Sunday, 31 December 2006

Trivia of 1 January 2007

1 January 2007...

45 days since PS3 Launched in the US...
44 days to my birthday...
the day between both events above.

51 days since PS3 Launch in Japan
51 days to the first day of school after Lunar New Year
the day exactly between both events above.


Well, DUH!!! OF course it's coincidence!

Welcoming you to 2007... here's your manual!

Welcome to 2007!!!

it's da ron files' first posting in 2007!

here's your Starters' Guide for 2007!

1. Please do NOT write 2006 as the year when requested. It is now 2007, not 2006.

2. Sec 3 2007 students, please do NOT wear school shorts to school unless required (e.g.: for a play)

3. Please PROTECT the EARTH. We have to use it for at least another year.

4. Please take care of yourself. Do NOT make 2007 a year remembered for all the wrong reasons (e.g.: 2003 when SARS happened, 2001 when 9/11 occured).

5. Do not be a lunatic idiot who goes around bombing places. You may die like former Dictator Saddam Hussein.

6. 2 January 2007 is a holiday for Singaporeans. So do NOT attend work or school. UNLESS your workplace works on ALL weekdays or public holidays. (e.g.: Supermarket cashiers, Technical Support Call Centres, etc.)

7. Have fun in 2007!

Of Ignorance and U2

I logged in on MSN @ 11.04PM GMT+0700 or 0404H GMT. Guess what i got?

H says: (10:57:00 PM)hi
H says: (10:57:21 PM)btw happy new year
H says: (10:57:53 PM)hi

W says: (11:01:53 PM)happy new year!!!

[♫ Headshot / ZX †] says: (11:04:54 PM)Happy New Year in advance! (:
[♫ Headshot / ZX †] says: (11:04:56 PM)0004 here btw.

[4]says: (11:15:24 PM)i reinstalled windows xp and did away with vista.
ronaldLIONG| says: (11:15:31 PM)ok...
[4]says: (11:15:33 PM)cuz' of speed and compatibility
[4]says: (11:15:39 PM)btw, happy 07'

-sH- says: (11:15:41 PM)HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!  :
ronaldLIONG| says: (11:16:35 PM)err... it's only 11.16PM in Indonesia...
ronaldLIONG| says: (11:16:39 PM)but thanx anyway...

So you know it's New year in GMT+0800!

SO happy new year, GMT+0800!

I'm still living it in the past!

in 2006 - what seemed to be the most up-and-down, psychedelic and hectic year ever (so far).

Living the final hour of 2006...

you guys need to learn more about the GMT system...coz your ignorance... it's kinda irritating...

btw, off-topic: i got back my U2 album: How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb... had to re-rip after my HDD died... whoops.

so happy new year, people. i'll post again in 2007... in an hour's time

Awards 3 to 6

I'm back from a hiatus!

during the hiatus, i was doing some research for the award post and the drafts for the awards offline.

so here's the awards list!
warning. it's long.

Awards 3

Best movies:
[Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby][Ian Fleming's Casino Royale ][Memoirs of a Geisha][Snakes on a Plane][Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan][High School Musical]

Best Actor:
[Daniel Craig (James Bond, Ian Fleming's Casino Royale)][Will Ferrell (Ricky Bobby, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby)][Samuel L. Jackson (FBI guy, Snakes on a Plane)][Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan)][Tom Cruise ( , Mission Impossible 3)]

Best Actress:
[Judi Dench (M, Ian Fleming's Casino Royale)][Vanessa Anne Hudgens (Gabriella, High School Musical)]

Awards 4

TV people
[Weather Newscaster who freaked out because of a cockroach in the studio][Oprah Winfrey][Britney Spears][Angelina Jolie][TomKat][K-Fed][Tim Gunn][Madonna][Malawi kid's father][Guy Gomo, Guy who appeared LIVE on a BBC interview for Guy Kewney]

TV show
[Desperate Housewives][South Park][Grey's Anatomy][Lost][Amazing Race Asia][Amazing Race 10][Oprah Winfrey Show][BBC World News]

Award 5

Tech Buddies - for technology which never let me down
[My MacBook Pro][My iPod Video][My Windows Vista RC1 DVD][My Apple Remote][My Altec Lansing Speakers][Starhub][iLife '06]

Human buddies
[Ernest Quek][Raymond Liew][Tan Zexun][Isaac Wong][Soo Ee Rong][Joshua Chua][Sarah Hoon][Ajmal][Ethan Liew][Benjamin See]

