! I refuse to tag people]

Last beverage → papaya milkshake
Last phone call → the chauffer
Last text message → Ronny Liong
Last song you listened to → Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
Last time you cried → Last year, when I quarreled with my guardian.

Dated someone twice → nope.
Been cheated on → huh? 
Kissed someone & regretted it → nope.
Lost someone special→ if you mean relative, then my grandma and eldest aunt, I guess. 

Fallen out of love → nope.
Laughed until you cried → nope.
Met someone who changed your life → nope.
Found out someone was talking about you → nope.

How many people on your top friends do you know in real life? → erm, all of them?
How many kids do you want to have → 2.
Do you have any pets → Not anymore. Had 2 daschunds (is that correct?), 2 chickens (I'm not kidding), and goldfishes in the past
Do you want to change your name → Maybe. My bro's Ronny, and I'm Ronald. Heh, too similar.
What time did you wake up today → 9.00 am
What were you doing at midnight last night → oh, gosh, Watching HBO?
Name something you cannot wait for → the end of anything I dread, like homework or running, or a download.
Last time you saw your father→ During dinner.
What's one thing you wish you could change --> ALL conflict
Have you ever talked to a person named Tom --> Erm, no, I guess.
What's getting on your nerves right now --> My belly. I want abs!

What's your real name → Ronald Liong 
Elementary/Primary School → St Andrew's Junior School
Middle/Secondary School --> St Andrew's Secondary School
High School--> Bellerbys College
Hair color → Black, with a miniscule and insignificant hint of copper.
Long or short → short.
Are you a health freak → kind-of. I still enjoy ice-cream, even though I run often.
Righty or lefty → Righty. I'm not a Socialist or Communist. Not that I'm against those kinds of government systems.

First surgery →Erm, do braces count? If not, then none.
First piercing → Erm, other than the immunisations, none.
First best friend → Some dude called Michael, from Kindergarten. His mum is my dad's barber.
First sport you joined → Swimming, age 4.
First pet → Untitled, the goldfish when I was age 4. I know, interesting name, yeah?
First vacation → Depending on the definition, I can go 3 ways: Bali, Singapore, or Melbourne, Australia. I'll say Bali.

Eating → Nothing
Drinking → Mineral Water.
Waiting → For my podcasts to finish downloading.

Want kids? → yep.
Want to get married?→ yep.
Careers in mind? → I said before, and I'll say again: a DJ with his own concerts and a JumboTron™ screen as the background. Kinda like Daft Punk, but me instead of them.

Kissed a stranger → No.
Drank hard liquor → Not very hard, no.
Lost glasses/contacts → Yes.
Ran away from home → Nay.
Broken someone's heart - Nay.
Been arrested → NAY.
Cried when someone died → Yea..

Yourself - Yea.
Miracles → The concept? yes. but when something is called one, I have my doubts.
Love at first sight → No. Don't think so.
Heaven → YES!
Santa Clause →There's an 'e' in the word 'Claus'. So, I think you're referring to the movie or something. I'll have to say no on a fictional Disney movie.
Kiss on the first date→ YES.
Angels → Kind-of.

Is there one person you want to be with right now? → As in a crush? Yes, to be honest.
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time? → No.
Do you believe in God? → Yes
Did this quiz totally suck balls? → Hmm. From the looks of it, the expected answer is 'Yes'. So, how about 'Yes'?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

outstretched arms.

With hands held high into a sky so blue...

Presenting my most popular photo ever uploaded to Flickr, with 620 hits! w00t!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Flickr and Valkyrie

I've been taking self-portraits of myself recently, not because I'm vain or anything, but because I felt artsy recently. My photobug bitemark re-emerged, and besides, I need more Facebook profile pics. So go check them out.

Also, I just went to watch Valkyrie with my bro and his gf. It's a good movie. A slightly boring one, but a good one, nonetheless. I don't like to give spoilers, but I think you should know by now that it's about an incident in Nazi Germany. That's all I will spoil. Go watch. All I can say is, it's weird to see people who sound British play as German politicians. To antagonize things, all the characters are speaking in English, not German with subtitles to reflect that time. It's just so wrong, I tell you. That's my biggest gripe about the movie. Other than that, nicely done. 3.5 out of 5.

