Wednesday, 28 February 2007

last post for ferbuary...

to summarise february...

it was mrs yew's b'day...(8 feb)
it was my b'day... (14 feb)
it was jasper yee's b'day... (15 feb)
it was daniel lim's b'day...(27 feb)

so to the people listed above, happy belated birthday.

but otherwise, february was hectic, crazy, and a month of psychological pressure and imbalanced-ness...

and in case anyone was wondering why i've not been blogging, let's just say i've been feeling like slacking...

although there's one thing i think i should blog about...

i had a dream about me being reprimanded by mrs charles in front of the class in one of my dreams one night for poor results... because i was slacking and all...

next morning, i was sweating all over my body... no, i did not wet my bed, though...

but one thing's for sure... bad dreams really make you feel weird... sometimes, they even make you freak out...

P.S.: I got
-97.5% for Physics!
-81.3% for Bio!
-92.8% for E Maths!
-63.8% for Art!
w00t! (these are d only results i have for now...)

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Communism spreads by forums

Posted again on the IVLE Online Learning EL discussion Forum.

Only people who have been reading the forum will know what I mean by my post, which want like this:

"By the way, something I forgot to mention. Jasper, why are you bringing up all sorts of controversial topics? First, there was the "unfair grading" debate. Now, the prefects? Are you pro-communist, anti-authority or something along the lines of a rebel? Seriously. It's as if you want to stir up all sorts of controversies. (Not that I disagree completely with the Prefects being somewhat useless, but stereotypes aside, these are our PERSONAL, BIASED OPINIONS.)

P.s.: No offence, no pun intended (especially with the title. Sorry if you are offended) ("you" here refers to anyone who read this post, not just Jasper Kim.)"


ronaldLIONG|"Communism spreads by forums"

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

rants and more rants...

i was ranting on the EL discussion forum set up by Ms Seah... Go check it yourself... It's about prefects and the EL CT paper... nothing too negative...

Sunday, 18 February 2007

Official announcement of Music Playlist Contest

I am feeling bored and lazy, plus I want free publicity. So, I'm starting a music playlist contest!

What should you do?
Simply, create a playlist consisting of minimum 6 songs relating to the given topic.
The songs can be from any RELEVANT GENRE, and the songs should be broadcast-safe.

Who can try?
The contest is open to all who are residing in Singapore whom I know / recognise. (none of my relatives are related to Singapore, so don't tell me you're my 16th cousin... that's not gonna work. Coz obviously, you're lying.)

What's the prize?
The prize is a very magnificent MacDonald's EVM with extra MacDonald's Dessert of YOUR choice! So, worst come to worst, i'll only go hungry for one day.

Anything else to note?
The competition is open From 18 February 2007 to 10 March 2007, 12midnight.

The topic is: "Goodbye..."

To submit: Just type the title and artist of the songs in the order you decided in an email.
Send the email with this subject: "da ron files playlist competition"

DO NOT ATTACH A .TXT or .DOC FILE AS YOUR SUBMISSION. I will not open attachments. just include your list of songs in the email. do not send the song either, that will be a copyright infringement.

I'm dumb. so tell me more dumb things about this competition.
BTW, Please do not spam unless u think u're retarded. Gmail has a huge mailbox space. so, u're only tiring yourself out, only to a worthless attempt of trying to affect me... somehow... dunno y anyone wld spam...

Music chart Competition!!!

not doing anything festive this cny... just the same old music chart u used to know... in lower case...

top music for the moment...

1. the fray - heaven forbid
2. nelly furtado - say it right
3. gwen stefani - the sweet escape
4. daughtry - it's not over
5. justin timberlake - what goes around comes around
6. fall out boy - this ain't a scene, it's an arms race
7. lily allen - smile
8. dixie chicks - not ready to make nice
9. beyoncé - irreplaceable
10. the fray - dead wrong
11. nelly furtado - te busque
12. take that - patience
13. nelly furtado - all good things (come to an end)
14. the fray- how to save a life
15. keane - a bad dream
16. justin timberlake - sexyback
17. the fray - she is
18. gwen stefani - wind it up
19. corinne bailey rae - put your records on
20. imoogen heap = hide and seek

btw, here's one particular track i liked around late january of the years stated......

