Wednesday, 31 December 2008


it's 2009!

It's a whole new year.


It's a whole new scary collective of 365 days ahead.

I must say, with the current unstable economic situation, a whole new surrounding that I'll be diving into, and a whole new environment for the others in my cohort, I'm guessing 2009 is a year that many are uncertain of. That can be scary, but let us remember that GOD holds the future, HE is always in control and HE has a plan for everyone and everything. Hence, we can always trust in HIM in whatever situation.

Aside from that, I think I should take this opportunity to really reflect on the past year and give thanks to all who have made a difference in 2008.

Ms Seah,
for her continuous support in this crucial academic year.

Ms Gan,
for being a source of moral support for me, and for the really great birthday gift. I really like the CD.

Ms Lee Bin Choo,
for always pointing us in the right direction.

Mrs Julia Huang,
just for being a teacher who has so much faith and trust in me.

Mr Albert Tay, Ms Jennifer Tham, and Ms Gan,
for the fun music-making process during the choir trip and the early part of the year.

for being a fun person to fellowship with.

Kevin Chiam,
for helping me with my Combined Humanities.

Chem Yeo,
for helping me improve in my Chemistry, especially through the extra lessons.

for being an awesome panda photographer [jk. I meant "photographer".], for inviting me back to church, and for the birthday present that I needed so badly, along with Ernest, Nigel Lee, Jack, Secret Friend [I still haven't figured out who you are]

for being the hilarious toot that kept my sanity and sense of humour in one piece throughout the year, especially while doing the Art Coursework.

Jack, Jasper, John, Kevin, Ms Chua, Veknesh, Seno, Syed, and the other Art guys,
for the help and entertainment while doing the Art coursework.

for being a really awesome conversation buddy and friend to go out or home with.

Ben See, Luke, Reuben, Barnabus, Jonathan Poh, Jeremy Tan,
for being amusing juniors in choir.

Jerome Tan,
for being a great roomie during the Choir trip, as well as a great Choir VP.

Shaun Chui,
for helping Jerome & I learn the music for the Bratislava Trip, even though he himself is not going. All the best for '09, with SYF, O Level and everything else.

The '08-'09 Choir Exco,
for their effort in the choir.

Melvin Sim, Ee Rong, Ee Wei, Junior, Timothy, and any other PA guy(s) I may have missed out,
for biting "bullets" for me by taking up major projects (or a significant part of them) throughout 2008, such as the musical, Founder's Day, etc.

Aaron Chua, Jonathan Phang,
for being great classmates plus brothers in Christ.

Marcus Giam,
for being a great brother in Bass, and in Christ.

Isaac Wong,
for being a hilarious conversation buddy and always-supportive friend.

Ryan Lee,
for your awesome taste in music.

Mrs Jennifer Yew,
for keeping the 2A Full Value Contract after all these years. Never thought it would still be with you.

Matthew Ho, Jedidiah Chia, Eugene Low, Theodore Koh,
for helping me learn the guitar

Everyone who went on the Bratislava trip,
for the joy, frustration, and everything else that we went through.

There's so many more "Thanks" in '08 that I missed out, but these people have really made an impact in my life in '08, and some even lasting way beyond just '08.

So, Thank you for making a difference.

This post was composed from 31DEC08 11.30pm, till 1JAN09 1:06am.

This is the last of 3 pre-composed blog entries between 29DEC08 and 1JAN09.

New Year's Resolution '09

For the year 2009, I still do not know what is ahead. But praise the LORD, HE is in control of whatever will come my way. So, with that in mind, I shall come up with my hopes for 2009.

