Thursday, 31 August 2006

Airport, Teachers, and Love???

I must say, this day has been the most unique day in my whole life so far... (Unique as in "outstanding" / "weird")

Fisrtly, there was Teachers' Day Celebrations... I had to take photos 4 d PTA in the Junior School... So I couldn't join the class till a later time...

Then, I got back my results... It was below expectations... yet also above expectations... Dunno what I mean? Well, d L1R5 is lower than I targeted... but the Average is generally high... in my class...

Then, We went around getting our presents out... I realised what bad timing, planning and organisation I have... I cld only get a small number of presents for 5 teachers... that's really pathetic... And I spent $30???!!! Outrageous... Well, It's the thought that count...

Anyway, There's this weird message from somewhere that the person Paul & I like has a steady boyfriend, and that person's neither me nor Paul... So Paul was all upset and mentally unstable in some sense... While I got emotional and quarreled w/ Ray online...

But that was quickly settled... I soon left of for the Airport to meet up w/ d other NDP ppl... AJ, sarah, Surya, Josh, Steph, Me...

AJ, Surya and Sarah are the craziest people I've ever known at d moment... They were spotted dancing the Motivators' moves/steps for "Absolutely Everybody" @ Changi Airport Mrt Station platform... then they sat down and chat some more... then we were all over the ground trying to take a photo together before I came... All these were done without extitng the gantry for 1-3 hrs straight!!! Nuts? Totally... Fun? Totally... I joined them while waiting for Josh & Steph frm Pasir Ris...

Later, we set for the Departure Level... Where the choir was gathered... I slowly talked to the guys 1 at a time... some were surprised to see me n d other "Goodbye Party Members"...All were sad that I couldn't go... but nevertheless, the trip must go on... So, More photos again before checking in...

Then, D "Goodbye Party" decided to hook Paul n his "crush" up together... hoping to make him feel better... but he used his parents' presence as an excuse.., Haiz...

anyway, heard Paul explained to her already...

O well, Sayonara, SASS Choir...

Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Blocked 2 users.. find them a nuisance

So far, I've blocked MAtt & LRY. This is because they've been Spamming my blog.

Spam (noun)
Irrelevant or inappropriate message sent on the Internet to a large number of recepients

This is the ACTUAL definition as provided in a dictionary. So, live with it. Matt asked me to view his blog. I call that an advertisement. I think Google's Adsense is enough of a nuisance. And besides, didn't I link you? O, wait. I removed it as a first warning. O well... Too bad...

I also tried to ban LRY, whose IP is Dynamic. Well, i'm confident he only has a certain number of dynamic IPs... I can block them all if im lucky... WEll, till then, I'll try to get myself to chat from school, then block the school IP address. Anyone wanna b the guinea pig?

BTW, don't piss me off... ben bz planing 4 teacher's day... n d bday celebrations eveery temr thingy... everything's going disastrous thanx 2 ACES Day... Sheez... Pls announce in ADVANCE... Gives us d mental preparation 2 plan AHEAD...

Also, i'm typing with the 3 middle fingers on my left (as in d fingers between the thumb and the last one) all bandaged together just for tonight to save bandage. Any typos, we kindly seek your understanding. No apologies.

Monday, 28 August 2006

Tomorrow, You're Always A Day away...

Tomorrow (ok, Fine, 29 Aug) Is Day 20 since NDP... Just thought i should let that out... Won't b blogging tomorrow unless I change my mind... Last HCL Class of the term... Woohoo??? O, Btw, I'm NOT AFFECTED in the recent battery recall for Macs... I'm using A MacBook Pro from the 2nd Batch, not the first one where they actually did recall some batteries... Check the Apple Support page Every now and then.

  • Apple Support

  • Btw, Anyone knows where I can LEGALLY obtain a license for XP from Microsoft, other than Online? I dun have any credit cards... And my parents will kill me if I use theirs.... Thanx a lot, Microsoft.... And thanx a lot, Piracy... u made things difficult... Thanx a lot, money... U too made things difficult.. Thanx a lot, CARDS...

    Saturday, 26 August 2006

    QR Code 4 my blog!!!

    I've posted a QR code above the chatbox. In future, the code can be used by cameras for accessing my blog. For those who do not know what's QR code, do find it on google. it's basically the next-gen bar-code system, only square and smaller if wanted to be. Plans are being made for embedding this system to camera phones.

    Friday, 25 August 2006

    It's confirmed... Sorry, guys...

    SMS from Ms Gan (cut & modified to fit the context of my blog... original meaning is retained):

    "Hi Ronald. am terribly sorry that i'm the bearer of bad news. We weren't able to get the visa for you. I wish i cld do more but i don't have any more options. ..."

    Sorry, guys... Guess I won't be tagging along w/ d rest of the choir 2 Italy... Do take care in Italy...

    Special message to Gabriel: FOCUS! Don't be the one holding back the rest of the choir. and watch ur posture; suck in ur lower abs muscles, straight back... There was a GOOD and VALID reason why between me, u and Ming Sheng, YOU were chosen as the Tenor SL... Live up to the expectation... Be serious.

    Special message to Paul, Walter, Ernest: Sorry that I can't go with u guys... Take care of the choir when ur there... I'll be supporting u guys morally... thousands of miles away...

    Message to the choir leaving for Italy: Really sorry that I can't join u guys... thanx for all the prayers of hoping that I'll get the visa... Althought the outcome was not meant to be what we hoped for. There may be only 3 tenors left. There may be only 20 singers and 2 teachers now. But Hang ing there. Project thy voices, and thou shalt be heard. For the juniors, behave yourselves... Grow up. Each of u paid for the trip. Don't spend the money on making urself a laughing stock halfway across the world. For the seniors, I send my regards.