1. lindsay lohan - i live for the day (2006)
2. brian macfadden - real to me (2005)

and one more list... my current playlist on my iPod (wow... uppercase alphabets!!!)

it's short, though...

- the fray - how to save a life
- nelly furtado - all good things (come to an end)
- nelly furtado - say it right
- the fray - hundred
- the fray - heaven forbid
- the fray - dead wrong
- snow patrol - shut your eyes
- nelly furtado - te busque
- justin timberlake - what goes around... / comes around interlude (aka 'what goes around comes around')
- the corrs - goodbye (2006 remix)
- the corrs - when the stars go blue
- the corrs - ruby tuesday

And with the playlist, i shall now start a playlist competition...
You must create a playlist consisting of minimum 6 songs relating to a given topic.
The six / more songs can be from any RELEVANT GENRE. If possible the songs selected should have a "clean version" AKA radio-edit if it is not G-rated...

The songs can be any song available worldwide, be it a Creative Commons / Public domain (AKA non-copyrighted song, such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb") or a purchasable music track.

However, do note the the competition is only open to all who are residing in Singapore whom I know / recognise.

The prize is a very magnificent MacDonald's EVM with extra MacDonald's Dessert of choice! So, worst come to worst, i'll only go hungry for one day.

Anyway, do take note: The competition is open From February 18 to March 10, 2007.

The Topic: "Goodbye..."
The submission: Just send me an email with the Subject: "da ron files playlist competition" to:

DO NOT ATTACH A .TXT or .DOC FILE AS YOUR SUBMISSION. I will not open attachments. just include your list of songs in the email. do not send the song either, that will be a copyright infringement.

BTW, Please do not spam unless u think u're retarded. Gmail has a huge mailbox space. so, u're only tiring yourself out, only to a worthless attempt of trying to affect me... somehow... dunno y anyone wld spam...

k. start w/ d playlists! can't wait!!!

btw, choir seniors, no, this is not for your graduation party......(*sarcasm)(*hint hint)



Happy Lunar New Year


Saturday, 17 February 2007

Happy CNY... Here's an update!

I just bumped the blog from version 2.1.4i to version 2.2.0...


Just look at the new 1-frame design! I've been trying to make the blog simpler to read by out-sourcing the small 800x600 pickles real estate (that's a whole lot of pickles for one person to eat, but not to step on.) that my page occupies...

Well, now , things are different.

-I've made the blog's window size 800x533 (the BG's size) to make it look more dynamic, sacrificing some space.

-I've made the nav box overlap the main box without blocking too much, if any! (when you scroll up in the "blog" section, the navigator links will block some words. that can't be helped... it's like a lunar eclipse. can't be stopped) So, this is quite an achievement...

-in intro... (now Preface), the zeitgeist of me is now slightly different... less sentences... more colons!!!

-in links (now "Suspects"), the links are not separated by "|", but by spaces! But trust me, it still looks cool...

-in chat, the chatbox colour scheme is changed to a more "universally accepted" colour scheme that will be easier to see in all backgrounds.

-in Archive (now "History" again...) the months are divided differently...

-throughout the blog: New fonts, colours, and of course, new wallpaper!!!

-Btw, we support IE 7, Opera (kept forgetting to include Opera...) and the mobile Browser on Nokia phones... especially the Wifi-enabled Nseries and Eseries phones (so, no N90 support)... so start pouring in the complaints!

-Btw, a Beta-feature: I included a set of code to make the browser window change automatically... so hope it works... crossing my fingers because it hasn't been working for me so far on Safari...

Happy CNY!

Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Review of My New Year's Resolution at a glance...

