Tuesday, 31 October 2006

will be away from my blog for 3 nites... or 2

sorry... my maths is bad...

anyways... I'm @ an undisclosed location in Tanjong Pagar GRC... I'm with my parents n brothers... and nephew and sis-in-law... and the maid for the baby. Staying overnight @ this undisclosed location... I'll tell u when i get back in a few days... that's because i'm going for choir camp tomorrow morning... and im not asleep yet...

btw, im typing this entire blog entry without any eyewear... despite being short-sighted... so my apologies for any typos. However, if it's perfect, then good for me!!!

Anyway, hope i survive choir camp (like how wouldn't I?)

And /raymond, NO! My Mac/book /pro is not coming along...

thank uncle robert for lending his laptop...

and thank the unidentified stranger for lending his wifi to us. we didn't even ask... You're too kind.
Isaac says: (11:54:06 AM)
ron.. can u type all the hols hw and stuff in ur blogspot instead.. thanks

I says: (11:54:20 AM)

(The transcript above was brought to you by MSN Messenger... Proving that they cannot use the past tense unless the user does something to change it on their own.)

Holiday Homework:

-For the Sec 3 2007 D&T Students, There's a holiday homework found on the Online Learning Website. Please Check that out.
-Maths Ws
-Science Assignment
-HCL Practice Exam Paper
-If there's more, please remind me via the tagboard or MSN (if im online) (don't email. I'll not read... i am blur. i will not notice)

Monday, 30 October 2006

The School year's over... Part IV

Here's Part 4...

The Messages...

-To Raymond, Focus on your studies. Try to set time aside for studies, and seriously studies only. Don't focus on things you have no difficulty with during these times. That may help.

-To AJ: Where's da party yah?

-To Mervyn: Keep in touch with your friends from SAS!

-To Zexun: Good luck with your "job", man...

-To Daniel: Hope to see ya soon...in Singapore.

-To Yi Lei: It was a "hard-fought battle"... Congrats... you passed overall... I admit that my Chinese is poor. Having a 3/4 Chinese background, and an overlapping 1/1 Indonesian / Malay Background, I am not a native Chinese literate. In fact, the fact that I speak Chinese is amazing to me... but that's all excuses... i'll have to work harder next year... with the 'O' levels...

-To Ee Rong: Try to avoid damaging things as 'Chairman of PA'... PLEASE I BEG OF THEE... I plead to thee... (sorry, feel like using ole' english, didn't mean to really beg to thou arte.)

-To Sec 1 Choir members (2006): Sec 2s next year... Really hope you guys mature over the holidays... Not physically, but spiritually and mentally as well... Don't force me to beg and plead and appeal to you guys... ok, cancel the last part,

I appeal to you guys to grow. Try to learn self-control. We (the seniors) cannot always help you.

"Give a man fish, and he shall be full for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he shall be full for eternity."

The Seniors will eventually leave. You guys will be left on your own. We cannot be around all the time. We have a life. So Get a life.

-To Nigel Lee: I appeal to you to change your attitude towards PA. I understand you may not like certain people in PA. I will not point names in this post, but nonetheless, you cannot let the entire team suffer just because of your selfless, inconsiderate act of revenge. The PA Team is called a Team for a reason. And effort from each member is required in a team.

-To all the Sec 2s from all the schools (going to Sec 3) (guys only):
Get a hold of yourself, man. You guys will still be in the same school / CCA, regardless of your Sec 3 Classes and electives. And don't make your MSN Nickname sound like you are a depressed girl. Showing that you feel sad is fine with me. Just watch the wordings.

-To Isaac Wong: I almost forgot to tell you... Leopard is the name of the next Operating System from Apple. It will be called "OS X Leopard". Mind the words... don't get yourself into any trademark problems... That's d last thing you want...

The School year's over... Part III

Ok, after the 2 extra posts, i thought i shld continue w/ d series, so here goes...

the apologies, cont'd...

-Chew Jing Kai & Ernest
You aren't short. You aren't monkey. You are just a late bloomer.

-Arvindh Rai
i spelt your name wrongly in d previous post.

I couldn't go for your ice-skating trip. I had Art stuff to do...

-My Locker
I rarely keep u tidy... Even kept a rotting, mouldy, chewed-on, leftover sandwich inside once. That was seriously sick and wrong... Gross...

-Nicholas Chen
I wished I could take 2 chairman posts, but since i can only spend more time in 1 area, and I forsee "greener grass" in the Choir, I took up the job.

-Nigel Chen, Ng Wah Rong
Maple is (in my opinion) a waste of time. I'm not alone. Sorry if you guys didn't like what I say. It's called democracy.

-Mom & Dad
Will return to Indonesia only after 20 Nov... Lots of activities to do in S'pore... Can't leave just yet.

-Jasper Yee & Isaac Wong
You guys aren't aliens... Neither am I. Aliens don't exist (at least for now). Aliens are imaginary creatures that appear out of the wild.

-Fong Choon Kit
You say the weirdest things like a bolt out of the blue. You are scary. Can't help it.

da ron files 1.2.2

1.2.1 to 1.2.2:

-da ron files downgrades to a 1024x768 background - 4:3-friendlier.
---It was understood that most viewers of da ron files use a 1024x768 monitor resolution. therefore, it was the adopted screen resolution.

-menus are placed within an 800x600 screen area , where pixel 0 starts from the top left corner. Still viewable on a 800x600 monitor.
---A handful is still using 800x600 as their screen resolution. this is to facilitate those viewers, making da ron files more "viewable" for a wider "target audience".


Anniversaries of Technology...

Happy Brithday to...

-Windows XP.
The operating system more than 75% of people use turns 5 years old this week (25 Oct 2001)

The popular mp3 player turns 5 years old as well. (23 Oct 2001)

The Gaming system was first released 5 years ago (15 Nov 2001)

-Boeing 747-100
The first model of the jet, the 747-100, rolled out of the new Everett facility. (2 Sep 1968)

Firefox 1.0 was released 2 years ago. (9 Nov 2004)

-Mac OS X 10.3
OS X 10.3 turns 3. (24 Oct 2003)

Friday, 27 October 2006

The School year's over... Part II

Part 2 of the messages... the apologies...

I want to say sorry to...

-Tan Choon Zhe...
I've been a jerk... i admit... i am a critique... it's in my personality... i'll make an effort to change and adapt to be more pleasing to you. and i hope we can start afresh again... silence seem to do us no good at all.

-Tan Zexun...
K, maybe I have been a bit mean to you, no excuses...

-Raymond Liew...
you said i sound as if i was superior or something... always "rubbing it in"... I'm very sorry if you felt that way... I didn't know how you viewed my actions.

