Sunday, 30 November 2008

to all the geeks out there...

to all the geeks who are frustrated by idiots who constantly ask you questions...

even though they can actually google that question to get their answer...

you can sigh a heavy sigh of relief...

as you can now SHOW the stupidity of that friend of yours...

and teach them how to Google!

For example, if someone wants to know "who's Ronald Liong?", and he asked YOU instead of Google, send them this link.


Saturday, 29 November 2008

more photos- one saturday

chem class, CCAs like the BB, and the band POP, which was one of the last few photography assignments that I did officially for CIP hours. Oh, wonder how's Jon Phang, speaking of BB.

more photos - CCA Display

Credits: Benjamin See. Mostly unglam shots of people doing normal things. Ah, the art of Ben See.

2008 in photos - First day of School, 2 Jan 08

Sent directly from Aperture

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Tech predictions...

Every year, I do a series of predictions and resolutions for the new year.

Since I may not be online after 1 Dec 2008 [I do not know the internet connectivity arrangement in my home in Indonesia], I'll be rushing through hundreds of blog posts in the next few days...

So let us begin with my tech industry predictions

  1. Snow Leopard will come out in the first half of 2009.
  2. Windows 7 will come out at the second half of 2009.
  3. Intel Core i7 and Atom will cause AMD to drop their efforts in CPUs. Rather, they'll shift to CPU-GPU combos and standalone-GPUs.
  4. Apple will release a netbook [or claim to have done so].
  5. Canon will release a 1D Mark IV with HD video shooting capabilities. Sony will also have DSLRs with HD video capture capabilities.
  6. Twitter will be bought over by a larger company.
  7. Facebook will become outdated in 2009.
  8. Google stock will NOT go above 500 points in 2009.
  9. Nokia will no longer release smartphones with T9 input [e.g.: most of the Nseries phones] after October 2009. It'll either be physical keyboards or touchscreen.
  10. 4G will be widely rolled-out in Singapore and Australia. [FYI: 4G does exist in Singapore. Singtel and Qmax has been doing WiMax trials.]
  11. Google Android will spread across the globe the same way iPhone did. Android phones in Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia by 2009.
  12. Apple Store - 2 more in Australia, 1 in Singapore, 1 in Jakarta, iPhone 3G in Indonesia on Telkomsel / XL.
  13. E-ink, OLED displays, and flexible displays are ... still not widely adopted.
  14. I will buy a new MacBook in '09.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Welcome to Youtube

ok, this song is just hilarious if you've been on the youtube scene... Warning: A little offensive, but still, it's hilarious...

YouTube Live '08

have you seen YouTube Live 08?

Student Writes to Steve Jobs, Gets Free Final Cut Studio 2

Sometimes Xmas comes earlier and when you less expect it: A Greenwich High School student wrote a letter directly to Mr. Jobs himself asking politely for an student discount on Final Cut Studio 2. Two weeks later, he got way more than he wanted, shipped directly from Cupertino.This is just insane. This guy, who can afford an octo-core Mac Pro, gets a free copy of FCS2 just by sending in an email and his mailing address! I'm stuck with a dying MacBook Pro, and here I am, crying for a copy. Oh well, at least this lucky dude's Christmas wish came true...hmm... should I try to email sjobs [at] apple [dot] com?

read more | digg story

Up, up, and away, before going down under.

ok, Just a heads-up...

I'll be gone from Dec 1 till Dec 11 for my school choir's trip to Europe. We'll be dropping by Amsterdam for a 5-hour transit, before heading to Budapest for 3 days, and then a transfer by coach to Bratislavia, Slovakia. We'll be in Bratislavia for 3-4 days, before going back to Budapest for 2-4 days again, then it's back to Singapore.

After this trip, I'll probably stay in SG for a couple of days, before flying off to Jakarta to finally see my new home & the new room that comes with that. Apparently, I get a 32" 720p/1080i flat panel. Nice. Just need a 2.1 sound system to go along with that. Think harman kardon soundstick 2?