  1. I will get into Bellerby's College [UK]
  2. I will keep my mass under 75kg.
  3. I will grow to above 1.80m by the end of '09.
  4. I will not go into overdraft when I am in the UK.
  5. I will keep in contact with my Singapore friends.
  6. I will meet Indonesians in the UK.
  7. I will cook at least once, be it in Indonesia before I leave, or in UK.
  8. I will post minimum 100 posts in 2009. A low target for a busy year ahead.
  9. I will stop buying physical albums [i.e.: Music CDs] by the last quarter of 2009 [Oct-Dec]. I will, instead, buy online.
  10. I will grow stronger in the LORD, and while I'm at this,
  11. I will find a church in the UK, and go to it regularly.
  12. I will get a new MacBook in 2009.
  13. I will drive with a license in 2009.
  14. I will vote in the 2009 Indonesian Presidential. SBY or Megawati? that's the question at the moment.
  15. I will watch a performance of a choir in 2009.
  16. I will watch min. 3 movies in the theaters / cinema in 2009.
  17. I will still take photos in the UK, but for artsy and casual reasons only.
  18. I will sit on the Airbus A380 for the first time in 09.
  19. I will not be in Singapore for more than 100 hours in 2009.
  20. I will take up music lessons. Specifically, piano.
  21. I will run a half-marathon in 2009. [i.e.: 21km. Not competitive, though]
  22. I will run in a running event in 2009, even if it's the London Marathon or Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon. Hey, if people from Africa fly all the way to run in Singapore, why not me? Hopefully, I'll be having my holidays by then.
  23. I will grow more muscles in my arms and the six-pack region. a four-pack would be nice, over the one bulge I have now.

There. 23 resolutions. 12 needed to really pass. 09's gonna be exciting!

Composed on 29DEC08, 11:22:32pm GMT+0700


yeah, you thought I was referring to the time when I was in Singapore when I chose this title, eh?

I'm kind-of sick of my home in Indonesia after the short few days that I've been here. Kind-of.

Sure, my parents are with me. So are my brothers, nephews, relatives and all.

But I realised that just because I'm younger than my brothers, just because I'm a teenager, my family doesn't really regard any of my opinions, whatever I say, yadee-yadaa. I feel as if this home is just a shelter before I get to my next phase in life - in the UK, alone.

Call me an a.s.s. [anti-social soul], but I really have no-one else to relate to here other than my family, when I am in Indonesia. And they don't give a sh*t about me, nor do they regard me as an actual person.

Then again, I'm not so surprised. My family's somewhat blinded in their own reality-distortion field. Here's an example. They're really racist. My whole family will always despise against the "huanas", aka the darker-skinned Indonesians. They also have something against the "Cina-Benteng", which is supposed to mean a Chinese-skinned person from Benteng. Something like that. Personally, I feel that they keep criticising these groups of people as if they're dogs. I'm really disapproving of this, but what can I do? My parents barely listen to me.

My mom's been giving me problems as well. She thinks I am short [which, she has a point. I'm only 1.76m, and I'm not very tall for my age], and so, she's been gouging food down my throat by always adding / ordering more than I can handle. Feels kind-of like a foei gras. The problem with her is that she doesn't know when is too much. I have breathing difficulty while sleeping almost nightly since I came back, and it's not due to the air here.

Perhaps I became too detached from my family, but if there's anything I learnt about my family after seeing them from a third-person's perspective, it's this:

When people get too rich, they become so full of themselves, they feel like they're the boss.

My word of wisdom to anyone out there: However successful you become in future, remember to always humble yourself.

This saved entry was typed on 29DEC08, 10:52:10pm GMT+0700

Happy 2009!

I'm sorry I've not been posting recently. My internet connection has not been very good, causing problems with uploading posts.

I've composed a few blog posts in the meantime, and recorded the time I typed my posts. So, I shall NOT fake the posting time, but rather post them after this post you're reading now, in chronological order. Hope you'll enjoy them.

Alright, gotta start posting before the connection gets flaky again. Keep on reading!