Award 6
Teachers - Secondary School Only

Mrs Jennifer Yew (Science)
Mr Tan Lian Teck (Math)
Ms Deborah Gan (Music)
Mr Matthew Tong Teck Guan (Music - Relief)
Mrs Gan Chwee Eng (Chinese)
Mr Lawrance Koh (Math)
Miss Zarelda Goh (English)
Miss Chua xin Yuan (Art)
Mrs Lee Yuan Ching (Chinese)
Mr Michael Lim (Science)

Award 7
Significant numbers

-5 iPod generations and 5 iPod Years
-750GB of hard disk (to date)
-3 Hari Rayas in the same calendar year
-3.41GB worth of songs on my HDD
-PS3, Spiderman 3, XBOX 360. All of which has the number 3
-the Wii has no numbers, but it has 3 letters in its name
-3G in Indonesia
-3 Telcos in Singapore (still)
-2 IRs to be opened by 2010(?)
-247 posts in 2006 (excluding this one)

Thursday, 28 December 2006

da ron files on hiatus

da ron files is taking a break for the rest of the holidays...

So, enjoy my last few posts of 2006!

Happy New Year!
r0n4|d |!0n9 / d@ r0n f!|3$

P.S.: I'm going back to S'pore on 2nd January 2007.

New Year's Resolution Final Version

-i shall watch more youtube
-i shall upload videos to the internet somehow... be it vlogs or youtube.
-i shall survive sec 3 life.
-i shall install XP MCE 2005 on my Mac, despite Vista's existence.
-i shall buy no more than 10 albums in 2007.
-i shall watch more tv thanks to my tv tuner.
-i shall get someone a birthday present for once.
-i shall make more video calls and less smses instead.
-i shall get cable tv from starhub. no more free-to-air channels for me. btw, i love BBC.
-i shall watch BBC.
-i shall try to ensure a silver for SYF.
-i shall get a red iPod Nano. PRODUCT ( RED )
-i shall visit Apple Centre 10 times in 2007.
-i shall go out during the weekends for leisure 20 times (or more), without my guardians for once.
-i shall get a B3 minimum for 'O' Level Chinese Language Exam.
-i shall be an amateur counsellor.
-i shall change my email address.
-i shall move away from friendster permanently.
-i shall spend S$300 on iPod accesories in 2007. (in 2006, i spent $250 on the Altec Lansing speakers, Silicone case, battery packs, radio remote and charger)
-i shall keep my 5G iPod in great condition.
-i shall keep my MacBook Pro in great condition.
-i shall not buy any new iPods released in 2007. (i can still buy a Nano 2G)
-i shall buy music from iTunes.
-i shall join a photography competition.
-i shall remain a geek.
-i shall be mocked at. (this is easy)
-i shall switch to Starhub mobile soon. (Singtel service is good, but not enough)
-i shall come up with my idea of solutions to political situations that arise on my blog. nobody will care or listen.
-i shall blog more. blogging appears to have a positive impact on my vocabulary.
-i shall blog in chinese more often.
-i shall blog in bahasa melayu / bahasa indonesia more often.
-i shall star a vlog.
-i shall drink more choya.
-i shall drink sparkling drinks in 2007.
-i shall NOT top any subjects anymore. that's plain childish competition.
-i shall not make a crude joke like the resolution i mentioned just before this one.
-i shall pass NAPFA. my hands are somewhat wider right now.
-i shall not be sarcastic at all.
-ok, i shall try to avoid sarcasm.
-i shall remain girlfriend-free for the next 2.8 years. (JC1: i shall learn more about female peers and JC2: I shall choose to like someone)
-i shall forget 2006.
-i shall suffer from amnesia.

My Predictions for '07...

I didn't tell u guys this yet, so here it is...

(taken from the Buzz Out Loud Forum posting by ron_liong)
Ok, here goes my predictions...

1. Sony will look really cool in 2007.
2. Blu-ray + HD-DVD multi-burners and readers will appear.
3. New MacBook Pro with Blu-ray.
4. Bit Torrent will be a way of LEGAL distribution.
5. the rumoured Apple iPhone will be called iChat Mobile.
6. OS X Leopard, a 13.3" MacBook Pro (metallic), a Mac Mini with independent GPU, a Widescreen iPod, iChat Mobile, iTV and an iSight will ALL be released on MacWorld.
7. When i mentioned iSight, i mean an Apple Digital Camera with a memory card and stuff. (Apple no longer sells iSight cameras, so reuse the name!)
8. The iPod lineup will be all flash-based by the holiday season.
9. Microsoft will sue Apple. Apple will sue Adobe. Adobe will sue Microsoft. Why? beats me, but it IS a prediction!
10. Wireless-N devices will start appearing, but adoption rate will be slow.
11. SED TVs will really appear in 2007, during the holiday season.
12. Google will work with Linux. on what? I don't know.
13. Google will reopen "Google Ask" service, but in a different form, name, and function.
14. XBOX 360 - New model with HD-DVD, larger HDD, HDMI.
15. PS3 - New Unit by 2008. Slimmer design, more cores / less heat (it's one or d other), more RAM, dual HDMI (as in earlier rumours), more HDD space, lighter weight. and SMALLER box.
16. CD and DVD sales will rise. iTunes sales will rise. everything else will fall.
17. AMD will overtake Intel with a new processor.
18. PSP2?
19. Nobody remembers the Origami PC by Microsoft.
20. Windows Vista will only be something people upgrade to because their current systems are slow.
21. Terabyte Hard disk drives by July.
22. Steve Jobs will announce his retirement date... and it will be after Bill Gates retire.
23. Wi-Bri will fade. Wireless-USB will be a successor to the Bluetooth.
24. Google will face competition... and trample them all!!!
25. There will be 5 hosts on the BOL podcast next year.