I'll be cooping myself in Indonesia until Results Day, January 19 2008. [Note: one day before inauguration of Barack Obama as president.] In the meantime, I'll be submitting my application to go to University of New South Wales Foundation Programme and my Australian student visa. I'll be studying Accounting, just to clear that out of the way. After completing my Foundation year at UNSW, I'll probably be doing my Bachelor degree in Charles Sturt University [We'll see how things go at the end of next year. Otherwise, I'll be doing the degree at UNSW].

My UNSWFY term should start in April, since I can speak, read, and write proper English. ya?

Anyway, I'll be posting photos over the next few days. Watch this space. You're in for a surprise. If you're still not surprised at what I post, then at least act surprised.

BTW, Phil Pringle's artworks are pretty cool, now that I see them.

For the sender-off-ers:
Changi Airport Terminal 1
departs 2250
but we're meeting at 2000

Monday, 24 November 2008


yeah, I forgot to add ERNEST to the list of names in my previous post.
so, there. I even made it CAPS, large, and bold. totally the opposite of the real ernest.
ok, nobody will get that.

yeah, i am ill.
so, the title of the post is sic[k].
ok, this post is dry.
oh, realise something about this post?

Saturday, 22 November 2008


Finally, I can catch my breath and post something on my blog. Phew!

I've been really really "busy" the past couple of days.

Let's see, I last posted on Monday Evening, close to Tuesday Morning.

On Wednesday, I worked for Ms Chua by helping to design with Kevin Chiam, the routanda and toilet in the school.

After my 'job', I went to Expo for the opening night of Asia Conference!

In fact, for the past 3 days, I have been going to Asia Conference. For the past 3 days, the night services end at 10.40pm [earliest]. As a result, I can only reach home at 1215am the next day, resulting in me being unable to post to my blog.

Asia Conference has been great so far. The word that has been preached by the speakers have been an eye-opener and mind-blowing thus far. Really, I believe that this conference will be one of those that impacts people in a great way.

The message ...
of cultural mandate,
of reaching out to the marketplace and the "3rd space" just as Paul was when he was in Athens,
of knowing the Holy Spirit,
of what the New Jerusalem may be like,

these are just the beginning.

Furthermore, there was great performances and musicians, such as Don Moen, CCC Oxford Falls, True Worshippers [yeah! Indonesians!], and of course, CHC band!

Can't wait for the remaining two days...

Oh, Matthew, Ian, Abraham, Theodore, Raymond, give me a while. I'm cutting the songs as we speak.

Monday, 17 November 2008

me likes this new skin.

People will always belong in between any of these 3 different camps when it comes to redesigns:
  1. They proclaim "Hallelujah, thank GOD this change was done!"
  2. They say "hmm... ok... it's neither good, nor bad. Really, it's nowhere."
  3. They curse like crazy and say "[insert delete-explicits] this redesign!"
I felt that my blog's previous design has been way too long in the tooth. It was a Blogger template. A very generic, 30-second job. Well, for me, anyway. I'm sure Google and the guys at Blogger spent a lot of effort picking and choosing colours and templates before delivering the goods online. And to be honest, those designs that Google / Blogger have are quite nice. Very fast, easy, simple, quick, convenient, and it became much easier to add elements, like tagboards, polls, etc.

However, I felt that I needed to be more original. I want to spend more time on the overall aesthetics of the web layout. I needed more flexibility.

A year ago, I made the switch from a HTML/CSS-based layout to a very simple Google layout. I cited reasons such as the then-approaching 'O' Levels and my code-phobia [fact: till today, I still can't code HTML professionally. Need prove? check out the code for this blog here], especially since I had other things to cram in my head, other than HTML coding. This can be easily justified as a valid reason for me to NOT use HTML.

However, seeing that the exams are over, and I still have the willingness to blog [in fact, it grew into a habit], I felt that a redesign back into HTML was apt.