-i shall watch more youtube
Nope... not really happening... i'm watching less youtube, in fact...

-i shall upload videos to the internet somehow... be it vlogs or youtube.
Not happened yet

-i shall survive sec 3 life.
So far so good...

-i shall install XP MCE 2005 on my Mac, despite Vista's existence.
I want Vista (this one's a failure)

-i shall buy no more than 10 albums in 2007.
At a glance: 1 (The Fray's "How To Save A Life")

-i shall watch more tv thanks to my tv tuner.
Not changed yet...

-i shall get someone a birthday present for once.
Nicholas Low...sorta... SUCCESS!!!

-i shall make more video calls and less smses instead.
Not gonna happen...

-i shall get cable tv from starhub. no more free-to-air channels for me. btw, i love BBC.
err... not yet... my not happen

-i shall watch BBC.

-i shall try to ensure a silver for SYF.
trying... Work in Progress...

-i shall get a red iPod Nano. PRODUCT ( RED )
Not happening anymore...

-i shall visit Apple Centre 10 times in 2007.
Current count: 0

-i shall go out during the weekends for leisure 20 times (or more), without my guardians for once.
Currently: 1 (Photo outing @ Botanical Gardens)

-i shall get a B3 minimum for 'O' Level Chinese Language Exam.
Work in Progress...

-i shall be an amateur counsellor.
Work in Progress...

-i shall change my email address.
May not happen...

-i shall move away from friendster permanently.
May happen sooner than you think...

-i shall spend S$300 on iPod accesories in 2007. (in 2006, i spent $250 on the Altec Lansing speakers, Silicone case, battery packs, radio remote and charger)
Currently: $0

-i shall keep my 5G iPod in great condition.
Still good... even without a Silicone casing...

-i shall keep my MacBook Pro in great condition.
Still ok so far...

-i shall not buy any new iPods released in 2007. (i can still buy a Nano 2G)
not even buying a nano... maybe an iPhone... but that's 2008

-i shall buy music from iTunes.
not gonna happen

-i shall join a photography competition.
not yet...

-i shall remain a geek.
geez, will this ever change?

-i shall be mocked at. (this is easy)
consider this done... SUCCESS

-i shall switch to Starhub mobile soon. (Singtel service is good, but not enough)
not yet... 2008...

-i shall come up with my idea of solutions to political situations that arise on my blog. nobody will care or listen.
not yet... coming soon, though... i wanna step in about the nuclear bomb ideal by Russian PM Vladdimor Puttin

-i shall blog more. blogging appears to have a positive impact on my vocabulary.
-i shall blog in chinese more often.
-i shall blog in bahasa melayu / bahasa indonesia more often.
Work in progress...

-i shall star a vlog.
-i shall drink more choya.
-i shall drink sparkling drinks in 2007.
Not yet...

-i shall NOT top any subjects anymore. that's plain childish competition.
-i shall not make a crude joke like the resolution i mentioned just before this one.
Ya... that was so not fun...

-i shall pass NAPFA. my hands are somewhat wider right now.
No optimism, no pull-up

-i shall not be sarcastic at all.
-ok, i shall try to avoid sarcasm.
so far, so good...

-i shall remain girlfriend-free for the next 2.8 years. (JC1: i shall learn more about female peers and JC2: I shall choose to like someone)
-i shall forget 2006.
-i shall suffer from amnesia.
So far still fine...


I won't call ernest nicknames
didn;t work out fine... called him american... but other than that, no other incidents.. so this is half-success!!!

TOTAL SUZZESFUL attempts: 2.5!!!

It's my B'day!!!

yup... i'm 15 today!!!

so happy b'day to me!!!

(ok, that was lame...)

thanks for all the greetings from many in school...

and thanx to Ernest, Jun Ming, and Walter for the B'day present. really love it! It's really c00l!!!

n to my 2nd bro, wth is up w/ ur b'day greeting SMS? we're equally cool, k?