More than enough, right?

of presents, tv-t, and internet

this came a bit late, soo i'll start with with the latter, then the former...

apparently, the earthquake in taiwan caused internet distruptions to most (if not everyone) in East Asia...
This is because the quake caused a few sub-marine cables to snap.
these cables are internet cables which link east asian countries to the US...
apparently, taiwam acts as a gateway for internet connections for countries such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, just to name a few.
also, according to my bro, Singapore acts as a gateway for Indonesia, so we here in Indonesia are indirectly affected as well.
basically, your access to websites which run on servers in the US will be slowed down. your data is most probably travelling through further routes (i.e.: via Australia).
one more thing. whatever speed you get from your ISP in Singapore (prior to the quake), taiwan is your bottleneck.
if your internet speed is kinda slow... for the geeks, try pinging.

Read up here if you're interested:

next bit...
I have a TV Tuner @ last!
it's an eyeTV Hybrid Digital / Analogue TV Tuner.
Does not work in Media Centre, but it works in OS X with the provided software.
loving it.

Read up here if you're interested:

final bit...
christmas gift exchange...
our family decided that all of us will buy something that can be given to anyone in the family.
then, we will have a lucky draw to decide who we exchange with.
for christmas, i wrapped up an iPod Nano 2GB for whoever the recepient shld be...
in the end, the recipient was my almost-2-years-old nephew.
and i got a pair of vacuum thermos-type transparent glasses. they're pretty cool, i guess... but i drink with any cup... so i was like w43v4...
so finally, my 2nd bro and i made a trade with the agreement of everybody else.
and this time, i got a foldable 3-in-1 clock, thermometer and hydrometer... it's ub3r cool... especially the hydrometer.

final closing greeting...
Happy Local Web-surfing!!!

and congrats on making it onto da ron files.

Bloggers' servers are not in the region, as far as im concerned.

Sunday, 24 December 2006

Seasons' Greetings from da ron files

12.25.06am (
12.25.06 (mm.dd.yy)

it's that time of the year...

it's Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

r0n@|d |!0n9
d@ r0n f!|3$

| Merry Christmas | メリークリスマス | 圣诞快乐 | Vrolijke Kerstmis | Joyeux Noël | Frohe Weihnachten | Καλά Χριστούγεννα | Natale allegro | 즐거운 성탄 | Christmas Alegre | Веселое Рождество | Feliz Navidad | Glaedelig Jul | Maligayang Pasko | Selamat Hari Natal |

Christmas Holiday Wishlist 2006

It's finalised. and it's a huge joke.

All i want for Christmas is...
-a PS3 (60GB model, with HDD changed to 160GB)

-a VoIP account with lots of credit

-the PUK code to unlock my Singtel SIM Card (my SIM card got the cursed PUK!)

-a TV tuner (Mac + PC compatible)

-Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005 (Vista RC1 is expiring soon)

-a new lens for my camera (would be nice)

-Apeture 1.5 by Apple(I am not waiting for Adobe Photoshop CS3)

-a case for me to build my own computer with
>>Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
>>NVidia Geforce 8800
>>Seagate 500GB S-ATA HDD (Boot Drive) + Seagate 200GB S-ATA HDD
>>a DVD burner
>>2x 1GB RAM
>>Windows XP Media Centre Edition 2005
>>Linksys Wireless-N card
>>Creative Sound Blaster Sound card
>>Cool & Quiet Power supplies and fans where needed

-A notebook cooler (still waiting...)

-A 2GB CF Card (I only have a 512MB card now)

-An LCD monitor / TV (less than 30")

-Corrine May's Christmas Album (Still waiting...)

-a small potted plant. (I thought I should start getting the green fingers)

-a Blu-ray disc (I want to see the difference between a DVD and a Blu-ray)]
-a HD-DVD (same as above)

-World peace


-my own Loco Roco UMD

-My own PSP

-a HDMI cable

-the ability to drive a car

-the ability to drive people to go further from what thy are doing

-tickets to The Corrs' concerts. (any upcoming ones?)