    Nevertheless, do have fun in Italy. I'll try to organise the chalet while u guys r gone... the programme, perhaps, for '07 as well?
    Me: : dude, y don't u change ur nickname 2 :"What happens, when you give a snake to a commercial aircraft w/ Samuel L. Jackson?"
    [23:08:49] : ROFL
    [23:08:53] : SNAKES ON A PLANE
    [23:08:55] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : lol...
    [23:09:01] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : what's d rating?
    [23:09:12] : 1000/100
    [23:09:21] : yah.
    [23:09:22] : That.
    [23:09:24] : Rofl.
    [23:09:27] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : i mean R21, M18, NC16, PG, G
    [23:09:43] : G tbh
    [23:09:57] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : u sure?
    [23:10:01] : ho really
    [23:10:27] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : dude! it's R in d US!
    [23:11:03] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : NC16 @ GV
    [23:11:14] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... :
    [23:13:19] : wrong logo to be honest
    [23:13:20] :
    [23:13:36] : snakes in a game
    [23:13:39] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : lol
    [23:14:03] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : btw, any idea y d website takes so long 2 load?
    [23:14:10] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... :
    [23:14:12] : porno clogged.
    [23:14:19] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : heyhey...
    [23:14:19] : you know samuel jackson
    [23:14:27] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : tubes r large!
    [23:16:57] : Hmm
    [23:16:57] : Yeah
    [23:16:59] : maana..
    [23:17:15] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : i wanna watch snakes on a plane...
    [23:17:22] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : u think it'll b G in indonesia?
    [23:17:28] : Uh
    [23:17:29] : no way
    [23:17:34] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : or maybe i'll get my bro 2 buy d DVD
    [23:17:46] : maybe it can be nc13 or something
    [23:18:13] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : lol...
    [23:19:26] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : guess what...
    [23:19:34] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : it's worse in indo... R
    [23:19:38] : .
    [23:20:31] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : y is it so "not for minors"?
    [23:20:41] : gore
    [23:20:47] : samuel jackson
    [23:20:55] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : it's just stupid snakes on a stpid plane w/ stupid ppl...
    [23:20:55] : in a realstic setting
    [23:20:57] : vulgarities
    [23:21:17] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : n that famous vulgarity 2 replace "stupid"
    [23:21:34] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : whihc starts with "a synonym 4 mum"
    [23:21:56] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : and ends w/ d 4-letter f word +ing
    [23:22:00] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : lol
    [23:22:08] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : very precise description...
    [23:23:01] : fh***in
    [23:23:30] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : w/ d word "mother" infront of it...
    [23:23:58] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : i saw d trailer on many sources...
    [23:24:17] : stupid one liners always spoil movies.
    [23:24:22] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : lol
    [23:24:29] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : or save 'em completely...
    [23:24:36] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : especially if they're crude...
    [23:24:51] : 'fh**'
    [23:24:51] [R0n41d} ... ill... But still goin 2 school... : like the 1 4 "s.o.a.p."
    [23:24:53] : *BOOOOM*
    [23:25:08] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : lol
    [23:25:38] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : didn't realise "snakes on a plane" can be "s.o.a.p." when acronymmed...
    [23:25:49] : Uhh
    [23:25:52] : SLOW
    [23:25:53] : ..
    [23:26:03] : it's been going around the internet for weeks already
    [23:26:12] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : i patent "acronymmed"
    [23:26:15] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : YAY!!!
    [23:26:58] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : don't tell me d dnakes die n sam wins coz of SOAP as in d alkali we use for baths...
    [23:27:07] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : that's not even a story...
    [23:27:16] : !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [23:27:19] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : that's an AWARD-WINNING story!
    [23:28:13] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : Gold plated USB connector for maximum conductivity
    [23:28:15] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : wow...
    [23:28:38] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : but d design... what's d diff between that n an ordinary mouse?
    [23:28:51] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : other than d "invisible feature"
    [23:29:11] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : go diamondback...
    [23:30:21] : I'm more of a game producer guy
    [23:30:21] : :P
    [23:30:26] : but i play games too
    [23:30:45] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : lol.. gamer: plays game... makes game...
    [23:31:28] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : game pro: pro in playing... pro as in job... which one?
    [23:31:55] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : definitions... so NOT clear...
    [23:32:07] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : so NOT definitive...
    [23:32:09] : producer
    [23:32:13] : makes
    [23:32:16] : game maker
    [23:32:25] : i belong to the game maker set
    [23:32:38] : but i also belong to the modelling depart set of the game maker
    [23:32:53] : but modelling also has something to do with animation
    [23:33:10] : so i am an intersection of the modeling and animation department sets
    [23:33:17] : ah screw.
    [23:37:07] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : tell u what: here's a word: nimrod
    [23:37:34] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : a skillful hunter, yet also a nerd
    [23:37:36] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : lol
    [23:37:40] : wha?
    [23:37:44] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : perfect..
    [23:37:50] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : though u rnt a hunter
    [23:37:56] : what talking you, lol.
    [23:38:04] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : a word 2 describe u...
    [23:38:13] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : found it usign widgets n thesaurus...
    [23:38:14] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : lol
    [23:39:02] [R0n41d} ...s.o.a.p. : k.gtg... bb. will b posting our converaations on friday evening...

    Proven: people lose their minds a bit in the late nights... 23 minutes before the day ends...

    Maybe I should go 4 another hiatus...

    Announcement: I'm gonna have a couple of days to myself again... need 2 REALLY do MAJOR adjustments to my blog... Refurbishment coming... stay tuned!!

    (OMG that was embarrasing... what happened in class....)

    Thursday, 24 August 2006

    Hiatus over... I held my peace...

    Sorry if I made anyone upset over the past 5 days... I've been away from my blog on a (what I planned to be) a week-long hiatus... which ended prematurely because I do not want to flood my own blog myself... besides... there's a lot of new comments on my CBox...

    First things firsts... OLD NEWS...

    1. Welcome, John Sng, to the 2A family...
    "This class is like that, so before you get trampled over, I think ..... [/relavence ]"
    --Mrs Lee Xin Yuan, Art Teacher

    2. Welcome, politics, to the 2A class committe...
    "I don't care... Support me... I'm going to give my badge to x and y"
    --z, Committe member

    3. Math test and Lit tests are over...
    "30 Minutes..."
    -- Mr Tan, Math Teacher
    --2A class, Students

    4. Welcome scripts and quotes!!!
    "Welcome scripts and quotes!!!"
    --Ronald Liong, blogger

    5. Welcome "flying without Visas"!!!
    "You need parent's approval first. Even still, you will need 10 days before your application can be approved..."
    --Italian Embassy Staff, Embassy staff (I understand your shortcomings... It's ok...)