-Ernest Quek...
Ok, I can't help it... you are short... i wear braces... everyone has their defects... which make everyone unique from one another. be proud of your abilities... and ignore the "insults"...

-Every victim of my self-centredness...
I admit that i have been unkind and mean towards many people, including all the names listed above, just to name a few. I blame my immaturity and my being unable to think before I act... or what we call ”三思而行“. These include Isaac (all of them), Nigel, Arhvind, and many more.

-All whom I've threatened to kill...
I didn't mean it literally... I thought i was pretty obvious... and i think i should apologise for hating you and sounding as if i should have been in your place... as Isaac put it :"bragging".... I am apologetic about it.

-Gabriel Low...
I underestimated you... I guess you could be an all-rounder in many areas in choir...

The School year's over... Part I

ok, firstly, let me warn you: i may not update my blog when i return to indonesia (maybe 20th november 2006). why? internet connection )broadband, especially) tend to be very fragile and unstable in indonesia. therefore, i may not be able to access the blog from there. thus, i'll try, though i may pass or fail, to update between 20 nov and 2 january.

anyways, i may not be seeing (estimated) 60% of the people i know in school, and chances are, 99% of those people don't read my blog, so i shall just post all my apologies, messages, thank-yous, etc. for the school year ending 26 oct 2006 here.

firstly, the thank-you's...

thanks to...

-Mrs Yew...
for just being there as a form teacher

-Mrs Gan (华文老师)...
for being so generous and kind to everyone

-Mdm Wang Fang (高华老师)...
for not seeing me as a complete failure and just washing her hands off me... but instead kept giving moral support for me.

-Aaron Chua...
for being a great friend who can be very helpful to me at most times

-Tan Zexun...
for just being there to make me feel lonely less of the time

-Mervyn Wee...
for just being there to give me moral support

-Sarah Hoon...
for always being that cheerful, lively, and energetic happy-go-lucky friend

-Paul Tan...
for guiding me at times

-Miss Gan...
For making me feel very important in the choir

-Raymond Liew...
for being such a close friend

-Tan Choon Zhe
for helping me be more aware of others around me

-Bryan James Wong...
for being the humble friend who is helpful in many ways, yet he never gets the credit he deserves

-Ms (Sharon) Cheong...
for being more than just an NDP conductor

-Kang Eng Zheng...
for always being so helpful and fun at the same time

-Alvin Kang
for being a great moral supporter during the leadership training

-the leadership trainer (I'm very embarrased to have forgotten the spelling of your name)
for being the great teacher / mentor / guide / friend

-Mr Lawrance Koh
for being a great moral supporter

-Ahjmal AKA AJ
for being a great friend in need, and a moral supporter

-Joshua Chua
great friend, great moral support, and great help

Log update

Version 1.1 to Version 1.2 changes...
-Modified size of the "content" area
-Version size is aligned to the right
-Changed the "title"

Version 1.2 to Version 1.2.1
-Changed the background
-Changed the 4:3 aspect ratio to a MORE (still not exactly) 16:9-ish ratio.
--For those who don't know, the numbers represent the x:y ratio, where x is the LENGTH (horizontally), and y is the HEIGHT (Vertical)
--Actually, it's still 4:3 (calculation says it's 4.11067193676)

See if you see any secret changes ()if any)

I would walk 500 miles...


NOTE: This is NOT a spoof. It's just an original lyrics of the song i like a lot at the moment.

When I wake up
well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you

When I go out
yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you

If I get drunk
well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you

And if I haver
yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles
To fall down at your door

When I'm working
yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's working hard for you

And when the money
comes in for the work I'll do
I'll pass almost every penny on to you

When I come home
oh I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who comes back home to you

And if I grow old well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's growing old with you

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles
To fall down at your door

da da da
da da da
da da da dum da da dum da da dum da da
da da da
da da da
da da da dum da da dum da da dum da da

When I'm lonely well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man whose lonely without you
And when I'm dreaming well I know I'm gonna dream
I'm gonna dream about the time when I'm with you

When I go out well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be
the man who goes along with you
and when I come home yes I
know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who comes
back home with you

I'm gonna be the man whose coming
home with you.

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles
To fall down at your door

da da da
da da da
da da da dum da da dum da da dum da da
da da da
da da da
da da da dum da da dum da da dum da da

da da da
da da da
da da da dum da da dum da da dum da da
da da da
da da da
da da da dum da da dum da da dum da da

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1,000 miles
To fall down at your do-o-or

Thursday, 26 October 2006

Replying to Comments

26 Oct 06, 21:46
Someone: Get the new mac osx.
Me: errr... I'll have to wait for it to be released first, now wouldn't I? It'll be out by June next year.

26 Oct 06, 20:46
eerong: cant u like version update ur macbook ,,, or something
Me: It's a processor and hardware "upgrade" (new FireWire800 on the 15" models). You can't upgrade by software.

26 Oct 06, 14:18
Raymond: hey...emo again lah...freak u...anyway...i'm writing this in the presence of RONALD LIONG...he's not too happy bout it though...but anyway ...who cares...haha
Me: Ray, you are lame. I don't know you.

24 Oct 06, 13:44
Headshot: Don't show my convo with you. Sensitive stuff if you will.
Me: Sorry. I need to update my blog urgently, so I had to do what I had to do. anyways, not sensetive what... you modified the convo and made it into an essay on your blog, which is headshotzx.blogspot.com (free, complimentary advertisement, headshot. thank me)

23 Oct 06, 20:48
Someone: the guy who said "coastal wadeva" is not me. Probably ernie
Me: I'm confused. don't pose poeple, please. and don't be annonymous. It's irritating. for the person who manages the blog. would you like it if I were to pose as an annonymous person saying mean stuff about you at a computer i don't normally use (e.g.: @ a cybercafe) on your blog? I think not.

23 Oct 06, 17:51
eerong: well... ronfilestest site is long and nid to scroll so i go with ronfiles.blogspot lawl
Me: Ok. Thanx. I'll note that.

23 Oct 06, 17:43
eerong: oops forgot to link u... srry im no link who** cant remember who i linked
Me: Ee Rong, if ya don't mind, try to cut / censor the expletives. anyway, take your time. I can wait. And thanx in advance for linking! :) <--emoticon. I rarely use these. Notice that?

22 Oct 06, 22:33
Someone: haha, the coastal indonesian...
Me: I know you are Ernest. Careful, ernie. i may post your IP address for everybody to see.

22 Oct 06, 17:11
Headshot: lawl
21 Oct 06, 22:52
Someone: javascripting and probably huge background file size + huge amount of html text
Me: You're a geek too! W00t!. (i don't care, you ARE a geek) Anyways, if your internet speed can't handle this blog, it's time to go with fibre optic cables (AKA Starhub in Singapore, check this page as well).