Ok, that's all for now. whoopie doopie doo...

Except, there's this ONE MORE THING... (pulls up a "One More Thing..." Keynote slide, while wearing a black turtleneck, Levi's Jeans, and New Balance shoes)

I got my Indonesian ID (otherwise known as a "KTP", short for Kartu Tanda Penduduk)! 
So, now, I can go apply for my driving license!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

albums I want to get...

I've been looking through the top albums on iTunes, and so I came up
with a list of albums that I agree with on that list, that I have yet
to own/borrow.

List of albums to get.

-"The Fray" by The Fray
-"I Am... Sasha Fierce" by Beyoncé
-"Little Voices" by Sara Bareilles
-"In Between Dreams" by Jack Johnson

Somehow, this list feels as if it's arranged according to the date of
release or something. Oh, heck, I want these albums in my Mac soon.

Have you read...

I'm posting in this blog post, a link to a blog that I once linked to on my class blog, but took down for reasons of dispute with the person who owns the blog. They weren't happy that I posted their blog's URL on the class blog, so I took it down at their request.

But, I figured, after so long, they wouldn't mind me posting that link on my own blog.


Whether you like soccer or not, if you like a good comedy and politics, you'll love I won't mention who started the blog (you'll figure it out in no time.), but you'll get an insight into the world of a soccer team. There's some inappropriate content for minors, but if you're a teen, it's fine for you (just don't let your parents see this. They may object you from reading.). 

Laughter guaranteed.

the bad and the good

the bad:
I hurt my left calf the other day while climbing the stairs, and my
run today made things worse.

the good:
For the first time in 2 months, I'm under 72kg again. [71.8kg].

Saturday, 14 February 2009 says...

Thought I should share my chart on my blog. You know, so you
can see what goes on on!


My Scrobbled Charts for the Weeks from Nov 14 2008 to Feb 14 2009,
according to

1. John Mayer - The Heart Of Life
2. Coldplay - Life in Technicolor II
3. Hillsong - Run
4. Hillsong - This Is Our God

5. Coldplay - Lost+
5. Jason Mraz Feat. James Morrison - Details In The Fabric

7. Hillsong - Desert Song
7. Coldplay - Lost!
7. John Mayer - Stop This Train
7. Fall Out Boy - (Coffee's for Closers)

There you go! my Top 10 for the last 3 months!

Friday, 13 February 2009

commemorating 140292

It's Valentine's Day.

And as I posted on the 10th, I'm going to check if I met the 25,000 combined hits on Flickr & Blogger.

The results?

As of 14 February 2009, 12:38 AM GMT+0700,

Flickr: 4,127 hits.
Blogger: 20,878 hits

Total: 25,005 hits!

I did it!


So, thanks to everyone who's been visiting my blog and Flickr Page!

For those who didn't think there was anything worth seeing on my Flickr, check it out. I posted some new photos over the past few days. I think they're the best of what I've been taking in recent months.

On a side-note, thanks to everyone who took the effort of waking till late just to wish me Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Independence-from-an-umbilical-cord* day on Facebook, SMS, and my tagboard, and by any other means that I didn't even realise yet (Twitter? Email? Will check.). Really appreciate the greetings&acknowledgement.

So, thanks!

*-Assuming that stem cells from the umbilical cord was not saved into the blood bank / used by me from the time of birth to the time I type this post.

Why I can't play GH3 on Medium on my Mac.

I now know why I can't play GH3 on Medium on my Mac.

Simple reason - latency.

The Mac version of GH3 does not, and will not, run as smoothly on my
MBP as it will on an Xbox 360. It has to go through many processes in
loading the graphics (Cider, the X1600 card itself, the 16ms response
time display), as compared to the Xbox 360 (GPU, HDTV).

I just played Guitar Hero Aerosmith on my brother's 360. I'm currently
stuck at the Joe Perry Boss Battle (that guy is tough). But other than
that, I currently have a career score of >2,000,000 on Medium alone. I
even have songs scoring 5*s.

So, for the record, I can play Guitar Hero on Medium. and for the
slower songs, like "Dream On" by Aerosmith, I can even play on Hard.

It just matters on the platform.

I know some people are going to say I'm the carpenter who blames his
tools. Well, a good carpenter can't do much with a stone as compared
to a saw, right?