Signing off,

Birthday Boy

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Betcha' dunno!!!

Here's some facts i bet u don't know about me!

-I don't have a Tower-case PC, and i never owned one before.

-I love podcasts... such as...
-I love to watch DL.TV.
-I recommend VH1 Best Week Ever Videocast for the Pop-culture fans.
-Gamer? Try X-Play!

-BTw, I don't game...

-I spend (on average) around S$100 a year on Music CDs...

-I only have Science Tuition when I was Sec 2...
-And now, I only have A-Maths Tuition

-I'm not failing A-Math... just that i MUST get tuition or face scolding by my guardians...

-BTW, in case u still don't know... I do not hold Singapore Citizenship...
-And I have no plans to uptake Singapore Citizenship, let alone Permanent Residence.

-I am planning to go to NUS after JC...
-and then fly back to Indonesia and work for my dad.

-Wanna know more bout my dad's company?
-My 2nd bro did the web design.

-I have 2 elder bros...
--One is Robert Liong... turning 27 in May... Married... and with a son who just turned 2 last month...
--The other is Ronny Liong... one year younger then my elder bro... (CENSORED. REASON: TMI--> Too Much Information)

-Yes, my parents are grandparents as well...
-Yes, I am (politically speaking) an uncle...

-My dad and I are the only ones within our small non-extended direct family who can speak Chinese generally fluently.
-If you refer to my extended family, let's just say my dad has 3 other brothers and 3 sisters... all married and with minimum 1 son each... and all can speak Cantonese...(My grandparents have very strong Y-Chromosomes...)

-My dad learnt Hokkien on his own despite being a natively Cantonese background
-I can't speak dialect. Neither can my mum and brothers.

-My 2nd bro is pimping away w/ a self-made PC with a custom-requested casing... w/ AMD Athlon64 3000+ 1.8GHz...
-Gaming consoles? my bros had a 'fat' PS2 which died... then my 2nd bro recently bought a 360...

-My bros learnt to drive @ 15...

-Me? 1st attempt was last June... failed badly...

-Btw, My sis-in-law is pregnant... baby expected to be born 06 Jun...

-By C-section, of course!!!
-I'm probably d first guy in d family to be born by Cesarean...

-I'm not left-handed.
-Though i always wanted to be left-handed.

-I do not play the piano...
-And nope, i don't have perfect pitch...
-or so i thought... you never know... (Matthew Ho tested me before... i got lucky once... maybe i shld get d full diagnostic...)

-I do photography as a HOBBY only... I'm not planning to go pro... So, when anyone is getting married, don't bother calling me up... I'm not doing Pro...

-I do not have any cards, other than my EZ-Link and Self Study Pass...

-I am very sensitive to attention... Sometimes, I feel as if i have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)...

-I am no longer fat... my weight is a steady 58-59 kg, and my ht. was 167cm as of Mid-January.

-Still cannot do chin-up...

-First successful monkey-bar crossing: Sec 3 Adventure Camp Day 2...

-First time successfully cycling on a regular bike: November 2006.
-First time successfully cycling on a regular bike while listening to songs on an iPod: November 2006.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Advertisement post!!!

I shall start charging for advertisements on da ron files!

Every line of text i post on ur {insert ad-able stuff here], i shall charge $50!

how bout that for entrepreneurship?

O, btw, if i pimp my own stuff, then i pay myself the same amt, so i can make my ads free!!! YAY!

It's called Meritocracy, people. I worked hard at making an "AD post"... so i shall give myself a handsome discount!

So here's the ads!!!
visit my friggin Flickr page!!!

(This message has been subsidised by da ron files blogging committee, made up of Ronald Liong himself. Thanks, Ronald, for pimping your own flickr... you're far too kind. you're so generous!)













(40 lines = $200. Thanks, Raymond!)

DISCLAIMER: i was joking about charging...