21 Oct 06, 16:50
Raymond: ...for ur information...i dun associate myself with dragon...its dj n wilson who started it...not my fault anyway
Me: And why the association? your Email address, of course. --censor--@--censor--.--censor--. Am i right? Of course.

20 Oct 06, 22:11
Deci: omgness...ronald, still as dao as EvA!!! look at yr *bloodly* shakey eye....coastal indonesian...heex
Me: Ernest, wth are you talking abt? and as for the "shakey eye" (background). That is a masked effect. figure that out in photoshop.

What you have learnt:

-Yes, I depend on Wikipedia for my useful information.
-Raymond's email address has something associated with "dragon".
-Ernest needs Photoshop
-(encore / deja vu) emoticon. I rarely use them. Notice that?
-I can be mean. I choose not to (AT TIMES). If I am, my deepest, most sincere apology. [end sarcasm]
-I don''t like Lame people.
-New MacBook Pros have Core2 Duo (Merom) chips, Firewire 800 connectivity (across both 15.4" and 17" models) and a warmer heater for the "winter". Save money on buying any indoor heaters if you visit a cold place. Or if you live in one. Don't use a MacBook Pro in an igloo made entirely out of ice. It'll melt. Your NOTEBOOK (not laptop) will short-circuit. You will cry. You would have let US$2499 fly away.
-Mac OS X Leopard will be out soon. MacWorld next year, perhaps? just make it cheap and painless.

Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Power to the people!

I was looking @ some trailers on Front Row...

Found one trailer for a (upcoming?) movie called "The US vs John Lennon". Pretty cool movie abt Lennon's efforts to stop the Vietnam war... political, but nevertheless, cool documentary movie.

the movie was, after all, done by the same group who worked on "Fahrenheit 9/11".
Anyway, If you saw my MSN Nickname, you may have known.

I am furious @ Apple now... for releasing the new MacBook Pro based on the new Core 2 Duo Chips.

Like WTH?! only now?! And with a cheaper price for the '39% speed boost"?

Sheez... too late... i said "New iPod". Not new MacBook Pro! I have one 'old' one.

Hope CNET was right abt the iPod release by end of the year.
BTW, if you wanna know my results, im not telling... it's embarrassing, despicable, and intolerable. However, i will tell you what i hope to get into for Sec 3...

-Course A
--E Math
--A Math

-Visual Art

so, that's
-3 Sciences,
-2 Maths,
-2 Humanities,
-2 Languages,
-1 Arts.
-total: 10 subjects.
Btw, it's the end of the school year, so i can say anything i want now... it's too late if anybody hates what i say here (unless we're gonna be in d same class next yr, in which case, im scr3w3d.)

But first, here's a rumor: Dan Lim may not be coming back for B Divisions next year. Apparently, he has school there, so he can't come for any training, unlike the C Divisions this year, where it was during his probation period.

when is our booklist coming?
Where's our school Annual?
where's the fanfare of the normal end-of sch things?

school is not over without these, ok?
give it to us, by hook or by crook.
though we will still not come to school during the hols (unless we have to)
anyway, Mervyn, good luck @ NJC. All the best. take care.
(ok... this is weird... i feel like a long-lost relative or something...)

I'm sure the class will 'miss' ya... and don't hate being a prefect... or don't let 'being a prefect' detest ur time in SA...
And Raymond, be more optimistic...

See? you already have solutions starting to appear to you.
You can't got to 3SA, but u can try the other classes. and if you can't handle A Math, don't sweat it. Nobody's forcing you. but if you insist, then get help from others if you need.
it's not gonna be a smooth sailing next yr.

Monday, 23 October 2006

Of Falling, Attn Span & iPod

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:34:22 PM)
anyway, seem like raymond seem really depressed... judgin from his blog... and his comments on other blogs...

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:34:42 PM)
omfg are you slow?

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:34:45 PM)

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:34:46 PM)
seems you are.

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:35:05 PM)
no, i mean i was thinking, shld we care?

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:35:18 PM)
as in "should we do something?"...

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:52:37 PM)

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:52:55 PM)
Why do people fail?

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:53:01 PM)
Why do people fall?

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:53:14 PM)
because they plan to fail or fail to plan?

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:53:53 PM)
It happens so that they can learn from their mistakes and get back up on track.

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:55:21 PM)
ok then.

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:56:42 PM)
We should not be like cartman and rejoice when kenny dies.

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:57:15 PM)
err... u mean we should or shouldn't rejoice when kenny die?

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:57:19 PM)
ur confusing me...

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:57:50 PM)
They don't exactly contradict each other, but they're different things.

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:58:25 PM)
It's how you say it that matters.

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:58:32 PM)

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (11:58:54 PM)
or rather, how you do it once you've decided.

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:59:08 PM)

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:59:17 PM)
head... aching...

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:59:29 PM)
eyes... distracted...

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (11:59:53 PM)
btw, will ther be a new iPod by tomorrow?

[r0n@|d} ...Happy Birthday, iPod!!! says: (12:00:03 AM)
or an iPod phone?

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] memories says: (12:00:10 AM)
No idea, not really interested unless they sell the ipod videos at half price.

1. Hang in there, Raymond.
2. I have a short attention span. Yes. It's true.
3. I'm still waiting... Mr Steve Jobs...
4. Happy 5th Birthday, iPod! Don't die, or I'll kill you!

possible names. vote.

ok, here's a few options for you readers. please tag by comments [moderated] or the tagboard.

-le lime del ron ['the ron files' in italian]
-da ron archive
-ron confesses
-da geek report
-da ron report
-the ron moment
-da ron perspective
-ron's ups and downs

for now, we'll "try" to call ourselves 'les ron files'.

Blog may change

ok, firstly, before i continue, i just want to congratulate john sng on his blog...

secondly, i am very unhappy with the fact that he decided to 'pose' me and use the 'files' as his so-called 'blog name'. i hate people who just copy others' ideas, without even doing any 'improvisation'. for that, i have decided to change my own blog name.

which brings us to my announcement. i am planning to change the url and name [if possible] of this 'files'. files no more, i guess...

just watch my msn nickname for updates. i may also announce over my msn blog.

so bookmark.

Sunday, 22 October 2006

We turned version 1.1

just thought i should let you know...

i've modified the blog here and there...

-firstly, i shifted the content box [the one with the 'i'm kenny' animation] higher to balance out with the 'sidebar'.

-secondly, after shifting up, i lenghtened the content box, allowing the animation and the title to fit without having to scroll [hope that helps in easing the load time].
the height is suppose to allow the front section [with the kenny animation], the 'i' section, and the tagboard section to fit nicely without a scrollbar required.
if that's not happening on any browser, inform me. i'll edit certain things to adapt, assuming i can recreate the same problem. otherwise, your personal problem 'may' not be supported.

