Sunday, 29 June 2014

Half-Time Analysis: 2014

So, as some none of you may have noticed, this blog has been in a somewhat dead state, with the only life support system, in the form of my New Year's Resolutions and half-annual reflections, keeping it alive.

Given we are now at the end of the 6th month of 2014, I figured this is the right time for another blog post. Starting with that new year's resolution I penned so thoughtfully in January 2014...

> Get at least a Merit for my MSc. 

> Become an MPhil/PhD Candidate. 


> Get funding for the PhD. 

[as above, pending]
> Don't ask my parents for more funds. 

[I really underestimated how much living in London would cost (by £2k). Now I know better.]

> Cycle a total distance of 365km with an app or my Heart Rate Monitor. 

[Well, according to Strava, as of 22 Jun 2014, 4:45pm, I've done 613.3km. Adding on the miles I've done in 2013, and my commute, I've probably paid less than £1 per km I've ridden on my bike.]> Cut down on my chocolate, crisps, salt, Haribos and alcohol. 
[We're only halfway through the year, so this won't be 100% achieved until Dec 31st. But for now...
Chocolate: less than 10 bars. Went up during exams, but apart from that, not weekly anymore.
Crisps: hardly buy them (swapped crisps for bread and hummus. 
Salt: Can't really quantify, can I? 
Haribos: think I've only bought 4 packets of them, so no longer a weekly purchase. 
Alcohol: Well, what with London prices and the fact that I have the tolerance of a 22-year-old - i.e.: very low, I've really cut on alcohol this year. Which is good.
Overall: looks promising.]

> Be nicer to others. 

[I am trying. I promise.]
> Cut down on procrastination.
[Well, I killed my social media accounts in April to help me focus on my long essay. Then things went pear shaped in May.]

In summary (out of 8)...
Succeeded: 1.
Pending, optimistic: 1 (the snacks and alcohol)
Pending, unknown: 3.
Pending, pessimistic: 2 (the "personal" ones)
Failed: 1.

Ah, rubbish.