So, in conclusion, I can play Guitar Hero on Medium. Except the Boss
Battles. It's too hard...*sobs*


I like Coldplay.

And guess what? They're on tour!

So, just thought I should be of public service by alerting people to concert details when I know of any. Not that I go for these things. They're not cheap.

March 23, Singapore Indoor Stadium. $248, $188, $158, $88 Book here.
September 18&19, Wembley Stadium, £48, £59, £69. Book here.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Zexun asks...

Zexun: Ronald! Hit me up on msn/facebook or post on your blog! I might wanna get the new 13" Aluminium Macbook non-pro!

Ok, Zexun asked, so here's my response.

Firstly, knowing what Zexun wants, I'll widen his options to the entire MacBook Plain line-up. 
The Poly-Carbonate White MacBook, The non-backlit-keyboard Aluminium MacBook, and the backlit-keyboard Aluminium MacBook.

Secondly, cross-compare for stuff you get standard across all 3 models. I checked out Apple's website, and there's only 2 common features: 
The NVIDIA GeForce 9400M and 
2GB RAM*. 

[*- Note the extra specs: 
DDR2 on the white, DDR3 on the Aluminium. 
Max of 4GB on the white, 6GB on the Aluminium.]

Let's first see what you get with the cheapest of the 3 - the Poly-Carb.

2.0GHz C2D,
120GB HDD,
standard keyboard,
Polycarbonate Shell.

As for the cheaper aluminium,

+40GB HDD = 160GB
+Aluminium shell

and for the more expensive unibody MacBook,

2.4GHz C2D,
+90GB = 250GB HDD,
+Illuminated keyboard,

Ok, If I were Zexun, I would cross out the cheaper Aluminium MacBook all together. Why? Well, I don't think the Aluminium Unibody enclosure makes much of a long-term benefit, other than the Mac being more resistant to beating up. I also don't 40GB of extra HDD space is worth the cost of a few 2.5" internal SATA HDD. Not worth it. You can essentially make the White MacBook perform the same, maybe even better, than the cheaper Aluminium MacBook by getting 2x2GB RAM and a new 2.5" HDD for under $500 in total.

You can't, however, swap the keyboard out for one with backlighting as easily, nor can you upgrade the processor without mutilating you laptop. As such, I placed the more expensive UniBody MacBook in the options as well, in spite of costing $1000 more. Well, what do you know. I love myself a good backlit keyboard.

But Zexun, a word of caution: you should read online about the screen of the MacBooks. Some reviews reveal that they use a lower-quality material for the MacBooks as compared to the MacBook Air / Pro, in spite of the Air & MacBook being the same in screen size. 

Also, consider getting AppleCare. It's extra warranty so that you'll be covered for 3 years, rather than 1. I regretted not getting it on my MBP, but I'm definitely getting AppleCare on my next Mac. Trust me. They may be quite virus-safe, but their designs make them vulnerable to flaws

In addition, I recommend checking out EpiCentre. They often have nice deals, like discounts of AppleCare or rebates.

One really last note. If it's not a must to get a new laptop now, I suggest waiting for Snow Leopard, expected around ±June '09. It's supposedly a cleaned-up version of Leopard, like Windows 7 is to Vista. Not worth $269 (the amount you'll be paying if you want to upgrade later), IMO, but totally worth upgrading to for free.

Oh yeah. Check to make sure you have iLife '09. It's awesome.


-White MacBook vs More Expensive UniBody MacBook. Cost? Keyboard? Material? Weight (Aluminium ones are 0.5kg lighter)? Processor?
-Is Screen a big issue?
-AppleCare Recommended.
-EpiCentre also recommended
-Can Wait for Snow Leopard?
-When buying check for iLife '09.

Hope that helps!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

from the tagboard...

20 hours ago
Ethaneo: You know if I had a wanted list, having the power to get what I want would be at the top.
19 hours ago
ronaldLIONG|: oh my gosh, ethan, you're a bleeping genius!


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

half-marathon? yes!

I tried running my first half-marathon today.

Came across some problems - lacked water, needed to get a toilet break, got hungry towards the end, the air-conditioner was not cold enough, etc. I have to confess, I did make a few stops and paused my Nike+ timing. But, just so you know, I did run under 2h 30min in total, including rests. So, I must say, for a first time, I did pretty well!