-thirdly, visual upgrade / eye candy. observe the 2-pixel white dashed border around the content box... it's to clarify where's the content and where's the 'not-content' areas. simple enough, i hope.


Dunno why, but I feel the NDP Blues again...

It's been almost 74 days since NDP... Thought it's been forever, but it's not even 100 days yet... hmm...

Anyway, back to the point, I suddenly miss NDP all over again... Passing by Kallang area... seeing the lights from the stadium along the way... feels very nostalgic...

i wish, i knew how, it would feel to be free
and i wish i could break all the chains holding me
i wish i could say all the things that i should say.
say 'em loud, say 'em clear, for the whole wide world to hear.

i wish, i could share all the love that's in my heart
remove all the doubts that keep us apart
i wish you could know how it feels to be me,
then you'd see, and agree, that every man should be free.
then you'd see, and agree, that every man should be free.

i wish, i knew how, it would feel to be free
and i wish i could break all the chains holding me
and i wish i could say all the things that i should say.
say 'em loud, say 'em clear, for the whole wide world to hear.

say 'em loud, say 'em clear, for the whole wide world to hear.
say 'em loud, say 'em clear, for the whole... ... wide world to hear... ...

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Emo Song Spoof

r0n@|d}: (12:31:18 AM)
btw, can u see my currently played song?

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪]: (12:32:02 AM)

[r0n@|d}: (12:32:13 AM)

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪]: (12:32:47 AM)
Go listen to simple plan or something

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪]: (12:32:50 AM)
Linkin Park maybe

[r0n@|d}: (12:32:57 AM)

[r0n@|d}: (12:33:00 AM)

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪]: (12:33:04 AM)
Emo nemo.

[r0n@|d}: (12:33:12 AM)
i AM emo..

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪]: (12:33:18 AM)
proves my point.

OK, fine, i'll confess (if i haven't).


saw those 6 letters?




Saw it again?


if not, read again from the top.

Top of the whole Blog section.

Anyway, i'll spoof an emo song today... coz i feel mentally unstable... like van Gogh.


spoofing lindsay lohan's 'edge of seventeen' without upper-shift characters.

just like an ice cream cone, melt away as if it's heated.
ooh, ooh, ooh
just like a pile of junk, all alone, in isolation
ooh (baby) ooh, settle

and my time goes by, like the fish, in a stream.
in a world that is my home, that i have to share.
i told myself, baby, just leave all behind.

Well, they were nothing in your eyes back then.
And they, still have no meaning. in your own eyes.
but the moment, that they saw you,
they cared less
and therefore they just did...

Friday, 20 October 2006

Raymond, don't...

...associate yourself with a dragon.

Why? Just read on...

1st Party: Ronald..(r0n@|d} ... http://ronfiles.blogspot.com)
2nd Party: headshot / ZX ([♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - Feed the Dragon, you nub)

[r0n@|d}: (7:22:01 PM)
feed da dragon?

[r0n@|d}: (7:22:09 PM)
which one? raymond or the kiln?

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - Feed the Dragon, you nub: (7:22:27 PM)
exactly :P

[♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - Feed the Dragon, you nub: (7:22:27 PM)

[r0n@|d}: (7:22:37 PM)
o... ok.

Spoof songs!

I'm gonna spoof (for this time), 'JAMES BLUNT'S "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL"'




Want more spoofs? here's one more...
Spoof of Yellow by ColdPlay / Tanya Chua (Verse 1, bridge 1 and chorus 1 only)




another regular day

i wantd to change the lyrics of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy", but I think it's a crazy song (can't get the number of syllabus per "sentence", gave up). So, here's...

Spoof of Lindsay Lohan's "Confessions of a Broken Heart"!

I'll wait, for the streaming, to let me taqke Course A
I'll wait, for the day when, I make my decision.
And to change the direction of the road in my life,
Impacting my fate of my whole adulthood.


Thursday, 19 October 2006

Choose the fate of da ron files!

Ok. Normally, I use "da ron files test site" (http://ronfilestest.blogspot.com). Now, however, i need to see where the crowd is going - be it a nice UI or a home-cooked UI after following a few recipe books.

Would appreciate it if you could leave comments in the TagBoard as to say which is better - Template A (http://ronfiles.blogspot.com) or Template B (http://ronfilestest.blogspot.com). The TagBoard in both sites are the same, so comments posted on one blog will be reflected in both sites (and I can click on one similar button o remove any message from BOTH sites @ d same time).

Please comment and vote!

Voting will close when the change is made.


K, people of 2A. If you didn't believe me at first, here's solid, proof and evidence that my LEFT shoulder [as in really my left and your right. (i hate lateral inversion)] is in fact, BRUISED and WOUNDED. Sorry abt the quality. my iSight cam is not very portable, my handphone is not very ergonomic / easy to hold, my camera is not very "1-hand operational friendly". Anyway, i went w/ iSight (too lazy).

so, for the last time. DON'T MESS WITH THE WOUND YET. when it's ok, i'll announce.

Wednesday, 18 October 2006

Classic & Recent Music Chart!

Here's a music chart. Classic Pop nite!
*Classic pop, where "classic pop" means pop songs from the pre-2001 period.

1. Don McLean / Madonna / (whoever else) - American Pie
2. ABBA - Voulez-Vous
3. Elton John - Your Song
4. Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
5. U2 - Beautiful Day

Here's a music chart again! the Current pop. stuff.

1. 'Weird Al' Yankovic - Don't Download This Song
2. 'Weird Al' Yankovic - White & Nerdy
3. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
4. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
5. O.K. Go - Here It Goes Again
6. Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous
7. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Tell Me Baby
8. Justin Timberlake - SexyBack
9. JoJo - Too Little, Too Late
10. The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight
11. Nickelback - Far Away
12. The Fray - How To Save A Life
13. Keane - The Frog Prince

get thy letters!

SAS ppl: There's a whole lot of letters @ d sch website... get them here
To: headshot@gznetwork.net
Start Time: 5:05:54 PM; End Time: 5:08:02 PM

[ Headshot / ZX ] : (5:05:54 PM)8 days
[ Headshot / ZX ] : (5:05:57 PM)just that

[r0n@|d} : (5:06:00 PM)8 days?

[ Headshot / ZX ] : (5:06:10 PM)You'e got less than.. 168 hours.

[r0n@|d} : (5:06:18 PM)w007! 8 d475!

[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:06:21 PM)Till your mission to impress fails.

[r0n@|d} : (5:06:33 PM)my mission to impress?
[r0n@|d}: (5:06:37 PM)wth is that?

[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:06:40 PM)The class of 2A
[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:06:49 PM)with a rather newbish presentation showcase.
[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:06:50 PM)168 hours

[r0n@|d}: (5:06:51 PM)o crap... d class presentatn...