-an extension cord

-a male mini-jack to female mini-jack cable.

-1/4" male to mini-jack female cable / convertor

-a Sony HD Mini-DV camera (Sony DCR-HC3)
-a credit card

-iTunes credit

-a trip to Apple Campus, Cupertino, CA

-a share in Apple stocks

-25122006 Euros

-£ 25122006

-US$ 0.25122006

-0.25122006 carats of platinum

-25122006 gallons of crude oil

-25122006 grains of sand

-25122006 litres of water in an airtight safe, only to be opened in 200 years' time to be sold @ high prices. I love to sell water.

NOTE: the last seven wishes were fake. i still want a share in Apple stocks. How cool would that be?


| Merry Christmas | メリークリスマス | 圣诞快乐 | Vrolijke Kerstmis | Joyeux Noël | Frohe Weihnachten | Καλά Χριστούγεννα | Natale allegro | 즐거운 성탄 | Christmas Alegre | Веселое Рождество | Feliz Navidad | Glaedelig Jul | Maligayang Pasko | Selamat Hari Natal |

Saturday, 23 December 2006

Ill again

Nose bleed... 2 litres of water... 25 pieces of tissue... quite a lot of mucus as well...

dunno how... dunno why, but im ill... again...

hopefully, i shld be better tomorrow...

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Awards!!! PART 2

Part 2 : Tech stuff...

...Most Significant...
Tech Category

Cool Companies:
Apple | Logitech | Senheisser

Best Camera:
Canon | Nikon

Happy belated B'day to...

*this is a list of ppl whose birthdays have JUST passed... (by definition: within this month)

Ernest (20 December)
Happy B'day, Ernest! As a b'day present, I'll stop calling u names... including "ernie"!!!

Stephanie (12 December)
Ya, Joshua told me he wanted to celebrate ur b'day... too bad im overseas. anyways, happy b'day!

Mervyn Lim (12 December)
I didn't forget this one... thanx to my phone calendar.

ok, i guess that's all...

If i forgot your birthday this year, then by gollie Happy Belated Birthday!

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

vlog progress

ok, i know everyone's waiting for my vlog to come...

*chirp chirp

ok, maybe noone. well, im excited!
well, i have some bad news.

the vlog will have to be delayed because of major bandwidth problems i am facing here in Indonesia...
so, please bear with me. the first "pre-episode" will come soon. yes, im calling it a pre-episode.

my vlogs will be something along the lines of Rocketboom. Of course, mine will be shorter, not daily, and worse. (Hey, i can't afford high bandwidth...)

i've shot d pre-episode. post production is still underway. some "technical" dificulties with the video. want an explanation?

well, i shot the video in iMovie, and then i wanted to edit the entire scene in iMovie...
until the faithful day when i found Final Cut Express HD... I bought it thinking it's going to be useful for video editing.
Yes, it is, as proven by the pros.
one catch: I made some unreversible edits on iMovie... so the video's a bit "hancur"... (that was a Malay word. dunno what it means? as a friend or a dictionary / translator)

well, wish me luck... worst come to worst, i will have to redo the shot.

Awards!!! PART I

Ok, it's that time of the year again where i give out random awards to people, artists, friends, companies, and even currencies that have proved significant over the past 354 day. anything which happens over the next 11 days will not affect the results. So, what do ya say, we bring on the most random award list!

NOTE: people who are listed will NOT get anything from me. Sorry... this blogger has a zero-dollar budget.

...Most Significant In '06...Music Category

Male Band:
Red Hot Chilli Peppers | Keane | U2

Female Group / Band:
The Pussycat Dolls | The Veronicas

U2 and Green Day | Sergio Mendes and Black Eyed Peas | Nelly Furtado and Timbaland

Regional Band / artist:
Electrico | Rivermaya | Corrine May

Male Artist:
Justin Timberlake | P Diddy | Kanye West | Jay-Z

Female Artist:
Madonna | Nelly Furtado | Beyonce | Pink | Lindsay Lohan

John Lennon

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

my idea of a yummy dinner

this was my dinner. you can make it yourself, too!

-prepare a small bowl of honey star

-place 3 pieces of marie biscuit over the honey stars. (any other sweet-tasting biscuits will also do. graham biscuits or cookies from famous amos / mrs fields are better)

-pour approximately 150ml of milk over the marie biscuits and honey star

da ron files food segment| bon appetit!

v2.1.0: Welcome to Really Simple Syndication

i updated the blog version number again. why? new features are added!

apparently, when i chaned my blog skin from the Blogger skins to a BlogSkin skin... RSS was removed!