Once again, happy 2009.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

New Year's Resolution 2008 REVIEW

  • I shall get 5 A1s for my O Level [not over yet]
  • I shall do badly for CA1, especially for Chemistry. [1 wrong]
  • I shall make more enemies than I have now in school. [yup]
  • I shall NOT make new friends in 2008. [wrong]
  • I shall join minimum 2 study groups gatherings in 2008 [The Tripartite Humanities study group and S.O.S. = yup]
  • I shall try to apply to go somewhere outside Singapore for my post-OLVL studies [trying, so yup]
  • I shall go to 4 different countries in 2008, even though it's my OLVL year [Singapore, Indonesia, China, Slovakia, Hungary]
  • I shall CONTINUE to blog during my OLVL study period! [doing so now]
  • I shall watch 2 NC-16 movies next year.[Only Juno. So 0.5]
  • I shall ace English Oral. [yup]
  • I shall survive choir performances. [morning assembly, Musical, etc.] [yup, except musical, but that was an exemption.]
  • I will make sure the other PA guys respect Melvin. [hmm...]. if that plan backfires, I willmake sure somebody else takes over. [hmm...]
  • I guess BenSee is getting pissed with me. That's gonna need a fix. [fixed, since he wasn't pissed]
  • For the first time in 10 years, I will go back to Indonesa to celebrate Chinese New Year with the family. [I did!]
  • I will eat a total of 3 pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream throughtout 2008.[2pint + 1 cone +1 cup + 1pint = 3.5 pints]
  • I shall get my blog on the "Blog of Note" list! [not likely.]
  • and my photo [1 of] will be marked as an "Explore" Picture [even less likely]
  • I'm no longer buying anymore iPods. Nor iPhones. [heh]
  • I may buy a gaming console. think PSP... [nope]
  • I may get a Blu-Ray player to call my own... [no]
  • I shall make around300 250 posts in 08[exceeded 300, anyway.]
  • I will change the blog skin 3 times. [3 of 3]
  • I will not get the things I put on the wishlist [no. no. no. no. no. no. anymore 'no'?]
  • I will leave Singapore for the UK or US or AU by 2009. [yep]

  • min.13/24! a projected pass!

    MacBook Pro

    In March, I made a list of things I want in my new MacBook / MacBook Pro. Let's review that list as we enter a new year.

    1. BD-RE Drive. Not Yet.

    2. New Design / Chassis. Yup.

    3. 4 USB 2.0 Ports. Not getting it, But I don't need it, so this is removed.

    4. Wireless USB. Nah. It's not really necessary anyway.

    5. Lower Heat: much better.

    6. Comparative Speed improvement of 450% over the 2.16GHz Core Duo that I'm using, and 500% over my underclocked ATI Mobility Radeon X1600. [by Moore's Law, this should occur by 2009] I asked for too much. Core i7 and Nvidia 9400m would be enough.

    7. Battery life rating of 5.5hrs Close enough.

    8. eSATA slot. It's faster for External HDDs to connect over eSATA than USB or FireWire.

    9. new keyboard: more like the MacBook, MacBook air, and the wired / wireless keyboards: more spaces between keys! YES!

    10. larger trackpad, smaller [Much larger] left-click button. YES!

    11. Touchscreen. 

    12. DDR3 RAM support, and hopefully a cap increase up to 8GB of RAM.

    13. OS X 10.6 Lynx Snow Leopard. Not Yet.

    14. iLife '09 Not Yet.

    15. 500GB 5400rpm HDD. Not Yet.

    16. upgraded speakers. Not needed anymore.

    17. REDUCED: Thickness of the dream MacBook Pros: flat 2cm or 0.78". That's "MacBook Air-ish". Nah. .95" is good enough.

    18. 1920x1080 native resolution screen. It's currently 1440x900. what's another 480x180? Not needed.

    19. Hookless magnetic latch. I think mine's damaged. YUP!

    20. an upgraded iSight camera. Not important, ...

    Ok, so, what's lacking:

    8GB RAM
    iLife '09
    OS X 10.6

    Apple, or maybe Schiller and Ive, I hope you guys are (still) listening.

    Sent from in OS X 10.5.

    Saturday, 27 December 2008


    ...on the world to change...

    ...on the new path in life...

    ...on the keystone to my next part in life...

    ...for the announcement of the O Level results release date...

    ...for the embargo on the date of the release of O Level results to be lifted...

    Oh, check out the links. I added a few links to my cell group & ex-cell group friends' blogs. enjoy reading!

    Friday, 26 December 2008

    Random shootout.

    Just had to clear the trash bin in my brain by off-loading it onto my Blog. Kinda like placing the burnt refuse onto Semakau.

    Bromides are bad for you. They soothe you, creating the illusion of having a problem solved. In actual fact, the problem is still there, not being dealt with. They're like marijuana. So don't you dare blanket any problems you have with bromidic ideas or statements.

    If you thought of Chemistry when you saw the word in bold, I suggest you look through the dictionary. You'll add on to your English talcum powder bottle.

    daronfiles| helping to keep people's English powder-full.

    Thursday, 25 December 2008

    900th post and more!

    Ok, this post is not my 900th post. It's my 902nd. But just so you
    know, I just passed the 900mark.