[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:06:53 PM)your time starts
[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:06:56 PM)now.

[r0n@|d}: (5:07:02 PM)o crap... forgot abt it.

[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:07:15 PM)Good luck
[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:07:16 PM)have fun
[ Headshot / ZX ]: (5:07:17 PM)good game.

----End of transmission===

Good luck, Ronald.... Good Friggin'' luck...

Sunday, 15 October 2006

So, You Think You Can See?

OK, I'll post my D&T project up here.... It's just a sample of what it really turned out in the end. I added something over the top to make it look like a reindeer.... Merry Christmas-in-October everyone. Nobody's getting anymore presents. (JOKING)

(mervyn, don't laugh)

Photo Art

Ok, I haven't done this in ages already.

For those who USED to read my Live Space blog ages ago, you would have known that I uploaded lots of fun and interesting artistic photos. Well, ever since I moved to blogger, I haven't been doing it. Why? Because Blogger only allows 6 photos to be uploaded at once. therefore, I gave up on trying to upload 30 photos at once. But now that I have not done in a long while, nd since I am itching, here's some photos I took over the past few mths...

Saturday, 14 October 2006

Art = Fri 13

I took an extract from http://headshotzx.blogspot.com (zexun's blog). Sparrowhawk posted on headshotzx's Tagboard:

"sparrowhawk: i notice this is the second art exam we have had one fri the 13."

I saw this and researched to confirm the reliability of the information, and guess what I found about Fri 13 in 2005...

May 13 2005, Friday: Art Exam


May 13 2005, Friday: Uzbek troops kill up to 700 during protests in eastern Uzbekistan over the trials of 23 accused Islamic extremists. President Islam Karimov defends the act.

May 13 2005, Friday: The United States Department of Defense issues a list of bases to be closed as part of the Base Realignment and Closure process (BRAC 2005).

May 13 2005, Friday: The final episode of the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise is broadcast in the United States. This episode marks the first time since 1987 that a Star Trek series is not in production.

(adapted from Wikipedia.org)

Then, to bring your attention to the current year, 2006,Here's the Friday 13 of 2006

Note: there was 2 "Friday the 13th" this year, so I'll list eves for both "Fri13"s

Jan 13 2006, Fri: CCA Display
Oct 13 2006, Fri: Art Exam
Oct 13 2006, Fri: Farewell Assembly

Outside school...

Oct 13 2006, Fri: The thirteenth and final Lemony Snicket book, in A Series of Unfortunate Events will be released. The book is simply called The End. It is notable that this day is Friday the 13th.

(Adapted from Wikipedia.org)

Ok, is it just me, or is Friday the 13th the day of creativity? just look up! all the stuff are "creative" thingies... except the terrorist plot which is ... well... terror... thingy.

(ok, what happened to my vocabulary?)

Mentos + Diet Coke = FUN

Copy your iPod files to your Mac!

Found a video on CNET TV (http://www.cnettv.com) that made me seem very smart. W00t!

da ron files brings to you again, The "How to move songs of your iPod" guide.

NOTE: this guide only works on a Mac. Buzz off, Windows Users.

Step 1: Connect your iPod to your Mac
Step 2: Enable Disk Use on your iPod by going to iTunes.
Step 3: go to Application\Utilities\Terminal or Go\Utilities\Terminal (Go is found on the taskbar.)
Step 4: type the following into Terminal:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE

Step 5: press Enter and then type the following line of code.

killall Finder

Step 6: Press Enter, and MINIMIZE (if necessary) BUT DON'T CLOSE YET.
Step 7: press F11, double-click on your iPod, open "iPod_Control"
Step 8: Drag & drop the "Music" folder to your DESKTOP.

Beware: You may need more Hard Drive Space. Please make sure you have enough hard drive space on your Mac.

Step 9: Rename the Music folder and move to your Hard drive.
Step 10: In iTunes, Click on "Preferences\Advanced" and check the first 2 checkboxes from the top. (they're too long, i'm not typing out.)
Step 11: You can use Automator to do this or do it manually. I don't know how to use Automator, so I just drag & drop all the tracks from each of the files manually. just Select all and then drag. don't bother doing one by one. the files names are all 4-digit numerics-alphabetical combinations.
Step 12: Delete the file you copied form the iPod. DON'T DELETE ANYTHING ON THE iPOD! You
ll CRY!.
Step 13: go back to the Terminal window you launched. Type the following:

defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE

(then press enter, and then continue):

killall Finder

Step 14: Press Enter and exit. Congrats! all your music has been liberated! to get the music tracks, go to Music \ iTunes and browse yourself. the ID3 tag should be fixed after the transfer. if not, then you're screwed.

Note: da ron files is not responsible for any iPods which spoil as a result of following he following steps.)
BTW: the above steps CAN work on BOTH Windows-formatted (FAT32) and Macintosh-formatted (HFS) iPods. But they will not work in Windows OS. Only Macintosh OS.

This time for me to reply by hand

Whenever you see ""blogger's guide to tagboard password forgetfulness,"", SCREAM!!!!

14 Oct 06, 01:57
eerong/ronald: ronald... i had the marker prob too... the ink seeped through and my whole paper was full of dots and lines -.-"

Err... Ee Rong, don't include my name as ur label when u tag. It's confusing. And misleading. Anyways, LOL! ROFLMAO! ROFL!

14 Oct 06, 01:55
eerong: hello this the vice chairman of pa speaking...PA chairmans have to go to bed with julia huang buahahhaaha

Err... ee rong, u might need to change that... Mr Chairman of PA... lol. congrats, man. set the right example, MAN! and gd luck when mrs huang sees what you typed. She will be so fed up...

13 Oct 06, 23:31
Hmm: how can you blockk when you forgot your password?

Firstly, who d hell are you??? and secondly, why the hell does ur name link to a hamster abuse site? and how did you know I forgot my password? and to answer your question, I have put a little "blogger's guide to tagboard password forgetfulness," at the bottom of this post. let me reply to the other posts first. or if ur so impatient, scroll down. (you "person of low intelligence"... can't even think like me.)

13 Oct 06, 17:47
Ron: planning to block ernest and raymond... take this as a STERN warning...

Yup. That's still valid.

13 Oct 06, 07:55
julian: lol this southpark season is gonna be fantastic. HUMMIE PALADINS against UNDEAD WARLOCKS.

err... I checked, the next episode isn't exactly on warlocks and paladins. It's more of "who plotted 9/11". 1/4 of america said the Bush Administration (those idiots, why would the government do that?), 3/4 agrees with the media - angry terrorists.


and now, a textual presentation of "blogger's guide to tagboard password forgetfulness,"

Now, I am confident that many bloggers had experienced losing a password for a third-party blogging application such as a tagboard or counter. Well, here's a simple solution. It's dumb and foolproof. It's for idiots who can't think at all. I wrote this to help the idiots. helping idiots is helping people. That's a generous thing. That's a good thing. That's like locking up lunatics in an asylum.