Also, I got confused of how far a half-marathon was. I thought it was either 21K or 21.5K. I just ran past 21.5K just in case. Turns out, a marathon = 42.195K. Thus, a half-marathon = 21.0975K, or 21km 97.5m. Got it? I just did!

This achievement wouldn't have been made possible if not for God for through Him, all things are possible!

Up and on!

Update on my hits count.

Just to give everyone a heads up on the hit count on my Flickr and blog,

Flickr: 4,117
Blog: 20,761

Hence, total clicks = 24, 878!


Now, if I could just increase that number to 25,000 just before my birthday. But that's going to be hard... I need 122 hits in 4 days. Is that possible? We'll wait and see...


4 days from the day I type this post = 5 day since the 15th day of CNY 2560, 25 days since my last haircut, 45 days into the new year, 58 days to the first day of school for me, 60 days to the first day of SYF Central Judging Competition for Choirs, 88 days since I last changed my blog skin,  93 days since the last 'O' Level Paper [Bio Paper 1, 13 Nov 2008], 361 days since the last time I took an MC, 889 days since I had my last crush, 972 days since the day I bought my MacBook Pro [1,000th day on 14th March 2009], 1,308 days since I switched from Band to Choir, 1,364 days since the first ever blog post I ever composed, 1,660 days of use of my first laptop, the Compaq Evo N800v, which I got 2,632 days ago, and 6,210 days since the day I was born. 

These are 17 stats about my 17th birthday, in the perspective of the days around it.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

thinking back...

I was reading Bryant's blog about his 'alternative futures' between CJ
and ACJC, drawing a parallel from his post-PSLE times when he was
choosing between ACSI and SJI.

Come to think of it, how did I choose my path, between PSLE and now,
after the 'O' Levels?

Rolling back the clock to 4+ years ago, I tried to apply into NUS High
School Of Mathematics And Science. I was thinking how exciting it
would be to be in a new environment surrounded by teachers and
students who are enthusiastic about the two subjects that interest me.
It was a "Harry Potter and the talking hat" kind of moment for me. I
could go to NUS High where I'll be learning more Math and Science than
anyone else at my age in Singapore, or I could take up a proper 4-year
'O' Level programme. I told myself this thing that may seem foolish to
others, but I call it fate: I'll let the result of this DSA
application be my path-decider. If it passes through, I'm in NUS High.
If it fails, I'll post myself to SAJS. First Choice, no other. Looking
back at that time, my guardians were actually pushing me into other
schools. Cat High, MSHS, VS, Anglican. These schools which ranked
higher than SA. I insisted on my way, and I ended up in SASS.

Zooming into 2006, the chance for a get-away to NUS High again, I
skipped it. You could blame it on my ignorance, or my deliberate mis-
action. Mervyn Wee went to NJC. Sherwyn, his scouts senior who also
happened to know me, advised me on taking that path as well - A "Get
out of SA" card that was hanging there, waiting for me to RSVP. I
turned down this chance, mainly because of two hindrances -

a) Ms Poon, my P6 teacher, reminded me that the 6-year IP programme
are geared more towards more independent learning. Seeing my Sec 2
results, IP may not be suitable for me yet. But aside from that, the 6-
year programme meant I would definitely be remaining in Singapore till
my 'A's. I wanted to leave that option open, just in case.

b) My CCAs. I love my current status in SASS, being on the way towards
leadership positions in both Choir and PA. Heck, I wanted to be a
prefect when I was in Sec 1, but because of the nature of PA, I cannot
be involved in both groups at the same time.

I went on the Upper Sec days with leadership roles in 2 CCAs, Ben Toh
pwning everyone in virtually most of the subjects, and me being close
behind. So close, I managed to emerge top in Sec 3 Final Year based on
the average mark for the L1R5 subjects, in spite of a higher L1R5 than
Ben. That's how close we're talking about. Like Bush-vs-Gore 2000 US
Presidential Elections close.