So now, i have adapted RSS codes from the test blog and stuck it onto my blog. Hope that works...

Also, i notice that the links had some problem. should have been fixed by now. please check!

welcome to version 2.1!

changes in v2.0.2

OK, firstly, i must say that this is the most extensive renovation i've done to date, cutting away massive amounts of codes.
so much so that as of the time im typing this report, the renovation is not done.

but nevertheless, i'll just tell u guys what to expect, since i have no surprises.

-much smaller amounts of bits and bytes to download. I removed tons of redundant codes, spaces, and lines. entire sections which used to be significant (but are no longer needed) have disappeared as well. So now, the site should be 40kb, excluding the BG. (previous codes were slightly larger, at 46kb being the lowest so far.

-a higher compression, colour washout and a few tweaks on the background (should have arrived by the time u read this) is going to plummet the download size of my blog. from 144kb, to the new 60kb! not only is that a 58.3% decrease in size, but also, the new background is a great match with the current colour scheme!

-notice the minor cosmetic changes here and there? e.g.: titles are towards the right, the chatbox has a nice fit, the menu bar is shifted to the bottom, the links on the menu bar have different names. Links have "|" instead of "/" to match the overall theme.

-Archive works now. It works like the links, and it's organized by years as well. so have fun searching the past. I removed a certain month (July 2005) because that was me announcing the death of this blog... not true anymore! So, now that we have an archive, here's a tutorial on the archive: when you click any month, you will notice that you ar redirected to the frontpage. just go on to the blog section. that's all. the other parts of the blog remain the same, however. so don't eve think of searching what the tagboard looked like 2 months ago. there's a different way to do that.

-and with all of the above, you get a better experience and faster load time on a great blog!

daRONfiles| always developing

Welcome to version 2.0.2
I'm proud of it.

Monday, 18 December 2006

music chart without uppercase letters

1. the corrs feat. bono - when the stars go blue
2. red hot chilli peppers - snow (hey oh)
3. u2 feat. green day - the saints are coming
4. josh groban - you are loved (don't give up)
5. nelly furtado - say it right
6. fergie - fergalicious
7. beyonce - irreplaceable
8. the corrs - goodbye
9. gwen stefanie - wind it up
10. pussycat dolls - i don't need a man

Call me slow, i don't care

err... seems like d NDP website's been changed to gear up for NDP 07... didn't know they change so quickly. lol.

Now I know... when d website changes.

NDP 2007

BTW, didn't know they've started with the construction of the seating platforms. 30,000 seats... that's pretty fast, i must say.

ya, take note: there's only 30,000 seats this year. Ballot with as many I/Cs as possible this year! chances have slimmed by 50%!

EDIT: it's not 30,000, it's 27,000. Still 50%, though. there wasn't exactly 60,000 seats for NDP'06 either.
EDIT: you can join 100,000 others along the bay, though. the website said it.

First day of school: 3 January 2007

* The following Tuesday, 2 Jan 2007, will be a public holiday in view of the Hari Raya Haji on 31 Dec 2006 falling on a Sunday.
-- Ministry of Manpower Website:

Thank You very much, Manpower Ministry!

I'm giving you a tagline, government organisation!

Ministry of Manpower| we declare holidays.

Kelly Rowland|CJ's Bar|Hotel Mulia|under 18...|crap

heard that Kelly Rowland's coming to Indonesia...

sounds interesting...

Anybody knows if I can enter CJ's Bar? I know it's @ Hotel Mulia...

and when's it, anyways?

Sunday, 17 December 2006

was out of town...

i forgot to tell u guys that i wld be out of town during the daytime of today...

my parents wanted to go out of town to our "villa"...

it's somewhere between Bogor and Bandung... the locals call it the Puncak area.

It's a mountainous area... the villa's around *800m above sea level.
*estimate. previous reading was 2000m in 2001. However, credibility is suspectable. VERY suspicious.

Oh, my brother wanted to assure u he's not high.

anyway, we left Jakarta @ 5.55AM to avoid the midday jams. 1 hour 45 minutes or so was enough to reach there. no jams at all.

btw, my dad slipped n fell while we were @ puncak and sprained the left legs, so hope he'll be fine soon...

k, watching snakes on a plane... bb.


I confess: I hate the sound quality of the Apple iPod earphones and MacBook Pro Speakers. I hate the sound quality of many TV displays out there.

I may have turned into an audiophile. I often try to listen using the Altec Lansing Speakers i have or the new headphones...

am i an audiophile by definition?


Saturday, 16 December 2006

people are leaving their blogs, should i?