HERE;s da ron files' ""blogger's guide to tagboard password forgetfulness,""

Step 1: Get a new account for the 3rd party application / tool.
Step 2: Get the code
Step 3: Remove the old code for the application in your Templates / HTML editing area.
Step 4: Paste the new ones.

>To block the new users, read on...

Step 5: Wait for the "Spammer" to strike / post again.

>If the spammer does not strike at all, then congratulations on your succesful eradication of the idiotic spammer.
>If the spammer strikes, you have to counter-strike (Duh...). To counter-strike, read on.

Step 6: Block the striker from your Chat box.
Step 7: Post the spammer's IP address on your blog.

>If step 7 was too lame for you, read on to 7b.

Step 7b: Assasinate the spammer.

>If Step 7b was too hard-core for you, 7c.

Step 7c: Hire someone to assasinate for you.

>Still too hardcore? 7d.

Step 7d: Torture the spammer.

>Can't do it? 7e.

Step 7e: Hire someone to torture the spammer.

>All of the above are too difficult? Just stick with Step 7.

Friday, 13 October 2006

34M ppl... Youtube IS famous.

Wonder why YouTube is worth US$1.6B in Ad Revenue?

Look @ d number of views on this following link. (in case you never saw this before, this is called "Evolution of Dance", the most viewed video of all times on YouTube. When I watched this, it's @ 33,968,903 views. Keep watching YouTube! Be a videot! I'm a videot!!!

Exam's over!

At LASt, the exams are over!

I "screwed up" the Art paper. Literally.

If you saw my exam script, you would be horrified.

I was doing my art THEORY paper.... Section A was MCQ on clay, B was artist appreciation on Vincent van Gogh. Section C was an on-the-spot design process development thingy...

I did section B first, then went onto the OAS sheet and did section A. Finally, Section C (because I know this will be badly done anyways... so doing it in a short period of time doesn't matter much)

In section c, we had to use markers...

marker ink can penetrate thru the paper.

Section C was the last page of the Exam script.

You know what happened.

I don't wanna say it anymore. It's embarrasing... seriously.

Anyway, now I have to look out for upcoming post-exam activities...

Bring on the par-taey!

\/\/ () () + !!!

Thursday, 12 October 2006


Ernest, stop calling me "the guy from coastal indonesia where tsunamis occur everyday" there's NO SUCH PLACE, u dimwit. I don't live near any tsunami-prone areas.

Anyway, i've been having nose-bleeds for the past few days, which explain my absence from my blog last night.

i also have to rush through my D&T revision (can't do it this morning, since I hav 2 settle the Sec 1 CL LC PA duty tingy...)

btw, choir ppl, pls note that you must bring / wear the following...

-School Uniform (NOT black suit, please be aware)
-School Tie
-Black Socks + Shoes
-Choir Badge (if you have)
-Choir File

Be in school by 11. (for the sec 2s. the sec 1s and 3s shld be in school...)

Tuesday, 10 October 2006

GooTube isn't that bad after all!

I saw this on the front page of YouTube, and I guess GooTube isn'ta bad idea after all! Im Convinced.

borrowed from : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCVxQ_3Ejkg

We're in Version 1!

Ok. I wanted to do tis the first time I launched this blog. but since it's kinda late, i'll just do it anyways.

This is the "so-called" initial release of da ron files... yes, initial release... so initial release means version 1. as the blog develops, crashes, and changes, we will change the version number. this is easier for me, to allow me to keep track...

O well... that's all for the day,

btw, da ron files on windows live is back n alive.

No videos on my blog by today.

I didn't receive a cease and desist letter, but i think i shld take down all copyrighted videos on my blog today... to celebrate Google's purchase of YouTube. That means no more copyrighted content on YouTube! (sobs slightly in happiness and sadness @ d same time)

Congrats, YouTube. You're Google now...

No Vista RC 2 for me

PeeWee's Playhouse activity: Whenever you see the number '2', SCREAM!

It's confirmed. I'm not getting RC2.

There's 2 reasons for this.

1: Vista RC2 is troublesome. People have encountered with problems using RC2, especially during installation.

2: Microsoft closed the servers anyway. So how am I supposed 2 download Vista RC2? I'll waait for SP2 from now on... Vista Service Pack 2... hopefully in 2009. Not getting the first RTM build in case of instability and manufacturing defects. Besides, in't $600 for the ONLY version to support multi-threading. (that's Vista Ultimate)

Generic Hidden post

This is a hidden generic post. let's see if this shows up in your RSS, or if anyone spots this.

anyway, the tagboard was removed on 18NOV07 around 7:30AM. meanwhile, enjoy this clip.

I Am Sad...

The Vista Download failed... only 2.11 GB out of 2.49 came in... think microsoft yanked their servers from the rest of the tubes in the net... even the download page redirects me to the RC1 Download site... I HAVE RC1!!! Anyway, trying to find via TechNet... hopefully it works....

Monday, 9 October 2006

RC2. Yes I'm Nuts

See the file name? That's not a joke. Vista Build 5744 x86 English version. AKA: Vista Release Candidate 2. The final pre-release version that's free. RTM will not be free. Wish me all the best...

LLWMSW crow passes by

Ok, I don't like such idiotic, dumb, retarded, lame, childish, uninteresting, immature, silly, foolish, stupid, brainless, witless, mindless, unintelligent, thoughtless, half-baked, imprudent, incautious, injudicious, unwise, ill-advised, ill-considered, dimwitted, pea-brained, chowder-headed, ignorant, vapid, simpleminded, imbecilic, doltish, mutton-headed, moronic, inane, ridiculous, asinine act. (plagiarizing is good)

I don't like this kind of dumb chain mail/blogpost/whatever verb\noun relevant u can put here. It's (repeat of the adjectives above). DON'T BE LAME, LRY... I'm the chain-breaker of this lame, retarded (here we go again) thing.

I love Widgets!

Sunday, 8 October 2006

Google Trends Says....

Found lots of weird yet interesting facts about people's search habits... Thanx 2 Google Trends.

First up: Elmo vs err... Hilary Duff?
OK, I couldn't think of any other thing to compare Elmo with, so I randomly chose Hilary for fun...

So, I guess people prefer Hilary to the new Tickle-Me Elmo toy... I want one!!! (you saw nothing...)

Next, OSX vs Vista...

Interesting enough, more people want to know about OS X than Vista... Why is this so? Vista's coming people!!!