So, I do hope you will like / enjoy / appreciate / be able to tolerate this new design / layout.

Of course, feel free to inform me of any bugs that I may not see outside Safari / Webkit & Firefox 3, the only browsers I use frequently.

By the way, for now, this blog is certified to be functional and rendered correctly on WebKit browsers [that includes Chrome, Webkit, Safari, Mobile Safari for iPhone / iPod touch, and apparently, Nokia S60 Symbian browsers], Firefox [3 and later. May work with FF2], and Internet Explorer [best on 6 and 8 RC2. 7 may render certain things differently, but the experience shouldn't be too different].

I do not know the Opera browser in my dictionary, so don't mention it to me. You should know better, Opera users.


>18k hits?!

Views: 18,207
no. of days: just 836 days, or 2 years + 106 days


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Desert Song

definitely one of my favourite hillsong / praise&worship songs. What's yours? comment! tag! post!

Albums of the year - 2008

Album Chart Round-up for 2008

Viva La Vida
by Coldplay

The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One
by Hillsong Untied

Sleep Through The Static
by Jack Johnson

We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
by Jason Mraz

Perfect Symmetry
by Keane

by Lenka

One Of The Boysª
by Katy Perry

Under The Radar
by Daniel Powter

We Satellitesª
by Electrico

808s & Heartbreakªº
by Kanye West

ª - I do not have the album yet as of time of post.
º - Album is not yet available for sale at time of post, but will be by the end of 2008.

music chart of the week: 5*songs from my iTunes Library

I thought of doing my music chart a little differently this time around. Since there hasn't been much that is new in the music scene, I thought I should just look through all the songs I added to my iTunes library in 2008 and pick songs that deserve my 5*s...
Music worthy of the 5* rating...

Life in Technicolor
Album: Viva La Vida

Une Voix
Les Petits Chanteurs De Saint-Marc
Album:Nos Revês

Saviour King
Hillsong United
Album: The I Heart Revolution: With Hearts As One

The Heart Of Life
John Mayer
Album: Continuum

I'm Yours
Jason Mraz
Album: We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things

Soldier's Poem
Album: Black Holes & Revelations

Miles Away
Album: Hard Candy

Shut Up and Let Me Go
The Ting Tings
Album: We Started Nothing

Viva La Vida
Album: Viva La Vida

Album: Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Symmetry
Album: Perfect Symmetry

Alright, there you go, 11 of the best of 2008.
[well, the ones in my iTunes library, anyway.]

Watch this space over the weeks leading up to 2009, as I start posting my new year's resolution for '09, my music summary for 2008, and my predictions for 2009. Oh, let's not forget to review my new year's resolution in late January 2009.

The 'O's are over, but the blogging hasn't slowed down at all!

This blog will live on!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

what I wish for Christmas 08

Let's see...

1. A new MacBook
the 2.4GHz Unibody 13" MacBook, so that I can carry it around when I get to Australia next year. Price: S$2588, or A$2549

2. A new earphone
The Apple In-ear Headphone, if not, a Shure or Bose or Audio-Technica. Budget: ≤S$129

3. Hillsong "This Is Our God" 
A Praise and Worship album to enjoy with my earphones. Why not?

4. A new speaker that is actually isolated.
So that I won't hear GSM signals coming from my speakers when I plug my iPhone in. Sorry, iM7, you make too much noise.

5. A 1TB HDD or Drobo
for my Time Machine and Aperture Vault

Friday, 14 November 2008

Guitar <3

Guitars are such fun...

I went to the Biennale yesterday w/ the Art students + a few teachers & non-teaching staff. Strayed around the City Hall / Old High Court building. Then, Jasper, Kevin, Isaac and I went to Funan to eat. We then wandered around Raffles City, looking for stuff. Saw a few 4SB people, and a few more teachers.

