in order of 'wanted'ness...

  • nothing at the moment... Think I'm pretty content right now.

Bucket List
things to do before I kick the bucket

  • Get published
  • See Ed Sheeran 'Live'
  • Write an entire application using Xcode
  • Learn a new language. Especially German - if anything, just to help with the German literature I have to deal with for my research...
  • Visit Africa
  • Assemble my own PC from scratch.
  • Go to a music festival (e.g.: Glastonbury)
Things that I've crossed out so far from my bucket list

  • Get 8 Points or better for 'O' Levels
  • Play through Guitar Hero 3 Career Mode on Medium
  • Fly on the Airbus A380
  • Fly to the UK
  • Post 1000 blog entries
  • Rent a movie, buy 3 albums, from iTunes.
  • Visit California
  • and New York
  • Get into a University