    Aside from that, I have reached 19,500 views on my blog! 250+views in
    5 days. No idea how. (I have Internet connection problems, remember?)

    Also, I'm 18 hits shy of the 4000 hits target for my flickr. I'll try
    to post stuff when the telcos and ISP allow.

    Sent from my iPhone via Mail.

    Tagboard reply!

    Something I've not done in a while...

    eerong: omg, i tried blogging on iphone but nothing came out... how did you do ittttt.... x)
    my reply: On the page where you create a new post in Safari, tap on "Edit HTML", rather than "Compose". Now you can type your text. You can't do formating unless you code in yourself, but it's better than nothing.

    Andre: hey man.. i'm missing you too badly.. glad you're doing great man..
    my reply: Thanks Andre! And Merry Christmas!

    Zexun: Hahah, shameless advertisement! Keep uploading stuff to your flickr for ppl to look then
    my reply: Wish I could. The internet connection here is unstable. It's gonna be hard for me to upload stuff. Will try, though.

    Oh, on an update, seems like I may not be going to Australia, but instead, either UK or US. We'll see how tomorrow, when I consult the education agent.

    Merry Christmas!

    I don't have anything much to say, except Merry Christmas!

    Yeah, if you were wondering why this message came so late, it's because the HSDPA service has been inaccessible the entire morning. But hey! Better late than never!

    Monday, 22 December 2008

    What a week!

    It has been an amazing week, if I could say so myself.

    Let's see... I watched Transporter 3 and The Day The Earth Stood Still. Both are great movies, by the way. Watch if you can.

    And speaking of movies, I just watched Transformers on HBO (yeah. We have HBO, even though we don't have BBC or CNN. Fascinating. ). I kinda regret being critical of the movie. It's good. I approve.

    Besides movies, my family hosted a Christmas party cum gift exchange, where my mom's jogging friends (our neighbours) and our extended family came together to celebrate Christmas. Fun, food, fellowship.

    Oh, on a "personal achievements" note, I drove a car. Manual/Shift stick, not Automatic. Well, I signed up for driving lessons. Today was day one. 5 more lessons to go.

    One tip I'll give to any prospective drivers: push the clutch down ALL THE WAY. As in really. ALL THE WAY. I stalled the car once. Hey 1st (actual driving) time. The previous attempt with my sis-in-law doesn't count.

    By the way, I'm getting my license and Indonesian I/C next year, after my birthday. Woot!

    K. Bye. My iPhone is quite moist from my palm sweat. Not sweet at all.

    Blogged on an iPhone.

    P.s. Can somebody email me when the O Level results day is announced? And if you want to contact me for whatever reason, use my Gmail. My iPhone is On a local telco. I.e.: not using a SingTel SIM card. I check my email nightly. So, yeah.

    Saturday, 20 December 2008

    What I think would be nice for the next few months...

    Ok, I need your help.

    At the moment, my blog has 19,246 views.
    And meanwhile, my Flickr page has 3,969 views.

    Ok. This is so cheap of me... But heck, it's my little space.

    I would like you to visit my flickr page and blog regularly...

    Such that by 1 Jan 2009,
    my Flickr page views has bumped up by 31 views to 4,000.

    And as for my blog, I'm not going to be unreasonable.
    By my 17th Birthday, let's make it 19,500.
    And by June of 09, hopefully, we can hit 20,000!

    So spread my links!

    Thanks in advance!

    P.s.: if you haven't done so, Go check out Aaron Chua's blog. The latest post is pretty interesting.


    After hunting...



    through several hotspots...

    I've found...

    A pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!
    [You have no idea how hard it is to find this stuff over here now, with the recession and everything.]

    Wednesday, 17 December 2008

    heh. so much for stability

    ok. i'm going on blogging hiatus. I don't have enough bandwidth allowance to blog. Kinda nearing [or maybe exceeding already] the cap.

    Really sorry.

    Give me time. I'll try to blog from my eldest bro's house.

    Darn HSDPA. The signal is so unstable, my 2nd bro's phone keeps returning to 3G.

    As a comparison:

    3G [WCDMA] = 368KBps
    3.5G [HSDPA] - 3.6MBps = 10x improvement.

    Tuesday, 16 December 2008

    finally! internet!

    Phew. Thought I won't be able to update my blog.

    Ok, I'm in Indonesia now. In the new house. Pretty big, but pretty empty. Heh.