I guess it was towards the last few months of 2007, when my guardian
started doing something that crossed my parents - They are renting
rooms in their already-cramped house. Just to give an idea, my
guardians stay in a semi-detached house that had 6 bedrooms, 2 of
which were added on by adding partition walls to an empty area at the
back of our house, near the kitchen. The master bedroom is for my
guardians, 1 of their 2 nieces, and myself. Another room was for the
other niece + 1 nephew, and an extra bed. The other four rooms can
take a total of 9 people. Adding the number of people up, we get a max
of 16 people under one roof. That's not the big issue. The big issue
is that these 16 people share 2 toilets. And even if the house is not
packed, it always has a minimum of 11 residents on any given day. My
parents were concerned of the possible hygiene complications that may
arise. They may seem over-reactive, but seeing how many skin problems
I've been having, that concern may be legitimate. My parents gave me 2
options: Either I come up with a plan to move to another place to
reside in, or I go overseas. For some unknown reason, they refused to
let me stay alone in the apartments they own in River Valley or at the
Kim Seng Road area. But I didn't know where to find myself another
guardian, so my parents forcefully insisted on me going overseas.

Had it not been for this one issue, I could be talking to you about my
orientation experience at NJC or SAJC, or even VJC. Heck, maybe even
RJ, if the cut-off didn't drop to an insanely 3 points for both streams.

But in this dimension, I am on my way to Bellerbys College, after
which I shall head to London School of Economics.

I have to admit, I still have cold feet on this whole going to the UK
to do my A Levels idea. I'm not so used to this whole "starting from a
blank page" idea. But then again, what difference would it make if I
were to spend my A Level days in Singapore than in the UK?

Well, for a long time, I thought there was none.

But I managed to find a reason to prove myself wrong.

Yes, there is a benefit of going to the UK to study.

Firstly, Mr Gordon Goh, my Physics teacher, told me that his friend
went to LSE, and he said it was a good school with a conducive
environment. That's a good sign right there that I'm not going on a
wrong path. After all, LSE is #1-2 in Finance / Accounting Degree
Programme in the UK. So that was one source of consolation.

Secondly, I found out that I would be doing my A Levels in June 2010
if I were to go to the UK, and I would go into Uni within 2010 itself.

Comparing to studying in Singapore, I would only finish my As in Nov
2010, and after waiting for the results and all that, I would only be
in the Uni in 2011, right after I actually complete my A Levels. In
other words - I can shave one year off from the number of years I need
before I can get a Degree.

I decided not to do a foundation programme because my parents want me
to graduate with a recognised degree. It's a sad truth, but Indonesian
employers tend to look up to Western Universities more than, to be
blunt and direct about it, NUS. This is in spite of the fact that NUS
has started popping up in global rankings. I tried to convince my
parents, but they refused to listen. Must be far away.

Well, I guess that sums up my reflections on my decisions in terms of

on a totally off-topic note: I'm starting to miss having a bowl of Bak
Chor Mee. With lots of vinegar and soy sauce. And a little bit of liver.

Signs That You & Your Blog Are Both Insignificant

#1: Nobody rants about your typos.
#2: Nobody tags on your tagboard.
#3: Nobody realises that you tried to pull a Palin [i.e.: inject a
publicity blitz]
#4: You are physically ~900km further away from your readers.
#5: Nobody remembers you, your look, and your name.
#6: Nobody writes on your Facebook wall
#7: Nobody sends you tweets on twitter.
#8: Nobody sends you friend requests on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter,
IM, or worse, Friendster.
#9: You start to use weird analogies that cannot be understood without
#10: You start making a list of signs that nobody reads your blog /
signs that you are insignificant.

Erm, ok, #8 didn't happen.

In fact, for some strange reason, more and more of my genuine friends
[by that, I mean people that I really know in person, not phony
internet friends who never talk to you and just follow you on twitter
to boost their own numbers] are going on Twitter and adding me!

For those who don't know what Twitter is, it's a micro-blogging site
where you can either send an SMS or use various social networking
apps / web apps [like Twinkle on the iPhone, Friendfeed on, etc.] or just use to submit a post of no
more than 140 characters per tweet for the world to see. People can
follow you to see what you posted. You can also post tweets directed
at / talking about other tweeter members by adding an @ in front of
their user name. It's become very popular in the US West Coast and the
UK. Seems like the Twitter fever has caught up with the rest of the

Just recently, BenSee, Matthew Lim, and Zul added me. Before them,
Ryan Lee, Paul Lin, and Elliot were already on twitter.