    6. Goodbye to pests!!!
    "I'm gonna block your IP!"
    --Ronald Liong, Student.

    Anyway, enough of goodbye and welcoming, here's my replies to the massively large pile of comments i got from my chatbox...

    In reverse - chronological order... (from the most recent to the oldest because nobody cares about them...

    matt: yeah.. whos crossfire
    NightWolf: erm.. rite.. and whos crossfire? do we know u?
    Me: I'll investigate... soon...

    matt: AAARRGGHH!! i just got hurt.. sad huh.. we MUST wear uniform.. dan u r a sadist.. ~.^

    cXrossfire: could you please please please send me the "absolutely everybody" song u used in the ndp vid for participants.. (email or msn also can...) thanks!
    Me: I DIDN't do the video!!! I'm a SEC 2 STUDENT!!! NOT A POLY!!! U know S'pore POLY???!!!! U know St. Andrew's SECONDARY SCHOOL??? Don't mix both together... NO!!! They're partners, somehow... but they're 2 DIFFERENT INSTITUTIONS!!!

    T1K! (dan lim): ha i laugh at all of you. i do not have to wear uniform anymore! yesssssssssssssssssss. ha! take that!
    Me: K.... Irrelavent...

    Zexun: /ends
    NightWolf: haha.. ron is kinda stress now.. after political crisis.. i think we shld stop bullying him for now k?
    Me to Isaac: DUH!!!
    Me to GENERAL AUDIENCE except the NDP ppl, but including Paul Tan: Idiots...

    LRY: IMH: Buangkok Green Medical Park 10 Buangkok View, Singapore 539747 / Tel : 6389 2000
    LRY: poor ronald...btw if he gets crazy in class...
    Me: I hate u so much...

    matt: everyone stop coming to this blog. yes. stop coming as ronald is mentally unwell, in case u get the disease
    Me: Everyone, STOP GOING TO MILOUETTE's BLOG! he's got a malicious virus that attacks EVERYTHING!!! Linux, OS X, XP, Vista Beta, Symbian, Solaris, Java, etc... YES! IT's HORRIBLE!!! It will make all ur computer parts maggically become exploding Lithium-ion Laptop batteries!!!

    Zexun: OHH!!
    Zexun: EYE!!
    Zexun: Gimme a DEE!
    Raymond: haha...saw the post...ronald's gonna go berserk...RUN 4 UR case he wield tat chopping knife...keep ur distance away from the mentally un-well person...i repeat...keep ur distance away...jkjk
    Zexun: RUNNNNNN!!
    Me: < |.| /// >

    unknown: tag! now ur it
    LRY: no fun playing catch @ the tag board...
    wilson: tag you're it haha!
    Me: tag u...

    wilson: hey ron! unknown wasn't me! but i was going to post about it when i saw unknown posted it!
    Zexun: Um ok. RIght
    unknown: ronald ain't gonna come to his blog for a week, to see what happens to his tag box. hackers, do your thing!
    Me: thanx for helping me inform d world of my hiatus... too bad im using a mac... no hacking... (n if u wanna hack, either make it lo-pro, or announce it but dun do it... lol...) n btw, ok, wilson... who's "unknown", then???

    Zexun: Hahaha, Ronald is noob at 3d
    Me: I dun care... Shut up... I hate you...

    sarah: pallalel bar with the wottle tottle.
    sarah: hey man i ain't no DOG. o.O haha watch our or i'll turn you into an AJ lookalike! XD
    Me: LOL!!! ROFLMAO!!!
    Me: I didn't call u a dog...

    ian: hi ronald.nice to know that youre going berserk
    Me: Shut up... tao-ing u...

    miloutte: well.. good that u aren't tt dumb to do so either.. x))
    Zexun: Not my problem that the hacker gets caught la. I know i'm not that stupid to do so.
    miloutte: well by hacking.. one DOES go to jail.. i checked wif my uncle XD but if u silence tt guy.. u can't escape singapore's security though.. TOO BAD!
    Zexun: By hacking then silencing someone, one does not go to jail.
    NightWolf: yo ronald.. i guess we all are bullying you too much huh.. anyway by hacking a comp.. one can go jail.. XD
    Me: Err... guys... this is a blog... can u post ur conversations and discussions about SECURITY elsewhere??? BLOG DISCUSSIONS =/= SECURITY DISCUSSIONS... well, mostly...

    LRY: ron y nvr come online on wknds?...advertising for mac?
    Me: For the last time... Blogging is not my committment... I did not make a commitment to blogging... so i'll blog AS AND WHEN I LIKE. FULL STOP.

    Zexun: Meh. Firstly, get statcounter instead of blogpatrol, you underexposed guy. Then contact me about stuff.
    Me: too busy...

    miloutte: hihi.. i can see that you are still awake ya? well, just relax and learn to let it go.. be cool, stay calm.. hehx..
    Me: Matt... i dun like u... shut up... blocking u...

    paul: haha. was super high. sorry!
    paul: ronald is a gay ****... and that if he wanna be successor to the chair post he better stuck up...
    Me: Due to the intensity of the language utilised in these posts by Paul... the chatbox will be rated NC-16 by da ron files thinkers... Sorry kiddos, not 4 u...

    wilson: why don't everyone just use ur own names? makes life much more simpler and sexier. btw, on my previous post, apologies haha. guess i expected too much of Zexun LOL.
    Me: err... I gave everyone the freedom... hoping that they will not abuse their rights and freedom...

    Friday, 18 August 2006

    Warning... even the most innocent can go berserk,

    This is a Warning... even the most innocent can go berserk, with a little radiation, and a lot of anger.

    I hope this message is strong and clear to all who has been provoked by me past few days...

    this is to continue... i'm "just punishing those who took advantage of my kindness and forgiveness"

    Disclaimer: Ronald Liong does not kill humans, nor does he eat them.

    I'll make sure those who bully me, well... get's a little present form me in return.

    So far, this inclludes Melvin, Arvhind, Paul, Ian.

    Expect the list to lengthen... im doin this very slowly...

    Note: this came from a crazy Ronald... Don't mind me on my "high" days...

    another public execution...

    Paul, paul, paul... when will u learn? I can track ur computer...