Look around... i think im d only one who's still blogging...

ok, maybe aaron and headshot had a few postings recently... but practically everyone on my links page hasn't been updating... lol...

maybe i shld do an ad for da ron files...

daRONfiles| the only blog which still updates frequently

monkeys love peanuts

yes they do. i have photographic proof. it's on my cf card. and im not showing you. so there!

Friday, 15 December 2006

n3vv (@n$ (1337)

(this posting is in very horrendous 1337. you have been warned)

9u3$$ vvh@7

! h@v3 n3w (@n$

vvh3n ! 5@y (@n$, (ok, i give up with this 1337 thing. I can't type in 1337!)

When i said cans, i meant new headphones!!!

I got the Senheisser PX200. it has a bit of ambient noise reduction (enough for me, anyways), It's foldable, just like Mr Panda Bear Matthew Tong Teck Guan's. Looks' almost the same as Mr PBMTTG, only that mine's black to go along w/ my blog skin and iPod and my handphone and camera lens and my favourite flavour of dumpling balls (sesame) and one of my friends (Ernest AKA Ernie AKA American guy from sesame street AKA Sesame AKA 芝麻. (zhima, for the non-chinese-speaking folks or those who don't have Unicode text encoding turned on)

O, did i mention i now have the Corrs' new Best of collection?!

Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection!!!

Thursday, 14 December 2006

too tired last night...

apparently, i swam 2200m in approx 45 to 50 minutes. Completely breaststroke.

Anyway, it rained last night just as the swim was drawing to an end...

which meant only one thing: the rain season is approaching.

Now, im just waiting 7 hours for some vodcasts to finish being downloaded.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

lots of "records" broken by this photo...

I found a photo which appears (to me) to be...

the single photographic JPEG file to contain

-the MOST number of NDP choir members in detail
-the HIGHEST RESOLUTION for an NDP Choir-related photo found online
-the MOST PANORAMIC photo related to the NDP choir

just watch for yourself...

(It's too panoramic, so i wont be doing a thumbnail here)

Birthbay code: 1312/92/TZX

It's Mr Tan Zexun AKA Headshot AKA the bored Siberian White Tiger AKA 3d mod ub3r g33k.

So happy b'day.

and i once told him i use emoticons as often as im growing 2cm taller...

so here's for a 4cm growth, Zexun...



Sunday, 10 December 2006


sometimes, i feel that i am more distant from my parents.

not by distance.

no. in fact, i am in the same house as my parents.

however, i feel that my introversion has made me communicate much less with my parents.

I somehow feel very detached from my parents.

even despite the fact that i do treasure the time i have with my family ever 6 months.

Where have I been?!

Ok... i'll list down what i mean...

"oh ya, I recently learnt that Jing Kai quit hockey."
--Aaron Chua,

"triple sci is scarier than i thought. especially bio, very detailed now."
--Aaron Chua,

and there's older surprises from zexun's blog...
a threat i found from ZX, and a message from miss goh as told by zexun:

"Expect me to crit you again and again if nothing happens up till 2007 midyear"
Tan Zexun, MSN Conversation - 18 October 2006.

"i got a job offer in another school. jobscope is different. and it's my alma mater. and i got the job."
Miss Goh, MSN Conversation w/ headshot zx. headshot submitted this extract on 31 October 2006.

christmas list build 5

Here's an update...

-Sony HDR-HC3E HD MiniDV camcorder (with FireWire)
-a set of in-ear earphones
-a flash-based mp3 player for when i exercise. (iPod Shuffle / iPod nano 2GB w/ Nike+ Sports Kit)
-a larger-ranged zoom lens (current: Canon Zoom Lens EF 28-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS)
-a PS3 (chances of getting: 1 in 200,000)(the number shrinked...)
-a new pair of spectacles (my current one has lost one lens; it came off)

Of Cinema and monkeys

It's incredible!

I went to a cinema!

I've never been to a cinema. well...... okay, fine... not for 2 years anyways.

I went to the Mega 21 Cinema theatre to catch "Casino Royale"... t'was ub3r c00l... with the exception of many ppl's handphones ringing during the movie, the flickering film defects (the screen was not digital, i guess), and the letter "W" written on the screen where the Censorship Board removed R-rated scenes (that's why children like me or even 5 year old girls can enter.) (yes, a five yr old girl was sitting in my row with her mommy and daddy)(i was with my 2nd bro and his girlfriend, who rarely visit the cinema, too.), the cinema was ok... not the best in Indonesia, but the tickets are uber cheap... Rp25,000 flat = between SG$4 and 5.

oh, btw, the movie gets a 5 out of 5... there's lots of twists and turns, lots of exciting moments, lots of unexpected happenings. it's best not to know the duration of the movie or the time, so don't look at ur watch. this way, u will never know when the movie ends (unless u read Ian Fleming's book, then too bad). And i guess Daniel Craig isn't a bad actor... and the bond girl really reminds me of Nelly Furtado...