    There's no proper Cable TV connection here. Only some weird cheap-o cable with no MTV, CNN, BBC. At least we get CNA, CNBC, Channel V, Bloomberg, Discovery. That's all I need [for now].

    And as for internet, I don't have Cable / ADSL. But since my bro has a Windows Mobile phone and a HSDPA data plan, I'm using his phone as a modem to get on the net. It's decent. Comparable to Wireless@SG. hey, it's a cellular network. Not too shabby, I would say.

    BTW, I have a 32" TV of my own now. It's not HD, not even HD Ready, but I'm thinking of getting something to hook up to it. Should I get:

    1. A VGA cable to hook up my Mac to it?
    2. A PS3?
    3. A PSP?
    4. An XBox 360?
    5. A Wii?
    6. A Blu-Ray Player? [NO!]
    7. An TV (Apple TV)?
    8. Others?

    Vote by tagging!

    by the way, Number 1 will be something I'm definitely doing even if it isn't voted to the top.

    Ok, I have to cut off soon. Only have 500MB limit per month, and I just downloaded OS X 10.5.6 update. That's 190MB off the allowance. Bummer.

    Saturday, 13 December 2008

    as promised.

    a blog post from the airport.

    Initially, I thought of posting a happy post, but with what happened in the past 1hour or so, I'm sorry to bring you guys a pretty vulgar post. Hey, I have lots of bottled-up teenage angst over the past couple of years. Let me have my little room of anger.

    Seriously, what the f*** is wrong with my guardians?

    My auntie kept pushing me to pack faster. FASTER. FASTER! MUCH FASTER you bloody *literally. my nose has been bleeding. toot.

    As a result, I lost the lock to my luggage. And guess what? My luggage is overweight by 10.1kg. I had to pay $104 in overweight fine or whatever you bloody screwy call it, I don't give a sh*t. Anyway, I went to the ATM, drew the money, and shoved it in front of the person at the counter. Did I mention? My guardians just dropped me at the airport, and then fled. The last I saw of them was in the car. I had to settle check-in, luggage check-in, payment, and the money thing alone. Heh. No biggie. Adults suck, and ironically, I'm one myself.

    Seriously, had my auntie not been there to rush me like an ass [i.e.: donkey], I would have been ON TIME, not BLOODY EARLY, I would have more money in my bank, not $100 less, I would have been able to open my luggage with EASE, not by prying some bloody lock apart, and I probably won't be sick, since I would probably be getting PROPER food. not cakes and nyonya kuehs. Don't get me wrong. I love nyonya food, but when I have jetlag, I don't think trans-fat and cholesterol is what I need. Not yet, anyway. What the f*** is wrong with my guardian. Did some alien take over her brain? Or maybe she lost half of it while playing some retarded computer game. Seriously, for the past 8 months, that's what she spends hours a day doing.

    I'm calm. With a grumbly stomach. In the departure waiting area. No way out, nor food around.

    So now you know, I fly alone. No, I check in, lug around my luggage, and fly alone.

    What's assistance? It's for pussies.
    [seriously, cats need assistance. You can't let them fly alone. very dangerous, since they don't know where the hell do they want to go, unlike Matt Harding.]

    Going off to Jakarta.




    Departs 4.40pm GMT+8

    Arrives 5.15pm GMT+7


    Thursday, 11 December 2008


    Hey! I'm back in Singapore!

    There's a whole lot of things I should tell you guys, but I'll start with the basics.

    Firstly, not everyone is back yet. Mrs Leong got very ill on the flight from Budapest to Amsterdam, so she didn't fly with the rest of us to Singapore. Instead, she, with Mr Leong, are still in Amsterdam, staying at the airport hotel. Let's continue to pray for Mrs Leong's quick recovery and their safe return.

    Secondly, we are considered very fortunate. If you didn't know, the staff at Budapest Ferihegy Airport were on strike from 10 December 2008. Our flight from Budapest to Amsterdam was at 5:30pm, on 10 Dec 2008. Taking this flight would lead us to arrive in Amsterdam at 7:40pm, enought time to catch a 9:10pm flight from Amsterdam to Singapore. The strike led to interruptions in luggage services, catering, etc [i.e.: anything related to land support / transport]. As a result, some flights were cancelled. Fortunately, our flight was not. It was, however, delayed, to 6pm. As a result, we had to rush in Amsterdam; from getting the transfer boarding pass, to running to the gate, to passing through the customs. In the end, we made it! I really think this is a good example of how God is in control of everything, even flight plans.