    Transcript from CBox... (x represents Paul's IP Address / y represents "ronald")
    hi this is not back stabbing

    i'm gay



    rionald sucks

    Note: x = 202.zzz.zzz.246 (zzz r different digits, censorised and blocked)
    Firstly, if ur observant, i always post my name as "Ron". It's been saved by Safari... so every CBox i visit, i get "Ron" entered as my name unless i change it by hand... so, "ronald" should not exist on d chat box, unless i hav 2 do it 4 sum reason or another.

    Secondly, an ip address, paul, is "ur computer's address o the internet protocol." for example, try "", that's ur router. Regardless of d name u choose, ur "IP address" is static. unless u change it sumhow.

    Thirdly, who will b so dumb s 2 say he's gay on a chat box???!!! that's dumb... seriously.

    Forthly, dun embarrass urself like this... i now know what ur ip is. i can do harmful things to ur computer...

    Fifth, Remember, ppl. IP Awareness month is ending... by the end of it, u sould know the fundementals of IP address!

    New Video!!! Absolutely everybody frm NDP should watch

    (misleading titles will always mislead a large crowd into your point...)

    Anyway, Everyone from NDP... Get this on ur portable media players!!!

    porblems w/ d link? Go to , click on Downloads / Video. scroll to 2006, right click "Video from Singapore Polytechnic" and download!

    the OFFICIAL "Thank You" video for parade participants!!! WooHoo!!!

    WTH???!!!! replys to msg borad afain in less than 24 hrs???

    There's been a flood of msgs on d chatbox, so i can't reply on d chatbox. So, here goes Ronald's Reply to every RECENT messages which were unreplied...

    stephanie: _ _ _n _ e. LOLLLL
    stephanie: GOSH. i like know the answer to
    My reply: steph, don't post it, let's not talk about it... not on a BLOG... not on MY blog... not on UR blog... maybe thru EMAIL???

    LRY: do i know the person below me?
    My Reply: Who? d hangman or Night wolf? Nightwolf (i checked) is NOT nigel wong, but Isaac Wong...

    NightWolf: Zexuin is Zexun.. or is he? hey ron.. ur making it obvious tt you like tt person.. see.. even some pple know.. is it meant to be some "publicity stunt"
    wilson: i bet that 'Zexuin' isn't the real Zexun. Zexun. P-U-N-C-T-U-A-T-E-S. well.
    My reply: Isaac, shut up. Isaac n wilson, i checked. Zexuin = zexun. Typos.... they always occur... if there's an identity fraud, i'll ANNOUNCE it... so, for now, don't worry. Meanwhile, do keep ur vigilance!

    miloutte: huh? dun understand a bit.. zzz..
    My reply: miloutte, i dun care... ur really lagging behind d blogosphere wave...

    Zexun: Yeah ronald you don't think ahead too often do you?
    My reply: fine... ur rite... critisize me...

    sarah: oh yeah hor. ENLIGHTENMENT. psstt: i know the answer to the hangman! You're making it quite obvious you know.
    My reply: ok... sarah... good girl... now, can u please keep it 2 urself???

    Zexuin: omg you idiot. You don't send viruses to ips starting with 16
    My reply: err... i didn't say viruses... anyway, i took down d post... n i learnt my lesson...

    Phew! tht's all...maybe i shouldn't say "bring it on"...

    error: IP address nopt for hacking yet...

    sorry, guys. i agve d wrong ip address...

    Apparently, the guy(s) who typed d hangman puzzle n d explicit comment on my chatbox r 2 different ppl... but they were on the school computers... thus explaining the identical IP addresses. I have heard from various sources who d person was. one has confessed. the explicit guy has not, though i have reliable sources telling me that an annonymous guy frm LSP3 did it... I know who the guy is, though... Lindon!

    Weekends are here... More to come soon...

    Am I destined to be bz on Saturdays or what???

    Since NDP is over, we don't need to go 2 d beloved National Stadium anymore (*sobs). So, I didn't have anyting to do on Saturdays... WRONG. This saturday, I hav 2 go 2 sch 4 PA duty 4 sum inter school Karaoke competition... and next saturday will be the craziest day ever... Here goes...

    1- Learning fest - LSP3 Presentation in the morning
    2- Learning fest - Math Society
    3- Learning fest - Taking pictures of d event???
    4- SAV opening - Choir performance
    5- SAV opening - Photos yet again???

    haiz... still have to prepare d presentation 4 math society & laminate d photos 4 LSP3... anyone knows where i can laminate 4 a cheap price??? 20 A4-size paper...

    O, just to share with the NDP guys & gals, tomorrow marks d 10th day since NDP 2006 (*sobs again)... there's a few bew albums... Mainly the behind the scene photos n photos outside NDP... there's 2 album that I recommend everyone, including the Motivators, Nan Hua & d Marching contingent to check though... I think it's NDP album B & C...

  • NDP Album C

  • NDP Album B
  • Thursday, 17 August 2006

    Reply to Comments frm numerous ppl...

    in chronological order of appearance from oldest message to newest (after my last post on CBox)

    To Ian: Jacked, Scared, what's the difference???!!!

    To millouette (add on from Zexun's blog post): This blog, unfortunately, unlike d class blog u made, has its rules, too. you crossed one of them... Do more constructive stuff

    To wilson: It's ok... take your time! I can always wait... I don't mind if u don't link me anyway...

    To LRY: I'm not a journalist... I don't blog as a job. Thus, I don't think blogging is my "responsibility". Thus, Y SHOULD I POST DAILY??? No rules 4 me.... only 4 u... n 4 me, it's only d t&c of blogger + any laws applicable to me. & no nudity, vulgar language, or any other explicit forms of media.

    To Nightwolf: ok... I'll take note of that... give me a while to change d link address (give me d address 1st)

    To Sarah: err... did u email Ms Cheong ur blog address/URL ??? Ever tried? You know, that's what I did. It worked like a charm!

    to lalala: THEN DON'T VISIT MY BLOG!!! Takes one to know one... (thanx zexun, yet again...)

    To Some1 says: I hate you...