I must warn... the movie is very obscene... there is nudity, but in Indonesia, these are well censored. I do not know how things are in Singapore, so if the rating does not allow you to watch, then just chill and wait till u're older before buying the DVD.

o, one complaint: there's lots of advertising...
for example,...

-we all know that the Bahamas has high class resorts which use the Sony Blu-ray BDP-1 players as recording media for surveillance.

-we know that James Bond loves Sony, so he has a Sony Vaio and a Sony Erricson K608i. The Bond girls also loves Sony, and she uses the Sony Erricson M600i and a Sony Cybershot camera. ---EDIT: Wilson said it's a K800i, not 608i.

-James Bond loves the Aston Martin Cars.

-He loves Martini.

-He loves Omega watches to Rolex...

and one more thing... this is supposed to be a prelude to Dr. No (the First bond movie.). So how come they're so advanced? Blu-ray for surveillance, GPS for the average person, Sony Walkman are MP3 players without tape players. like, i'ld say "whoa! the '70s is more advanced than 2005!" Sony is dumb...

and why are there 4 BDP-1s? PS3 need more of those!!!

after the movie, we went to Senayan City Mall for dinner and late nite shopping. (They had a midnight sale from 10PM to midnight, though they only closed much later because of the terribly long queues). amazingly, many things were on a "2 for the price of 1" discount... but they were lame...

o, my bro and i didn't buy anything... and since my bro's gf's family was there, we left her with her family while we went home...

and today, i didn't eat breakfast coz i overslept and my whole family (except my mum, at church and my dad, had to renew the documents of the LX470) was rushing to go to church... we got stuck in a traffic jam (2, to be exact, but this is Indonesia... 2 is still small). we only arrived @ 11.47am... 3 minutes to the end of the service, or so it should have been... apparently, the service today ended @ 12.47pm. However, my family did enter for a while and dropped my nephew for Sunday School. So don't say i didn't go to church.

After that, lunch alas. sushi never made me this sick before...

and finally, we went somewhere near where i live... in Pantai Indah Kapuk to check out some monkeys... (my mum always wanted to see them... so did my nephew.) we saw more than we should... from fights, to greed, and to lust. but, nevertheless... we fed the monkeys. we were in our cars, since these monkeys are not known to be friendly. (they're wild, people.... they're wild)

sorry for the long post, btw...

Saturday, 9 December 2006

yeah, u can tell...

when the blogger starts losing interest in blogging. it's all downhill from here...

i've been gone for a while...

coz there's some connection problems w/ my internet.

anyway, now that it's slightly faster, i just thought i should blog.


Thursday, 7 December 2006

Special Tribute Music Chart...

Not many knows this, but I'm a huge fan of The Corrs... so I think it's only appropriate that I do a special Tribute Chart for the band i love the most (Duh.)

I will list song from Albums which I purchased / have. Meaning: Best Of The Corrs, Borrowed Heaven, Home
my favourite music from: THE CORRS

Baby Be Brave
Borrowed Heaven

Borrowed Heaven

Old Town

Best of The Corrs

Borrowed Heaven

Borrowed Heaven

Borrowed Heaven
Borrowed Heaven

Black Is The Colour

Spancill Hill

My Lagan Love

Best Of The Corrs

Summer Sunshine
Borrowed Heaven

Give Me A Reason
Best Of The Corrs

Best Of The Corrs

All The Love In The World
Best Of The Corrs

holiday season = more music charts!!!

this music chart has no (or few, if any) links to the holiday season.

top music of the moment

1. Beyonce - Irreplaceable
Who doesn't love this song? "to the left, to the left"

2. Green Day / U2 - The Saints Are Coming
U2 = good. Green Day = good. song for Hurricane Katrina Victims = good. this song = 3x the goodness.

3. Gwen Stefanie - Wind It Up
It's been a while since Gwen's last album. and she came back with a bang.

4. Fergie - Fergalicious
F to the E, R, G the I the E. she's got a catchy song with a catchy beat.

5. Nelly Furtado - Say It Right
It's not Promiscuous. It's Say It Right. It's my favourite Nelly Furtado song. for now.

6. P. Diddy - Come To Me
male R&B songs are rare on my charts, so celebrate, P. Diddy fans!

7. The Veronicas - When It All Falls Apart
See? good songs need not have vulgarities. just use the letter. not the whole word!

8. Justin Timberlake - LoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude
Like the way the song transitions from a fast beat to a laid back beat. and it doesn't collapse!