Thirdly, Sony Alpha vs Sony Beta.
I was thinking, if Sony released an "Alpha" product, what comes next? BETA, of course! This was what I got...

BTW, notice Singapore's on the top of the list? Shocking, is it not?!

Fourth, Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD.

Guess HD-DVD is not really "interesting"...

Finally, how can we end without a fight between all 3 Gaming consoles?

I included Revolution in case ppl still hate the "wii" name... And i guess not... In fact, who wants the Wii? It's all abt 360!

That's all I've got! Have fun browsing Google Trends!

Music chart

Haven't done one in ages, so here's a music chart.

1. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
2. Justin Timberlake - SexyBack
3. 'Weird Al' Yankovic - White and Nerdy
4. Beyonce - Ring the Alarm
5. Nickelback - Far Away
6. JoJo - Too Little, Too Late
7. The Fray - Over My Head
8. Nickelback - Savin' Me
9. The Veronicas - Everything I'm Not
10. Zac Effron / Vanessa Hudgens - Breaking Free
11. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy
12. Fergie - London Bridge
13. Keane - The Frog Prince
EDIT: No. 2 is replaced by "Paris Hilton - Nothing In This World". The rest drops a spot.

wake me up when the october ends...

this whole post shall be in lower case. [except the title]

here's a song i decided to make while im bored..

'wake me up when october ends'

[sung to the tune of green day's 'wake me up when september ends']

exams have come around
after ten months of hardship
wake me up, when october ends.

stop your mapling, says mummy
boredom, strees and pressure's here
wake me up, when october ends.

here comes the haze again
darkening my skies
distracting physically
affecting mentally.

as my brain rests in peace
i write this song in sickly state
wake me up when october ends.

the haze has gone and past,
the innocent can't never last.
wake me up, when october ends.

flood the clinics again
like the time when flu began.
wake me up when october ends.

here comes the light again
shining from the lamps
covered by all the smoke
from all the hotspots

as i start to hiberate
all month long in my own bed.
wake me up, when october ends.

as the haze darkens my skies
i burn midnight oil in the dark
wake me up when october ends.

studying like n'ver before
don't want to be kicked from the top
wake me up, when october ends.
wake me up, when october ends.

wake me up when october ends.

Saturday, 7 October 2006


Finally, the drivers WORK!
the trackpad and iSight drivers are functional!

Friday, 6 October 2006

Of Class Presentations and the Microsoft Zune...

Ok... I'm not hiding it anymore...

Before I say anything, I have to THANK ZEXUN BOSS SIR (Ma'am) for FINALLY after months of persuasion to pass over the class photos. I GREATLY appreciate your help.

Anyway, what are the photos for?

I'm currently working on a class presentation for the class as some sort of farewell thingy and celebrations at the end of the year. So, meanwhile, just focus on ur studies. I've been working on this project since September, but found insufficient photos. Therefore, I'm still requesting for photos. It's never too late until I say so. So, if you have any photos of the class doing anything... regardless of event, location, and time, just send it to me by CD, thumb drive, or email. Thanks In advance.

Anyway, I'm starting to do a progress report every now and then. Here's the first of such..

Progress of Class presentation so far:

est. 40% done, still HYPER CHEESY... (omg, i can't show this... it's still "raw"... let's bake it a bit more. enter the oven of grey matte aluminum with a glowing white apple.)

Zexun did this part 2

Transcript from a "tao-ed" conversation--
[r0n@|d} ... ronfiles.blogspot.com says: (10:24:41 PM)
the picture u gave me...
[r0n@|d} ... ronfiles.blogspot.com says: (10:24:47 PM)
i look like an idiot...
[r0n@|d} ... ronfiles.blogspot.com says: (10:31:37 PM)
zexun, don't scare me like that next time ur giving me photos,k?
[r0n@|d} ... ronfiles.blogspot.com says: (10:31:45 PM)
i need 2 sleep...
[r0n@|d} ... ronfiles.blogspot.com says: (10:31:54 PM)
i don't want nightmares.

[Throughout conversation, Zexun: Chirp chirp...]

Anyway, asking what im talkin bout? see for yourself.


To Zexun: WHAT THE HECK WERE U THINKING???!!! 210hours on a childish, aimless menace otherwise known as Maplestory? Not cool, dude. Not cool....

Sepctacles. That's what they are, peasants.

My day @ sch today...

--Entered sch @ 9.45AM
--Sec3s left hall after first paper.
--Went to Ctrl Rm to put bag down.
----Went down to find Mdm Chong for Sec3 LC CD

----PADuty---- Ee Rong came late ("overslept")

--Lunch. Met Eng Zheng, Glenn.

--went to upper court to wait for entry to hall.
----people were surprised to see glass framed by an alloy clinging to my ears and supported on my nose, "covering" my eyes.

Firstly, to the peasants who do not know, this is the top-of-the-line nerd fashion technology otherwise recognised as the "Spectacles" or "glasses". Glasses, because they were made of glass. Mine was a hard plastic.

Secondly, Yes, i look nerdy. I had "fogging" issues with my contact lenses on Thursday, 5 October 2006. This is the result of "DRY EYES". I am not involved in physically active activities, only eye-straining ones. So spectacles is the way to go.

Thirdly, don't do stupid things like critisising me or poking my spectacles (i.e.: Nigel Wong). It is dumb, immature, not-at-all-cute, pretty st-o-pid, and it makes one look crazy. I am a human with feelings, i have a mind. I know that I am wearing spectacles. Tell me something I really don't know. Seriously, Seriously.

--walked out of hall and to office to return key.
--met w/ sum friends. we walked to mcd for a slight "treat".
----on the way, i was bullied by the other peeps...
--@ McD, my Hot Fudge sundae was dipped in with fries by the others... (thanx a lot, ernest, zexn and matt ho, thanx a lot...)
--t'was so not funny, ok? they used my ice cream as a dipping sauce for their fries! they even took the fudge. ;-(

anyway, that's all i need to say. in summary of the crapload of words above... (my time to emphasise impt stuff frm d crap i typed.)

-Spectacles - I wear them.
-MacDonald's' Hot Fudge Sundae - don't use others' sundaes as a dip for your fries. jerks.

As my second elder brother always said, " Fudge* YOU!"

* - Fudge was pronounced "food-ch"

English paper blooper...

Ok, I didn't raise this during the exam, but i thought i shld anyways... so what better way to do it than on a blog?

I did not remember ALL the instructions, but I remember most of it, nevertheless. I also excluded some parts for COPYRIGHT reasons. (there was a Copyright symbol on the bottom of the paper, for goodness sake. I don't want to be sued! I'm only 14...)

"Instruction to Candidates
Write your answers on the question paper.
Tie your answers ....
Answer all questions."

Firstly, Thank you for informing us that we were suppose to answer on the question paper. Why don't you call it the "EXAM PAPER / SCRIPT"?