    To Zexuin: 1stly, lame typing... can't even type ur name properly? u really hate it or what, Zexun's imposter??? (unless ur really him, than different message: Get a Mac.) But nevertheless, i agree. err... if anyone wants to spread a virus, get "some1 says". I'll find his IP address first, after which i'll post it here... then you guys can totally poo-bark this guy's system. unless it's a Mac, of course. Or MIT, or Linux...

    Tuesday, 15 August 2006

    Reply to Comments from Zexun...

    Firstly, Thanx, Zexun, for bringing to my attn. about the faulty stat counter... I think the problem should be fixed by now. Please note: the counter does not measure UNIQUE visitors... it measures the number of VISITS from anybody. So, if you visited the blog twice, chances are u'll appear as 2 users... thus, that number is INFLATED... Nevertheless... please continue to visit this blog... just ignore the stats counter... I'll remove it if neccesary...

    Anyway, News:

    -Spilled Sprite @ McDonalds today during lnch
    -forgot to bring my pocket money... N i hate to borrow....
    +Jack-ed Ian 3x in a row...
    +Passed HCL, and it's not a borderline pass!!! 54.5%!!!
    +Went 4 choir... & HCL!!!
    -We lost to RI on penalty in C Div Hockey...

    All in a day of school...

    Monday, 14 August 2006

    OMG!!! that's so adorable!!!

    Here's a new gadget that i WANT, but won't need. lol

    My favourites... NDP experience...

    Paul, Steph, Ms Cheong, Sarah ... Work it, Strike a pose, yeah!!!

    Guess who??? Ms Cheong & Ms McCully!!!

    SAS students w/ d bus!!!

    24 SLs again!!!

    Reply to Verbal Comments

    Ian, and Matt: Ronald, ur blog skin sux... chnage d skin...

    My reply: I like it. It's MY blog. I make it. I'm NOT a service. U DO NOT PAY to VIEW MY blog. so, Y should I listen to U? Anyway, noone alse has complained yet... (chirp chirp... chirp chirp...)

    Sunday, 13 August 2006

    Update on NDP for the iPod...

    I have succesfully





    adn transferred,

    and watched it succesfully


    I did all d above 2 d NDP video frm d video on demand onto my iPod 5G!!! YAY!!!

    Btw, in case ur wondering y i have so many posts today, it's coz my weekends have never been d same since NDP... I'm bored... I need 2 dance d moves again... Paul, when's d bus coming??? Let's go ask Lucius where's our lunch... tell aaron sumone has a missing prop... Let's take photos... Remind Ms Cheong something n b reminded...

    Flashback ends here...

    Declassified stuff! Lyrics 4 "Absolutely"

    Absolutely everybody,[(x4)(x2)]

    Everybody (x8)
    Ahhh… EVERYBODY!

    Absolutely everybody,
    Everybody, everybody.
    Absolutely everybody
    In the whole wide world.
    Absolutely everybody,
    Every boy and every girl,
    Absolutely everybody

    Everybody needs a little loving,
    Everybody needs somebody thinking of them.
    Everybody needs a little respect,
    And whatever it takes,
    I’m gonna get it.


    Everybody needs a hand to hold,
    Someone to cling to
    When the nights are getting cold.
    I’m no different,
    I am just the same,
    A player in the game.

    Absolutely everybody,
    Everybody, everybody.
    Absolutely everybody
    In the whole wide world.
    Absolutely everybody,
    Every boy and every girl,
    Absolutely everybody (x2)

    Everybody needs a human touch.
    I can’t live without it,
    It means too much to me.
    Everybody needs one true friend,
    Someone who’ll be there ‘til the very end.


    And absolutely everybody breathes,
    And everybody, everybody bleeds.
    We’re no different,
    We’re all the same,
    Players in the game.

    Absolutely everybody,
    Everybody, everybody.
    Absolutely everybody
    In the whole wide world.
    Absolutely everybody,
    Every boy and every girl,
    Absolutely everybody (x2)

    (“Techno” 8 bars)

    (music interval, 8 bars)

    I wish I knew how it would feel to be free,
    And I wish I could break all the chains holding me.

    I wish I could say
    All the things that I should say,
    Say ‘em loud, say ‘em clear,
    For the whole wide world to hear.

    I wish I could share
    All the love that’s in my heart,
    Remove all the doubts
    That keep us apart.

    I wish you could know
    How it feels to be me.
    Then you’ll see and agree,
    That every man should be free

    Then you’ll see, and agree,
    That every man should be free.

    (Change octave/key)

    Choir / Male soloist:
    I wish I knew how,
    It would feel to be free.
    And I wish I could break
    All the chains holding me.

    Female Soloist / Choir:
    I wish I could say
    All the things that I wanna say.
    Say ‘em loud, say ‘em clear,
    For the whole wide world to hear

    Say ‘em loud, say ‘em clear,
    For the whole wide world to hear.

    Say ‘em loud, say ‘em clear,
    For the whooole wide world to hear. (hold 2 counts of 8)

    (Interval 4 counts of 8)

    One love, One heart, One life,
    You’ve got to do what you should
    One life, with each other, sisters, brothers (x2)

    One life but we’re not the same
    We’ve got to carry each other, carry each other,


    From Aaron, another case of Les Retardation...

    Whatever you say below this line will go on my blog...
    [20:45:24] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    i have recently thinking

    [20:45:32] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:

    [20:45:41] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    that we could start our class newsletter
    wanna help?

    [20:46:05] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    err... wasn't that what we planned 4 during EL class beginning of this yr?

    [20:46:12] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    i know
    but now there are so many events happening
    like we can ask about the feelings abt the rugby loss

    [20:46:42] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    or do u mean a small publication project for our class only?

    [20:46:43] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    and yr ndp experience
    for our class only

    [20:46:56] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    not answering...

    [20:47:04] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    and we could keep this as a memory
    of 2A

    [20:47:09] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:

    [20:47:24] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    you know the other day
    i saw u on my tv

    [20:47:38] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    I saw myself in d tamil song just now...

    [20:47:56] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    my tv kinda broke down

    [20:48:01] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:

    [20:48:04] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:

    [20:48:05] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:

    [20:48:14] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    yes i read it

    [20:48:19] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:

    [20:48:25] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    and cos i read it thats why im saying this

    [20:48:33] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    Coz u just read the terms and conditions!

    [20:48:41] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    dont change subject
    you wanna help?

    [20:48:58] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    ok... what?

    [20:49:36] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    i thinkin that all our interviews can be asked through msn
    your thoughts?

    [20:49:59] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    I'll do the asking!!!
    I'm master @ interviewing ppl on MSN
    wanna see my resume?

    [20:50:25] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:

    [20:52:40] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    " Interviewed seriously retarded mental patients through the Microsoft MSN Messenger Instant Messaging Client
    [20:52:43] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    [20:52:51] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    i will prepare the questions and will pass it to u by this week

    [20:53:55] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    who r we asking?

    [20:54:36] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    rugby, hockey (semi-finals last fri), basketball (if any) and ndp

    [20:55:00] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    we're forgetting somehing else...

    [20:55:05] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    thanks a lot!@

    [20:55:15] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:

    [20:55:41] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    and some gossips and rumors

    [20:55:48] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:

    [20:56:02] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    i will pass them to u

    [20:56:10] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    Here's one:
    "did u know aaron lost 3KGs??? It's True!!!"

    [20:56:18] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    [20:56:25] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    hey hey hey!
    [20:56:28] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    just kidding

    [20:56:44] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    remember "whatever that goes below the line above still goes on my blog
    [20:56:45] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:

    [20:57:01] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    hey now i gotta to do a lot other of stuff
    like dnt journal

    [20:57:19] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    btw, where r u stopping 4 d journal?
    im stopping @ no. 8

    [20:58:33] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    i will try to complete

    [20:58:35] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    coz i dunno how to do the ones after that...
    not sure of how 2 do.
    he didn't explain, nor did he teac

    [20:59:01] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency says:
    gd luck then
    i gtg really badly

    [20:59:20] [R0n41d}... ... ... ... ... says:
    ----End of blog entry
    [20:59:45] My new year's resolution is not to use MSN in 2006 because of studies unless it is an emergency leaves conversation

    See, steph? Bullies!!! (this guy is often bullied by me as well, though...)

    Retards chatting!!! (when retards collide)

    Disclaimer: Mr Zexun, and I are not retards. this post does not represent the views of blogspot, the company, the staff, the consumer, myself, and zexun. It represents humour.
    14:51:16] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    The nest is right outside my flat

    [14:51:32] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    lol... photo realistic!
    [14:51:38] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    that ain't a 3d model, noob ;P

    [14:52:04] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    o yes it is...
    u tink i dunno what a bee's nest looks like?

    [14:52:31] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    Ehh i dunno what that is actually
    some kind of insectoid nest
    what the heck is that insect lol

    [14:53:05] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    o... insectoid...
    it's a wasp...

    [14:53:10] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:

    [14:53:27] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    dude, there's no "e" in "wasp"
    [14:53:34] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:

    [14:53:41] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    n insectoid does not exist in d dictionary... on my mac...

    [14:53:51] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    oh great not that again.

    [14:54:11] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    snakes on a plane hiss...

    [14:54:11] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    i got a dragonfly on camera too

    [14:54:33] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    great 3d render...

    [14:54:37] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    [14:54:39] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    but a bit noisy...
    d noise is too visible...

    [14:54:53] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    do you need to see evidence that it's a photo :P
    [14:55:03] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    no need...
    ican tell it's caught using d 3d render camera, then u added noise using photoshop

    [14:55:31] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    [14:55:35] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    retard, yet again
    [14:55:45] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    are you retarded?
    [14:55:54] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    whatever above this line goes on my blog
    [14:56:02] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    Ehh.. ok?
    [14:56:04] [♫ Headshot / ZX ♪] - [ DummmDummm...DUMMMMMM ] - [ ] says:
    [14:56:08] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    thanx 4 a great chat...
    [14:56:14] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    [14:56:31] [R0n41d}... Missing the NDP experience.... says:
    --------------whatever b4 this line will soon go on my blog. really

    Additions to the music list

    Free (AKA "I Wish I knew How It Would Feel To Be Free")

    BTW, ironic discovery... I can't find anything for "Singapur Endru"... not even outtakes frm d parade itself... hmm...

    O, i'm getting d NDP parade Video into the iPod format... it's done already, though... in the MOV format, if u don't mind. It's approx. 300MB... well, 2hrs of heavily compressed video is not exactly something to fit in the floppy... and this is nothing compared to 4hrs of uncompressed HD 1080i video!!! (2TB ofr that one) 203 minutes left... wish me luck!

    Core Duo temperature @ d moment: 76C, 14 hrs uptime, 74% processor utilisation

    Love for the Choir...

    Here's some links to make u always remember the songs we sang @ NDP...

    Music Chart for The NDP PPL... Unnumbered... Thanx, YouTube

    One - U2 & Mary J Blige

    Absolutely Everybody - Vanessa Amorosi (2 different videos)

    Xiao Ren Wu De Xin Sheng - NDP

    My Island Home - NDP

    Semga Bahagia - NDP

    End of bloopers... here's 2 great photos for ur wallpaper

    Saturday, 12 August 2006

    Those aren't projectors.. those are sails!

    if u watch d stream, try zooming to this time code:

    Play it and watch the sails magically transform in front of your eyes!!! Now you see it, now u don't!

    Blooper no. 3: Joshua!!!

    Lol. I know realise that joshua "can't get his eyes of Ms Cheong"... Admit it, josh... It's on TV, 4 million ppl witnessed it... those who watched tv, d webcast, d VOD, youtube... everyone! (bottom left corner: joshua. bottom right corner: Ms Cheong)

    *errata: Bottom right corner: Ms Cheong's butt
    Right hand side: Ms Sharon Cheong... Apologies. didn't see that i jumped d time so that her full body's visible. oops...

    Idiot no. 2: he has no sense of rhythm...

    colour-blind, direction-blind, blur, or short-term memory? u decide... (bottom-right corner...)
    Note: everybody's @ yellow, boy... ur @ red!!! catch up!!!

    Guns!!! Duns!!! Idiots!!!

    Over the past few days, i've been watching the Video on demand from d ndp website. for those who wanna watch it.. open windows media player or flip4mac or VLC, n open this URL:

    and steam it!

    I found one guy we need to hammer upon... this idiot... see for yourself.

    Right side of the picture, d guy behind weilian: One idiot didn't wear his hat!!!

    *Update: Sorry, Stephanie, and sorrry to your schoolmate. the guy without d hat's not an idiot, he's a victim of an accidental idiot behind him!!! Gun down d guy behind d hatless guy!!! He's a hat-remover (by accident, let me emphaisise b4 i get hate mail)!!!

    No injection today...

    Apparently, I have to wait a YEAR, not a month, before i get my next jab... oops.... next yr, perhaps...

    I was suppose to have my injection today... but guess not.

    Anyway, I'm trying to get d NDP show onto my HDD right now... give me lots of time...

    Friday, 11 August 2006

    REmeber... It's still IP awareness month... Featured article 1

    Here's a good resource for Ip address tracking:
    In case it's changed... here's a snippet.

    "An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a unique number that devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP). Any participating network device — including routers, computers, time-servers, printers, Internet fax machines, and some telephones — must have its own unique address. An IP address can also be thought of as the equivalent of a street address or a phone number for a computer or other network device on the internet. Just as each street address and phone number uniquely identifies a building or telephone, an IP address can uniquely identify a specific computer or other network device on a network.

    An IP address can appear to be shared by multiple client devices either because they are part of a shared hosting web server environment or because a proxy server (e.g. an ISP or anonymizer service) acts as an intermediary agent on behalf of its customers, in which case the real originating IP addresses might be hidden from the server receiving a request. The analogy to telephone systems would be the use of predial numbers (proxy) and extensions (shared)."


    till next time, be aware of your IP!

    Shut Up! Just shut up!!! honestly... seriously...

    Man... Sch today was like ...

    Everyone was like one of these:
    "Ronald, hey... can i try using your pom-poms?"
    ( My reply: No. I have to return it. You spoil it, I get it... It's not being selfish, it's called being responsible for others' things)

    "Ronald, I saw you on Tv..." (and the glass broke. pay up!)
    (My reply: dude, I don't see any TVs break beofre coz of what's on screen... Your TV must be of low quality... Get an LCD HDTV! look at our faces in 20 pixels per face instead of 4 on that screen! I'm still not paying, u liar. I'm not a 3-yr old. U r d one who broke ur tv out of frustration that i was on ur screen occupying 4 pixels...)

    "Ronald, how's you and ???"
    (My Reply:
    if this was Ms Cheong> - WTH??? She's a conductor who's working already!!! I'm only 14. N besides, doesn't mean that i stand near her, means I must love her... rite? Sheez... Idiots...
    if this was sumone...> - How d hell did u guys noe??? Just respect our privacy, will ya? Shut Up!!! We're getting along well... that's all! no more talking about both of us...
    if this was Paul> - fine... Forget bout d love 3-angle...
    whichever person this is> - Mind ur own BEEs' WAX!)

    "Ronald, where were you on Wednesday?"
    (my Reply: err... National Stadium? U don't listen to Mrs Charles speak? what sort of respect for our school's PRINCIPAL do u have??? Sheeaz.... pay attn. !)

    "Ronald, the choir sucks..."
    (my reply: Zexun, try shaking your body, executing the moves, moving around, and singing @ d same time... n remembering them, let's not forget... It's nowonder u go out of tune...)

    "Ronald, u changed colour slower than d others..."
    (my reply:
    if u were @ d stadium>: OK! I'm not dumb!!! i was there, i saw it myself...
    if u were @ home>: U saw it? Seeing is believing. it was not broadcasted yet... Sheez... Gimme a break...)
    And more...

    Well, fellow Saints... Schoolmates, here's my last warning...
    I've had enough... Shut up... Just zip it.... Cut it, put it in an envelope, and mail it to the Pacific ocean... Enough critisism, compliments...

    Give me a break!!!

    Thursday, 10 August 2006

    NDP's Over... And it's a success...

    It's over... NDP 2006 is over.

    I'll miss d CSC so much... If only we could gather together again...

    Anyway, let me say the bad news first:

    1. NDP 2006's over!
    2. I cocked up during "absolutely Everybody / Free / One"
    3. I'm invisible!!!
    4. The holiday is gone...
    5. School's coming up... Sheez...
    6. The National Stadium's gonna be torn down... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Good news:

    1. Saturday is free days yet again...
    2. NDP 2006 was great.

    There's a third which i refuse to say for now...

    It was pretty bad last night after the parade... someone even cried... I was sad...

    Nevertheless, I think i should do this now, since NDP's over...

    "Thank You"'s...
    Thanx to:

    Lucius Young, Aaron Koh, Josiah, and the other SAF guys for helping out with the choir’s needs...
    Lucius & Aaron again, for the drawing for the "chosen ones"... lol
    Ms Sylvia McCully and Ms Sharon Cheong, for making the NDP 2006 journey a journey of joy and fun
    the 24 SLs (student leaders) for making the ups and downs of NDP 2006 journey...
    The National Stadium for being our place of great memories for the years to come…
    The SIS (Singapore Indoor Stadium) for being our rehearsal place…

    As a way saying thanx, I'll upload the link to NDP photos later...

    Tuesday, 8 August 2006

    NDP - 24 hrs left...

    hey, blog-o-sphere...

    NDP's just 24 hours away... Can't wait for it to arrive... last time for d combined sch choir to meet.... really sad....
    Nevertheless, hope the performance goes without zero hiccups!

    In other non-related news: also excied about Mac Pro. Not buying, but still, i find it cool... 4 million configs? wow... how many parts are there? And are d ppl @ apple making it a joke, or do they think we're idiots? just goes to show: don't start a company on April fool's day. Nobody takes u seriously, or they'll worship u... or both, is that not what's happening?

    Anyway, Mac Pros are cool... Leopard's gonna b cool, too, w/ time macine n spaces...

    I'm too lazy to upload photos, so u'll hav 2 wait 2 c d National day celebrations @ SAS... not much since i was tied up w/ d claywork n pa...

    BTW, during HCL, each of us had 2 send d other classmates (8 of us that were there) messages or our feeling towards that person... I got weird messages tellign me how bad i am in hcl n they tell me 2 buck up... one wanted "a fair fight" and thought i should buck up as well... weird...