After all this, I met with Theodore Koh to buy guitar strings with him. Then, we made our way to my house, where I packed. I was going to stay over at Theodore's house, along with Abraham, Matthew Ho, and Ernest [although Raymond went along instead of Matthew, who went off to play pool after Grad Dinner and... well....]

Jammed a bit after Grad Dinner. Learnt a few chords, did a few recordings, and even learnt a song! yay!

Lacking sleep, but still have PA camp planning later. uploading the photos for Grad Dinner while I'm gone, so brb!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

This week in Science...

The 'O' Level Science Papers [Paper 1 sections] are here, and gone.
One paper left to go. [Bio]

The Mars Phoenix Lander is dead.
RIP, Mars Phoenix Lander.

It's winter on Mars..

Yes, I can't get over the Mars Phoenix thing.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A farewell to a good friend in Science.

On this day, we bid farewell and goodbye to a little baby. Born as a genius, it had a purpose and great destiny which began from the moment it was conceived.

It was born on a planet not too far away from us on 25 May 2008, yet it continued to communicate with its scientific partners and fellow online pen-pals via twitter. This was in spite of the fact that it lacked the proper nourishment [it has an oven, but no light to gain energy], resulting in constant starvation, and hence the inability to communicate over such long distances. It suffered multiple deaths throughout its short life, but was fortunately able to resurrect itself when the climate permits.

Of course, now, the winter is coming in, and with the little light that this rover is able to get, it does not seem to be able to survive.

It was last heard from on November 2nd, 2008, and was never heard from since then. And as it heads for the winter, all it can do is to hunker down and remain where it is, unable to carry out any more science experiments. Chances of a successful revival after the winter is slim, so all we can really do now is to bid our last farewell to a partner in Science, Mars, and Discovery.

The Mars Phoenix Lander|
may you rest in your own warmth and peace.

A message from Phoenix.

Sunday, 9 November 2008



Launch of Christmas Light-up @ Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

Sat, Nov 15, 6.30pm-9.00pm.

Just spreading the word. [I can't go. I have church.]

Friday, 7 November 2008

PIC - Is MC Escher Working for Google Maps?

Photographic evidence seems to sure look like it.--Blogger from Digg

read more | digg story


US Elections are over...

But Bush is still the leader of the free world, as far as the next 74 days seem to me. [Source:]

So, in celebration of one wacky Texan's last less-than-100 days and counting, let's appreciate how Bush has been doing things his way. A way that has landed us in a deep pile of poodle-wax™.

Oh, God, why was this man elected into the presidency, and not Gore? Because the Californians played God? Because you want Americans to care about the Elections and choose Gore? Because you want the Communists to be proud and overly-arrogant of their ways of life, and then let them cave themselves in before the Capitalists make a comeback, and then everyone is happy with Democracy? Or so that politics will cease to exist? Well, at least we had Bushisms while the fun lasted.

oh how could I forget.

I bought a guitar.

It's acoustic.

It's killing my fingertips. The ones on my left hand.

But it's fun.

SHOUTOUT: Thanks to Matthew Ho for helping me pick the guitar and how to play a few chords. Still learning. Give me time...

ok. that's all for now. Back to Paper 1 Sciences + Pencil sharpness strategizing...

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Talk about the FINAL COUNTDOWN...

Thanks to Mahalo Daily for the heads-up to this video.

P.s.: I changed the Links section a little bit. Go figure!

P.s.s.: Obama = President Elect, Biden = VP Elect! woot!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


feature, originally uploaded by dratz.

it's not a bug, it's a feature.

Monday, 3 November 2008

what's left of me...

5NOV HCL1 1111/01
5NOV HCL2 1111/02

10NOV PHY1 5058/01
12NOV CHEM1 5072/01
13NOV BIO1 5094/01

And that marks the end of exams in Singapore for me!

No more assessments!

Oh, by the way, got this in my email...
The A Cappella Society is happy to present Vocal Mania 2008, a choral cum a cappella concert to be held at the Singapore Conference Hall on the 10th of November, in support of presenting more performance opportunities to local choirs in larger venues and allowing them to explore a variety of acoustic settings and of course, to perform for a sizable audience.