These got me wondering really hard during the free time I had after the paper was over...

Was there any bonus for raising these up, anyway? If there was, I'm the first, and this is digital, but SOLID, proof. I have the entire series of tubes as my alibi!

Thursday, 5 October 2006

Look. I'm innocent!

I know. I know... Everyone's irritated by the haze... Stop blaming the Indonesian in your class... It ain't fun.. It ain't funny... It ain't cute... It is, in fact, lame. That's all for now...

Of Chocolate and aphrodisiacs...

My day today...

+woke up @ 8am...
+had bak-kut teh for breakfast...
+handed in D&T project...
-Library was full, so was 4th floor tables...
+Found tables on 5th floor to study at. WooHoo!
+Found out Isaac was "High"...
+also found out Jack was high when we were outside school...
*Hypothesis: High altitude cause Isaac to be high... Low altitude cause Jack to be high.
+Aphrodisiac time!!! We discussed the chocolate sundae of MacDonalds
+I love Hot fudge sundae!!!
-I hate History exam! (wrote a 3-page essay for Section B of the paper... didn't finish one of the 7-mark structured Question)
-I hate Lit exam... (finished the paper, but I just hate it . period.)
+I love evenings!!!

anyway, remember... chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Just like oyster.

Wednesday, 4 October 2006

switched to blogger BETA... complain all ya want.

Hey readers.

Just to let ya know, i switched to blogger BETA... shouldn't see much of a difference. If you see any bug, do tell.

(the "video over the eye" thing is not a bug. it's a feature)

The new MacBook Pro (heater)

Chocolate fondue and biscuits, anyone?

Remind me: DON'T use the Girl Guides' chocolate-coated biscuit tin (with the biscuits still in them) as a support to prevent my MacBook Pro from overheating...

(yes,i bought Girl Guide biscuits from my cousin who's a Girl Guide @ Cedar Secondary)

(enough of the girl guide, let's speak of the fondue!)

Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Mock Test 2

Say the word "silk" ten times in continuation without pause and at tongue-tying speeds.
When you're done, answer the following question.

i) What do cows drink

For answers, scroll down further...


1) i disregard the way in which you said the word "silk 10 times in sequence. As long as you said it, that's good enough.

However, for question i), marks are awarded for various answers, while marks are deducted for irrelavent answers as in the following:

Answer scenario A: Milk:
+125%. if you can figure out why cows drink what they produce (there's a way to explain if you're smart enough like me, seriously. ask raymond)
-50% if you answered this without thinking hard enough.

B: Water:
+99%. Not hard enough... try thinking through different mindsets...

c: blood:
0%: We here @ da ron files do not support cannibalism OR eating meat raw with blodd all over. That is plain sadistic, downright beastly and sickening, as in the words of Mrs Yee.

d: hey:
+20%: Hay is not a "beverage for cow" by theory. It is , in fact, a food for cows. however, i understand that hay contains a small percentage of water, thus, i will give 1% for the water in hay, and 19% for knowing that hay anter cows' mouths...

Another dumb test brought to you by da ron files.

ps: e: all other answers: 30%. Imagination, indeed... but i dun like unpredictable answers... i go by the book. im just being lenient by giving u 30 pairs 'o` peanuts...

Monday, 2 October 2006

Linux on iPod Nano!!! Pigs have FLOWN!!!

I was shocked (while browsing around YouTube...) to find that people have been trying to load LINUX on their "iPod Nano"s... Apparently, if you do so, you can load AVI video files on your nano! Not only that, there'e more games as well (other than solitaire). Music can still be played. Rest assured...

Currently available on iPod Nano and !st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation iPods.


Eyes no more!

Me editing the picture. Courtesy of Apple Core Image Fun House Editing tool.

See the eye? Not anymore!!!

Ok, I tried to do some messing around with post a video on my blog... It worked the way i wanted it to! WOOHOO!!! The exact size and location where i wanted it to be... How cool is that?

(I am imagining LRY will say "..." now. To contradict...)
TRY IT YOURSELF AND SEE WHAT KINDA MESS u get into! the pixel size has to be accurate.

Anyway. Woots to me... 2 days of study break... and exams really begin for me on thursday...

So, seriously... stop complaining about EYES on my tagboard... enough.

Sunday, 1 October 2006

New Background (sorta)

Well, it's a different JPG file...

Anyway, I changed my background.

I took the old one, modified it here and there, shrunk it with the help of a certain technology called "Screenshot", did something called "crop", then uploaded it on ImageShack. Finally, copied n pasted d URL into my templates (in the appropriate place, of course). Then Voila!


Hey kiddos! Happy Kids' Day!!!

[Whenever you see the word "children", make as much sound as you like!]

[It's Children's Day today!!!]

ron wld like 2 wish all kids a happy children's day 2 y'all...[ I hate you all ]....

It's time for me 2 confess... I hate children...

[They bite me...
They drool on me...]
I drool on them back...
They slap me...
Just like the new Elmo toy...
They give me suicidal tendencies...
not only me, [but also pencil cases, apparently]...
[They hate to eat...
They pollute the world with their noise]...
They speed up the rate
at which my ear deteriorate...
They hug like bears...
with claws hidden in them...

They're CHILDREN...
[And I was once them... I hate myself...]

(Did I tell u that 'x' % of what I say here is false? whatever i bracket is true]

2005 5G iPod Video Battery Life Report

This is a brief report with regards to the battery life of a 5th Generation iPod With Video porduced in late 2005. The iPod video was advertised to have 2H battery life when playing video continuously from a full charge.

The iPod used was bought in December 2005. It has been used on battery throughout DEcember, charged occasionally when the battery is low. The iPod was used for audio playback only. Later, in January, the iPod was charged 24-7, connected to the wall socket. This continued for months, until this morning 7AM, when the iPod was brought for a test.

The iPod is using Firmware 1.2, with the brightness set at half. Videos used include legitemate content from DL.TV, VH1 Best Week Ever Podcast, MacTV Podcast, and a few other, just to name a few. These videos were QVGA MPEG4 Basic Profile codec. The volume was adjusted to one of the following: 25%, 37.5% and 48%.

The videos were played in random, as chosen by me. I was monitoring the test throughout. the duration of each video is recorded mentally before each video finishes. When the battery bar indicated a generally low battery life (nothing green in the battery), the time is occasionaly checked in the middle.

Ocassionally, the Skip feature is used to skip through advertisements (typically 1 min each). This tends to drain the battery life slightly. Do note that we still record the LENGTH of the videos, including the parts which were skipped.

The test only ends when the iPod stops playing the videos completely, or when they video playback seem unstable (whichever comes first)

At the end of this test, "I" have discovered that an iPod which is often charged can last: