Monday, 29 January 2007

message from the OS fanboy...

ronaldLIONG| happy 7th hour of the Windows Vista Consumer Release Day

Saturday, 27 January 2007

Hopes & Dreams for SY2007

SY = School Year...

Anyway, i didn't do one of these "wishes" thing till now because doing it on day -1 of school seemeed kinda dumb... when i don't even know what to expect.

So, here goes my wishes for the rest of the school year.

For Academic Studies...
-Wish to get top in 2 subjects
-Wish to get top 10 this year. last year was a bad year for me.
-Wish to know more about psychology
-Wish to pass HCL tests and get a B3/A2 for 普通华文 'O'水准考试 2007.

For Physical Fitness...
-Wish to be able to pass 2.4
-Wish to be able to do 1 pull-up / chin-up by April / May
-Wish to Pass NaPFA

For CCAs...
-Wish to fix the conflicts in choir... mainly Paul-BenSee, ShawnChui-EThan
-Wish for Choir as a whole to get a Gold
-Wish for PA to be more disciplined and "popular" amongst the teachers.
-Wish for Silver again for this year's Math Olympiad competition
-Wish to participate in a Photography Competition
-Wish to get my photo displayed somewhere in school... (maybe Ms Seah's homeroom>?)
-Wish to "vandalise" Miss Gan's Music Rm., but please Miss Chua in d process and give Ernest and I an A for d Art Vandalism project. (Miss Chua gave the instruction... We, Ernest and I, do the orders... Miss Gan gave the green light...)
-Wish to do Psychotheraphy on someone from any CCA.
-Wish to teach Psychology by linking to a psychology 101 page such as this one (the link i provided is where I get all my psychology information from for now...).

Friday, 26 January 2007

v2.1.3... version bump

i bumped the version number from 2.1.2beta to 2.1.3... mainly because i think

-the bugs are gone,
-the changes introduced are quite "significant enough"
-the 2.1.2 version is "notorius" for the weird IE quirk, so i abandoned that version number.
-i want a new number, and i see that the time is right.

so enjoy 2.1.3!!!

found the funny code.

apparently, there was comments in d code i "borrowed"...

and those comments were not placed well...

so the code spoiled α(Alpha). but no more.

i removed the code optimized for IE5 and Mac...

everythings ok on d mac so far, even w/ d removal of d "bad code"...

so comment on how things r on firefox n opera!

or even older versions of Safari / mobile browsers!

i support all browsers which use the Open HTML standard except IE. IE gets minimal support.



physically & mentally...

Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Mr Tong's a psychic...

As I was thinking of what to blog abt...

~.:':.:':.~Bear Ver 6.0.1~.:':.:':.~ says: (11:01:29 PM)
so just nice, everyday u return home, finish ur work.. and sleep?

ronaldLIONG| says: (11:01:35 PM)

~.:':.:':.~Bear Ver 6.0.1~.:':.:':.~ says: (11:01:42 PM)

~.:':.:':.~Bear Ver 6.0.1~.:':.:':.~ says: (11:01:43 PM)

ronaldLIONG| SYF 2007... says: (11:01:45 PM)
there's dinner & bath between that

ronaldLIONG| SYF 2007... says: (11:01:50 PM)

~.:':.:':.~Bear Ver 6.0.1~.:':.:':.~ says: (11:02:16 PM)

~.:':.:':.~Bear Ver 6.0.1~.:':.:':.~ says: (11:02:20 PM)
and blogging?:D

ronaldLIONG| SYF 2007... says: (11:02:34 PM)

ronaldLIONG| SYF 2007... says: (11:02:37 PM)

How did he find out?!!!

Monday, 22 January 2007

of slackers and faithful dedications

yup, it's one of those 2-in-one blogposts where i start talking about (insert algebraic term 1 here) and then segways into another topic.

Only this time, i will make a contrasting difference for once. coz normally, my 2 stories never flow...

During the Sec 3 Camp, my class had to pick up litter before we left d camp site for home (last day... area cleaning)

I asked one of my classmates to help me out with some of the litter... not gonna name names here.

All I can say is this guy is in a position of authority in the school environment. Maybe a prefect? maybe a chairman / exco of a CCA? maybe even a class comm? or even a AFGM member? He belongs in only 1 or 2 of these categories.

Anyway, this guy just “袖手旁观” (Translation: dazes aimlessly by the side at someone who is in the need of help. In this case, I only appreciated help. Kinda needed a bit of help, i guess...). He smiles and expects something to happen.

Of course, at the end of the day, I felt as if out of all the rubbish found, I could take credit for close to half, if not more than 50% of what was found by my class. Not boasting or anything, but seriously, can't we work seriously and with a sense of responsibility?


Ok, now, we segway to someone from choir.

I really hope the juniors will read this post, coz i think this will make them more aware of what they're causign to other members in the choir when they do anything.

Ben Lam broke down after everyone in choir left just now... The only ppl left were a couple of seniorss who had admin stuff to settle, Miss Gan, and a few Sec 3s. Joel was also there...

Ernest, Raymond and I were talking to Ben Lam.

He explained to us that he's very stressed, having to cope with 3 CCAs, Homework and tuition.

Sure,... I have 3 CCAs as well...

But his was competitive CCAs which he want to do well in all of them.

He has to cope with this... in summary.

-Badminton: School Team. Tournament starts this week.
-SYFC: VP. Aiming for Gold this year. Have been working on his plane till 1AM after choir...
-Choir: SYF coming. Lots of rehearsals this year...

Ben said 2 things, both contradict each other, but i think it really shows his commitment...
Firstly, he said: "My dream is not to be a singer, I actually want to be a pilot."
But he said something else... "My Dad told me before to quit choir. But I told him 'No'."

It's kinda freaky if you were in his shoes... as i can imagine. (I had my fair share of waking up late when I was in P6. My Maths is good, but that's because I was slow in working out answers. "慢工出细货", this phrase really applied to me when i was in Primary school.

So, my point? I just wanna commend Ben Lam... He's 3 CCAs to cope with, and yet he still decided to persevere with all 3. Even I can't do that, just to be up-front about it. Not only that, he's also very dedicated and disciplined. He's not Bo-chap... he continues to face the problem.

Another reason why i bring up this story is for those who are stressed to look around them. Others are facing the same thing as you, if not for worse or better.

p3rs3v3r3. d!sc!pl!n3. c0mm!tm3nt. are you strong enough to even spell them?

Saturday, 20 January 2007

2.1.2α (Alpha) explained

we're in an Alpha stage for the first time...


well, normally, my blog will go thru a β (Beta) stage before finally being a full version.

However, this time around, the blog's in testing stages. and all i can tell you is there's some debugging to do. the blog MAY be a bit unstable, but then again, im not a programmer... and dneither r u... so i guess our blogs are equally bad. (unless u're zexun or some guy working @ a corporate website management team OR software / OS compiling team. The guys @ Mac Mojo, i now know how u feel.)

Also, If you were wondering what these Greek words come to mean in the Programming world, click here.

Ok, enough TEchnology Mambo-Jumbo Thingamajig.
here's more technical terms for the Changes...

v 2.1.1 to v2.1.2α (Alpha)
-Footnote @ d end of every blgo post...
-Time Stamp

So enjoy the new Alpha!

Props to Headshot

Zexun always gives me d links to the best videos... they're ub3r c00l... check these out.

Halo Theme "LIVE"
One Band, One Guitar
Pinball H4x0r

Thanx, Zexun.

Friday, 19 January 2007

mud, odour, dirt. iRock

Back from St. Andrew's Sec 3 Adventure Camp @ Sarimbun Scout Camp. A bit tired, but all i can say is that d camp rawx.

Not gonna get too deep into the camp details, but all i can say is...

-It's muddy (Free facial)
-It's throat-hurting (Free hormone-saving solution for getting the voice to change / break, Ala Jasper Yee)
-It's palm-hurting (Free sking cell renewal)
-It's stinky (my class made a promise to not bathe... only "RINSE" allowed for my class. Promises are promises)
-It's sweaty (i sweat a lot)
-It's wet. (flood in d tent. flood in the drain)
-It's dirty. (we littered quite a bit... oops)

Overall, It's a once-in-a-lifetime fun experience.

Tuesday, 16 January 2007


Gonna b away 4 3d2n @ Sarimbun. Sec 3 adventure camp. Wish me n d other SASS guys gd luck.

posted via mobile phone.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

Psychedelic Creations

My first ever audio track is finally online!

I made it using GarageBand by mashing up any track I could find in the GarageBand Loops library thingy. I know it's a bit "lame". It may even kill you. But anyway, just listen to it and shut up. It's my first track.

Psychedelic Creations

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Missing: Bar Chor Mee Stall

Ok, i think im a bit slow... but i'll just ask anyway...


My uncle brought me to the coffeeshop opposite the temple just now for dinner. /i told him I wanted Bar Chor mee when he asked me what i wanted (to give me the money...). I walked over to where the noodle stall would normally be... but i noticed the ppl looked different. i asked if there's any bar chor mee... they said no. i checked if i was @ d right stall. next to the yong tou foo stall. i was right. so that ticked d last checkbox on the list of things that led me to think that the bar chor mee stall was no more...

i miss bar chor mee...

been a roller coaster ride lately.

been a roller coaster ride lately. (deja vu!)

first, there's the Sec 1 Orientation programme by the Choir.
I had to take d role of d Demo Singer most of the time with EThan. (cool, Ethan's name has d letters "ET". that'll be his short-form name from now on.)
I'm supposed to demonstrate the Sec 1s how to sing during the audition. (DUH)

Because of the Orientation, I had to miss 2 whole days of classes (Thurs, Fri 2 weeks ago) and 4 more periods on Monday. (Chem + Bio classes, 2 periods each).

Did I mention that there was d Math Project w/ Aaron, Bryan and Jasper Kim? We had to work on it during last weekend and the following monday (AKA the due date). Thank God Aaron was able to work on the project till tuesday 4am. I blame (or thank) Caffeine.

The rest of the week was Choir from afternoon to night.

Tuesday. the choir learned the SYF song. Its rhythm was something quite foreign to the choir, so u can imagine what we had to fix during this "1st practice where we can settle down for the year". After choir, i remembered that I have Add Math Tuition. that's from 7-9PM.

Wednesday, we had a mic test for the next day's performance. Ended early coz of d rain. The seniors n I helped Ms Gan work on d room messing-up. (Hey, every room must be messy before it can be clean. It's a cycle of cleanliness)

Thursday, we had a performance during Morning assembly. the comments were mixed, some said it was good, some thought it was mediocre. nevertheless, we had a rehearsal in d afternoon for d CCA Display. After that, Miss Gan told us [---Censored. Reason: NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement---]. So, [---Censored. Reason: NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement---]. Anyway, bottom-line: we were not ready for SYF in the eyes of some people.

More on Thursday, we finally decided to go down to the Upp Courtyard to rehearse. Our music was ecoed throughout the school building (from what we noticed). Well, there's nobody in d school building, so that's expected.

Finally, Friday came. It's D-Day. Make it or break it, we had to garner as many people to join our CCA. The rain may have turned away many people from going all around the school, so that may explain the low turnouts @ the music room. anyway, we had satisfied visitors anyway...

After CCa Display ended, Miss Gan read to us an email sent amongst the school staff.
Apparently, someone heard our singing on Thursday. The teacher was "making his way to the Staff Resource Room, when he heard melodious singing. It was the Choir!". He/She listened to the choir from there, enjoying the charming sweet voice amidst the rain. The teacher even named the moment where he was listening to us from afar. Not sure of the word at the moment, but nevertheless, it was still very touching (in my opinion) to know that at least somebody appreciates our effort, rather than feeling as if you were just being critisised by everyone, fighting the war of words alone.

Well, the touching email definitely inspired me to end off my blog posts with 3 words which we sing as a school every fortnight. so here ends my very long blog post...


O crap...

err... i formatted my CF card withoout backing up the Photos from Day 1 of school... well, I saved some... they're on Flickr... @ 800x600... oops...

Friday, 5 January 2007

Fatigue... hiatus called upon

sorry, won't be blogging this weekend...not the weekdays either...

maybe next weekend...

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Jetlag... exhausted... w43v4...

days 1 of school today...

really tiring...

really exhausting...

have to run around to do PA duty AND Photo duty...

Zexun, TV tuner coming tomorrow... meet @ courtyard tomorrow. I'll be bz the whole day.