    Anyway, those who wanna get a close look @ me: I will be one of d ppl on d platform ONLY WHEN THE CHOIR SINGS. I'm in the middle, coz im a guy... towards my right, your left (if ur @ d grandstand) I'll be the third from the conductor. And remember: there is NO SUCH WORD as a conductress.

    If you want the full repertoire of what we sing, might as well give u now... no big deal anyway...

    Pre-parade segment:
    Absolutely Everybody / Free / One (choir medley)

    Parade & Ceremony:
    Singapur Entru
    Semoga Bahagia
    My Island Home

    Light show (<---not a song! but just look @ d choir when we don't sing... we hav a surprise!!!)

    And for those who want the ultimate guide to what to look out for, just look @ d field, stage, screen behind the choir, and the sky!!!

    Monday, 7 August 2006

    To post Photos on Snapfish...

    News update:

    I'm gonna start posting photos on the sidebar from now on...
    Links provided will lead you to Snapfish.

    Btw, Sorry 2 d B div rugby guys... must b tough... being placed for 3/4th placing...

    Saturday, 5 August 2006

    BETA? lol. What a joke...

    Ok, fine, maybe i was being retarded calling my blog a beta product... Still "wroking out" with CSS and HTML... i thoguht i vowed to use WYSIWYG and never need to meddle with codes... i was SOOOO..... wrong...
    Nevertheless.. I am declering 2 things today:

    1. The blog is "finished" wiht its "renovation" work!!!
    >>>Didn't dare to mess with the template, so i left most of it as it was...
    >>>Added a counter with ip tracker for last 5 users, Thanks to BlogPatrol
    >>>Added a Chatbox, thanks to CBOX
    >>>Added lots of links, from friend's blogs, to sites i visit n support, to even a wish list, no thnaks to CSS and xHTML...

    2. I declare that this weekend (5th and 6th August 2006) is No-Sense Week!!! Start being retarded for these 2 days!!! but stay considerate... don't physically hurt anyone. hurt people mentally!!!

    Friday, 4 August 2006

    I present to you... da ron files BETA!!! yay!!!

    There's nothing better than a BETA from me...

    So, to officiate this announcment, i declare that da ron files on blogger/blogspot is in a BETA stage. This means that i want complaints now, or forever hold ur peace... I call my blog a beta coz it's "not finished"... still in renovation... so if u c weird things on my blog... my apologies. I now have d complete permission to wreck havoc 2 d CSS styling. Yay.

    Thursday, 3 August 2006

    da ron files is goin thru renovations... may go off-blog...

    u read the title. digest it. I'm goin to change the styling (CSS) for this blog, add a chat box, and add a few surprises. Watch this space!!!

    Music Chart...

    Haven't been updating the world of Music consumers what's good... so here goes...

    Music Chart for this moment...

    1. Keane - Is It Any Wonder?
    2. Nelly Furtado - Maneater
    3. Pink - Who knew
    4. Keane - Crystal Ball
    5. Rihanna - Unfaithful
    6. Beyonce - Deja Vu
    7. Fort Minor - Where'd You Go
    8. Daniel powter - Free Loop
    9. Pussycat Dolls - Buttons
    10. Rihanna - SOS

    Wednesday, 2 August 2006

    Rant on how I feel... Refelction time...

    Firstly, i must say that even though i always think to myself constantly, being the glummy kind of person when I'm all alone, I must say that I /hate the word "reflection". Sounds like a punishment, when in actual fact, it is a short period of time people think deeply and sincerely...

    Anyway, enough crap talk, here's my reflection on the NDP journey so far...

    My journey on NDP 2006 is gonna end with the actual day show itself... Celebration or commemoration? u b d judge...

    It all started w/ the Student Leaders' training... 4 students from each of the 16 (except Yio Chu Kang, apparently) secondary schools... 3 female teachers (Mrs Wong, Ms Cheong, Ms McCully), and a whole bunch of SAF guys. Don't forget the maestros...

    We learnt the music dance steps... Personal achievment to me, considering how BLUR i can be, and how I NEVER danced before...

    First non-SAS guy whom i knew: Henry (Christchurch). stagefright then, not anymore, i believe...
    First girl whom i know who has 2 degree of separation since Jessica frm 1G RVPS: Sarah from Unity. I know sum1 frm SAS band, that guyknows sarah... not very attracted to Sarah, who later turned out to be a bully....

    Then we moved to Coral Sec, this time in full force of 850 ppl...

    in between, the SLs taught their peers the moves...

    Later, the stage was prepared, and the full dress rehearsals started on location @ National Stadium.... Braving the scorching heat which had so far been very nice and bearable... (my nose bled on day 1, after flying in frm Indonesia d day b4, but that was all)

    We practiced @ SIS couple fo times though...

    Then, the previews came... There was the much anticipated Family Day, NE show and Public Preview.

    But as they say... All good things must come to an end... and that end is ever nearing... just 7 days from the time i started typing this blog post....

    So far, NDP's been a fantastic time... Met up with lots of new friends (more of bullies, actually)(just joking larh...)... Ajhmal (sorry if that was wrong, AJ), Joshua, Sarah, Shandy, Ishak, Sylvia, Michelle, Rong Jie...

    Well, We've got one more time... Let's bring the stadium down and put on a show everyone will remember...

    Sure will miss NDP 2006...

    --Ronald Liong's Reflections of NDP Combined School Choir of 2006


    Check this out:

    Reviving my blog on BlogSpot.....

    Hey blog-o-sphere.

    From the person who brought you "da Ron Files" on MSN Spaces, it's ME! Ronald!!! Yes, i said before: I'm abandoning thhis blog... Well, guess what! I changed my mind. MSN hates Mac OS X, so i hate them back and now, im abandoning my MSN Space... well, it'll be a slow, painless transition over... i hav 2 get used to this first...

    there's a long story as to why I returned to BlogSpot...

    to cut it short:
    I switch to OS X. OS X and MSN Spaces end up horribly. Photos won't go up well. Thus, I tried Opera for a while. Opera community blog is for Opera fans (i jus realised it d hard way...) so now, my last choice: BlogSpot. Don't forget, .Mac costs money, unlike MSN Passport...

    well, expect the sam eold stuff from me: Jokes, Charts, my personal life, and Latest: My Lurv life... Coming soon.... Watch this space!!!