    Thirdly, I'm really impressed with customs in Europe. The two customs checkpoint we had to pass through in Budapest [don't ask why 2. I also wonder] seem to have a hard time telling the validity of a visa. They held Peng Cheng and I for a good 5 minutes each. By comparison, EU passports took ≤10s, and Singapore passports took ≤1min. Trust me. The first guy was placing my visa under the UV light 4 times to check for the hologram [it was visible, obviously]. The second guy [a lady, actually] had to ask her senior official if there's anything wrong [they spoke in Hungarian to each other. I couldn't understand.]

    Anyway, Still on Customs official, I'm really impressed with the Amsterdam customs official [seriously]. They guy there saw my Indonesian Passport, and then asked me, "Apa Kabar?" which translates to "How are you?". Impressive. Not only that, he also greeted Peng Cheng in Chinese. Maybe it's to validate your passport is your origin or something, but nonetheless, I like this kind of guy. Very impressed.

    Ok, let me get my beauty sleep. zzz.

    UPDATE: Quote from Budapest Airport Website:

    Dear Passengers,

    The strike situation at Budapest Airport is still very unpredictable and no prognosis can be set for Thursday’s traffic expectations with any certainty. Budapest Airport does everything in its power to ensure the best possible services and at least a minimum level of traffic.

    Operation on Thursday, 11 December 2008 will probably be limited to Terminal 2A and 2B with passengers going through the passenger security screening at Terminal 2B.

    There will be no flights and no check-in available at terminal one, even the airlines normally using T1 will be directed to T2. Due to the constrained passenger screening capacity delays in the departure traffic should be expected.
    We kindly ask all passengers to go to Terminal 2 to catch their flight. Also, please contact your airline for further information and assistance.

    Thank you for your cooperation, patience and understanding.

    Budapest Airport

    And click here for more from Malev, the airline which KLM code-shared with for Budapest-Amsterdam flights. We took Flight MA668.

    Monday, 8 December 2008

    Back from Bratislava

    I'm currently in Budapest again, after being gone to Bratislava.

    We had so much fun in Bratislava, shopping and singing. We had the privilege of singing in 2 churches, the Christmas market square in the city centre (a very hustling and bustling area with lots of great food and Christmas ornaments + toys), and. 1 competition. We clinched a bronze for the choral competition.

    Having been in Europe for the past 7days or so, I really think I'm going to miss my friends in choir when I am gone. It's been such a blessing to have such fun people on the tour

    Itinerary for next few days:
    Today (8): Visit Parliament in Budapest, and indoor hot bath.
    9: Christmas market and some town 30km away from Budapest, and River Danube cruise
    10: Checkout, depart for Singapore from Budapest via Amsterdam
    11: Arrive in Singapore
    12: return Cheng his blazer
    13: depart to Jakarta
    14 onwards: in Indonesia.

    Wednesday, 3 December 2008

    In hotel...

    I'm in Budapest, Hungary right now. Blogging.

    Going to Bratislava, Slovakia tomorrow. Bye!

    P.s. I'm not sick anymore! And sadly, it's been snowless here...

    Monday, 1 December 2008

    Mia Rose and Hanna Gargour

    From QueenRania's YouTube channel, a cover of a song that I like.

    Queen Rania of Jordan is the recepient of the Visionary Award on YouTube Live '08. She set up her YouTube channel to allow YouTubers to send in their stereotypes of the Arab World and let her respond to them. I admire how she uses modern technology to inform and educate people about the issue of stereotypes that is separating the West from Arabs. She may not be able to change the world, but she hopes to change people's mindsets in the process.

    Waiting on the world to change...

    Band Aid 20 - Do They Know It's Christmas Time?

    As we enter December, the Christmas season is approaching, and the Christmas songs start thawing from the storage freezer. Here's a christmas song! Anyway, I'll be offline for the next 11 days or so, so enjoy the music! Meanwhile, you could also look through my archives to read the posts that you could have missed out, so you can catch up when I start posting again. Also, check out the other links! click on 'links' on the nav bar! here's wishing you farewell! daronfiles is officially on hiatus.