Perhaps your school choir may appreciate an evening outing to a concert that will showcase not only traditional choral works but also pop a cappella? We would definitely love to have you at the concert.

This year, we present a range of established choirs in performance and they will present a host of songs from different musical genres. The stars of the evening are: St Andrew's Secondary School Choir, Christ Church Secondary School Choir, Ang Mo Kio Secondary School Choir, Pasir Ris Secondary School Choir, FajarCappella, TAS Youth Voices.

Vocal Mania 2008

10 November

Singapore Conference Hall

Tickets: $15 available from The A Cappella Society

ok, if you want to go, you can drop by the music room and also get tickets from Miss Gan / my choir juniors. erm, no, I'm not performing, but I thought I'ld pimp this out and get people going!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Review of New Year's Resolution 08 at a glance...

Because there's just so many resolutions, I'm going to do a 'summary at a glance' now and see how well I've done...

  • I shall get 5 A1s for my O Level [not over yet]
  • I shall do badly for CA1, especially for Chemistry. [1 wrong]
  • I shall make more enemies than I have now in school. [yup]
  • I shall NOT make new friends in 2008. [wrong]
  • I shall join minimum 2 study groups gatherings in 2008 [The Tripartite Humanities study group and S.O.S. = yup]
  • I shall try to apply to go somewhere outside Singapore for my post-OLVL studies [trying, so yup]
  • I shall go to 4 different countries in 2008, even though it's my OLVL year [Singapore, Indonesia, China, Slovakia] [one more to go...]
  • I shall CONTINUE to blog during my OLVL study period! [doing so now]
  • I shall watch 2 NC-16 movies next year.[1 left, Juno watched]
  • I shall ace English Oral. [yup]
  • I shall survive choir performances. [morning assembly, Musical, etc.] [yup, except musical, but that was an exemption.]
  • I will make sure the other PA guys respect Melvin. [hmm...]. if that plan backfires, I willmake sure somebody else takes over. [hmm...]
  • I guess BenSee is getting pissed with me. That's gonna need a fix. [fixed, since he wasn't pissed]
  • For the first time in 10 years, I will go back to Indonesa to celebrate Chinese New Year with the family. [I did!]
  • I will eat a total of 3 pints of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream throughtout 2008.[2pint + 1 cone +1 cup down = 2.5 pints, 0.5 pints to go!]
  • I shall get my blog on the "Blog of Note" list! [not likely.]
  • and my photo [1 of] will be marked as an "Explore" Picture [even less likely]
  • I'm no longer buying anymore iPods. Nor iPhones. [heh]
  • I may buy a gaming console. think PSP... [nope]
  • I may get a Blu-Ray player to call my own... [no]
  • I shall make around300 250 posts in 08[exceeded 300, anyway.]
  • I will change the blog skin 3 times. [3 of 3]
  • I will not get the things I put on the wishlist [no. no. no. no. no. no. anymore 'no'?]
  • I will leave Singapore for the UK or US or AU by 2009. [AU]
Total greens: 11
Total reds / unlikely at all: 8
Swing States [getting all mavericky]: 6
Needed for majority: 13.
total: 25

So, let's see... I can:
finish half a pint of Ben & Jerry's for Christmas,
go for the choir trip to Hungary + Slovakia,
get ≥5 A1s for 'O' Level,
watch an NC-16 movie in the cinema,
and I'm gold, with 15 resolutions considered a success!


Saturday, 1 November 2008

a freaking haiku

a freaking haiku,
this i type onto my blog,
just for you to read.

it has been much fun,
preparing for the exams,
the major, big 'O'.

through the ups and downs,
countless papers and time spent,
prepping for the 'O'.

let us not forget,
we're all in this together,
toiling day by day.

a decade ending,
a new journey coming soon,
where we separate.

so let's end it well,
let's end with a major bang,

the end.