9. Snow Patrol - Shut Your Eyes
Sounds very kum-ba-ya-like at the ending.

10. The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven
Again, another very "Kum-ba-ya" (but more African style) ending. (ok, maybe this is more biased, since i love The Corrs, but HECK! it's my music chart)

the bubbles below...
11. Christina Agulera - Hurt
12. Pussycat Dolls - I Don't Need A Man
13. JoJo - Too Little Too Late
14. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Tell Me Baby
15. Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On
16. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow (Hey-Oh)

Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Coming soon... Vlog!

Yes, u read it. No, it's not a friggin typo to the word "blog", "clog" or "flog" or "glog" or " log" (the 'c,b,f,g, ' keys are surrounding my 'v' key'. i assume u think i missed the key if u saw any typo anywhere.)

anyway, since my blog moved to Blogger BETA, nothing changed on my blog. well, there was d tagging, the new password, much less emails from Blogger (did i even get any?). that's all. Well, i saw on d dashboard of my account that vlogging is being supported on blogger. so, y not. i shld try, having an iSight camera, iLife, etc... so hope i can get a vlog soon... wish me luck... (if u see pimples, remain calm. it does not spread by the internet. only viruses, data and electricity do.)

(and trojans)

(and bit torrent.)

(wait, isn't that = to data?)

(o well....)

(y am i wasting my time here?)

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

christmas list build 4

when i have finalised, the build number will be inflated to build 50.

why d heck do i sound like a programmer?


a HD MiniDV camcorder with FireWire. (i learnt my lesson. MiniDV + iMovie + FireWire = good)
a set of in-ear earphones
a flash-based mp3 player for when i exercise. (iPod Shuffle?)
a larger-ranged zoom lens (current: Canon Zoom Lens EF 28-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS)
a PS3 (chances of getting: 1 in 400,000)


adapted from my tagboard...

Ron: my nightmare of nightmares is seeing ethan swim in a hot dog suit. that's creepy. sure gives me d creeps.
Ron: did i say hot dog? i meant pau. and it's not just a pau suit, but ethan will also be eating pau.eww... cannibalism...
not only a pau suit... but he'll also be singing this song (LOOK BELOW) next to someone really famous whom i like... like beyonce... or nelly furtado..





Monday, 4 December 2006


i've vomitted twice over the past 24 hours... n i've been using a lot of force to push my poo... which is solid in state and sinking. not feelin very well in d digestive system only. fret not. i'm still fine.


New Year's Resolution - Draft 1

Yes, i decided to draft NYRs this year, since i need to blog but dunno what to post...

1. I want to be more open and "social", like a Zune.
2. I want to be more friendly, like Aaron Chua.
3. I want to be more 3D-smart, like Headshot/ZX.
4. I want to pass my NAPFA again. I still can't do chin-ups.
5. I want the choir to get a Gold for SYF.
6. I want to try learning the piano.
7. I want an A1 or A2 for my "Express Stream Chinese 'O' Level exam" next year.
8. I want to win in at least 1 Photography Competition.
9. I want to get into the top 10. My expectations are lowered slightly because i predict that i will not cope in something. (Yes, i had a "Vision" from God in one of my dreams. it's a challenge that i must face. Life's not a smooth sailing, after all.)
10. I want to be out of the "borderline overweight" range and be in the "normal" range.
11. I want to reconcile with all who dislikes me. I don't like to separate people by the tags "Friends" or "enemies", just "good friends" and "close friends". (and "strangers". who's Ian?)

Sunday, 3 December 2006

notice how my posts are now...

...short and simple?


my keyboard... what's happening to you?

I have an underexposed picture to show u guys, but it's taking very long to upload, so i gave up. anyway, just to describe to you what happened to my "Shift" and "Enter | Return" keys, d keys come off... and u can see a bit of fiber optic wires...

Saturday, 2 December 2006

Just realised...

Tomorrow's Ian Ng's Birthday!!!

So Happy B'day in advance, Ian! (the one with the surname "Ng"... not the "Lee" or "Tan")

I may not blog tomorrow, so that's y i posted d greeting a day b4...

btw, zexun, i bought something that i still want, but i think i can share w/ u... it's pretty cool... especially for 3D ppl...

here's a clue... see what u can get:
ISBN 1-897177-33-X

Friday, 1 December 2006

taken from a forwarded email...

Got this from Ee-Ee (AKA Ethan)

>Think about this for a while..
> If I happened to show up on your door step crying, would you care?
> If I called you and asked you to pick me up because something happened, would you come?
> If I had one day left, to live my life. Would you be part of that last day?
> If I needed a shoulder to cry on, would you give me yours?
> This is a test to see who's your real friends are or if you are just
> someone to talks to you when their bored...
> Send this to ..... (removed. reason: irrelevant)