So join the phenomenon!

and add me, whether you know me or not!:

Friday, 6 February 2009

Music Chart for the moment.

Well, I just bought 5 albums since I came back from Singapore, but they aren't new stuff.
What I bought:
  • "David Archuleta" by David Archuleta
  • "Riot!" by Paramore
  • "Folie À Deux" by Fall Out Boy  => I highly recommend this album.
  • "Coco" by Colbie Caillat
  • "Unfold" by Marié Digby

Nonetheless, I shall still find a way to make a music list. With the help of iTunes!

Music chart for the moment.

  1. (Coffee's For Closers) - Fall Out Boy
  2. I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
  3. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
  4. I Hate This Part - The Pussycat Dolls
  5. You Find Me - The Fray
  6. If I Were A Boy - Beyoncé
  7. Decode - Paramore
  8. Absolute - The Fray
  9. Crack The Shutters - Snow Patrol
  10. Take A Bow - Rihanna

Speaking of Rihanna, she's coming for a concert in Jakarta! w00t!

blogger replacements?

Haven't blogged in a while.

Well, nothing interesting has been happening in recent times, so what do you expect?

A Prius?
A dove with messages of peace to the World?
or a blog post?

The answer: none of the above.

Ok, anyway, in case I didn't mention, I am in Jakarta, back from Bali. My 2nd bro bought a 360. The one with the new Jasper GPU, which supposedly doesn't red-ring. We'll see. But yeah, I just realised what kind of a n00b I am in Halo 3. Why?

Sign #1: I can't aim properly with my right joystick. Let along move while shooting at a moving target from near. Let's not talk about the big aliens in thicker armour.
Sign #2: I can never remember which button is to do what. E.g.: Which is for changing the weapon, which is for actually shooting, which is for dual-wielding.
Sign #3: I keep dying. Face it. I'm a n00b.

Well, at least I'm not hopeless. I can play DC vs Mortal Kombat.

Anyway, been chocking up driving hours this week. Let's just say I'm still driving as smoothly as chunky peanut butter  on sandpaper. That's the analogy I posted in my Facebook status. What did I mean? Well, around where I live, the road is quite "textured" with humps and pot-holes [flood-prone area. Not surprising.], so it's a rough road, like a sandpaper is rough. I drive jerkily. I'm the peanut butter. The chunky variety. Why? Well, I have a bad habit of pressing on the gas pretty deeply from a state where the gas is not pressed. This often happens after slowing down or stopping. Well, what can I say? getting used to driving Automatic cars.

Wow, this post is getting quite long.

Oh, I want a girlfriend. So, yeah. There.

Sent from Mail in OS X.
Geez, is this the kind of stuff I must post to get people talking on the tagboard?

Monday, 2 February 2009

Torn off from the pages of Facebook

My Status...

Ronald is in Bali, with sunburns on his arms and shoulders. OUCH! 7:57pm - Comment

The comments...
Raymond Liew at 8:44pm January 31
Too much suntanning?
Ronald Liong at 8:50pm January 31
no. too much time playing with freaking seashells in the sand. There's millions of seashells here. And I tried to collect as much as I could. The retarded things I do... Haiz.
Ernest Quek at 8:51pm January 31
wow! Ronald! Next time you should try collecting all the sand!
Raymond Liew at 8:54pm January 31
That's crazy. There you are, walking around the lovely(i think so) beach while i'm stuck at home till poly starts, with a 50-50 prospect of getting a job i like. Where're you up till on poa now? Depreciation?
Ronald Liong at 12:21am February 2
Oh yah! Ernest reminded me of something I forgot to mention. We went to this area in Bali called Ubud, which had a place famous for a dish called the "Dirty Duck". It's basically duck marinated in lots of spices in a messy manner and then fried, making it look dirty. We ate it. Really delicious. Must Try if you go there. You get to eat this next to a padi field, with a family of ducks on the field watching from far.
Raymond Liew at 1:20am February 2
Really? Wow... this is so going on my "List of places to go with Ernest before i die". But won't it be cruel, eating his own kind?

Ronald Liong at 9:09am February 2
Oh, he's a duck?