Sunday, 11 February 2007

counting down my days of having an even number as my age for 2007

turning 15 in a few days' time...

apparently, i turned 14 on d 14th day of Feb 2006...

so, i'll never turn x-years-old on x/month/year ever again...

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

lacking sleep... tired... 404 coming to my brain soon...

for the non- ub3r geeks, 404 is d g33k way of saying error....

where it came from, u ask?

ever seen a site with an "ERROR 404: Page not found" message?

the question's been answered!

anyway, seriously, i need daylight-saving to come to Asia...
I feel as if our days are far too long, and our night, too short.

So, i suggest we start a GMT+0800 (DST) time zone and we (as in the people in the GMT +0800 time zone) shall permanently join the new GMT +0800 DST time zone... and become GMT+0700!!!

Oh, btw, Jakarta, try sticking with GMT +0700, so that when i fly back, i need not worry bout time difference... i have too many devices to change the time on everytime i fly in between countries,

Monday, 5 February 2007

modified v2.1.4

v2.1.4i (or revision 4 improvised) is done!

-better colour palette
-a more mono-tonour background... too many colours can be distracting.
-new fonts
-clicking on menu below will show a mouse pinter... not just a font select mouse...


blgo skin turning out horrible...

will look for alternatives to modify and make into my own... coming soon... so watch this space!

Sunday, 4 February 2007

worst week ever? best week ever?

had to bring camera arnd this whole wk except today...

it['s difficult to get people to think of their favourite place in school where they want their photo taken...

it's difficult to get people in long pants to be matured.

it's illegal to take photos @ the Esplanade.

it's tiring to walk around school with a camera bag, a common file, and a bag.

it's (ironically) cool to walk around the city with a DSLR.

it's also not cool to walk around with a DSLR in certain places, according to some Security guards.

it's been a long week of photo-taking, choir practices, first HCL class of 2007, and so much more...

Guys who want their photos... please wait...

BTW< not bringing my camera to school till Tuesday.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Wishlist for Christmas 2007 draft 0.1

yeah... i know, It's early in the year, but nevertheless, i think i should start early... As Mr Gordon Goh started planning his own Teachers' Day planning now... (Secret) So, here goes my list at the moment...

Christmas Wishlist 2007 - Draft: 0.1; Dated: 3.03.2007

-an OEM edition of GENUINE Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
-a GENUINE copy of Microsoft Office 2007 : Home and Students' Edition
-a GENUINE copy of Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac : Student and Teachers' Edition
-a PRO Flickr Account as a gift
-Gwen Stefani's new album, "Wind It Up"
-a (few) photo frame(s). Preferably one in a form of a calendar for me to make into a calendar using photos i took myself.
-a makeover (an extreme one, and make it quick)
-a new fashion sense
-a "SAINTS" lanyard (the one the choir's been selling... i haven't got one for myself... yet...)
-a workout training to help me do my chin-ups
-a HD set-top box
-a widescreen LCD monitor for myself
-a PS3
-a 2GB CompactFlash card (1GB is also fine with me)
-a HD camcorder
-a Hard Drive upgrade for my Mac before I redo Boot Camp
-OS X Leopard
-an iPhone

Friday, 2 February 2007

version 2.1.4

i change the version number like rabbits reproduce...

anyway, enough of anatomy...

version 2.1.4 sees the change in ...
-title on top of each page
-format of "introduction" page
-format of "connections" page
-link bar at the bottom which moves according to your window size
-title bar

so enjoy!

music chart for the moment...

here's a chart for all the pop song lovers...

top songs of the moment

nelly furtado | say it right

nelly furtado | all good things (come to an end)

daughtry | it's not over

gwen stefani | the sweet escape

the fray | how to save a life

take that | patience

avril lavigne | keep holding on

the corrs | goodbye

justin timberlake | what goes around comes around

red hot chilli peppers | snow (hey oh)

blog back up!!!


Thursday, 1 February 2007

Where's my blog???

can't get to my blog... anyone has d same prob???

Well, if u can read this, then i guess not...