Thursday, 31 July 2008


CT! OLVL Oral! National Day! They're all marked RED on my calendar!

Oh, if you're thinking about Stalin, Hitler, or Venice...

I posted summary notes on my MobileMe account [k, I have to get used to saying 'MobileMe' and not .mac].

It's in .docx format, so do get the XML converter from Microsoft if you can't open it. Sorry. But hey, I'm doing this out of my own desire to share and not because I made a promise to anyone. Commitments aren't easy.

Have a great month ahead, and look out for the solar eclipse on 1 Aug 2008!

Wednesday, 30 July 2008



1. Have you ever been in Benjamin See's house?

2. What advice would you give Ian Ng?

3. What do you think about Andrew Fong?
答:He's a joker who's passionate about debates. How ironic.

4. Would you marry Benjamin See?

5. Oh no, Raymond Liew got kidnapped by aliens! What do you say once they get back?
答:Where did you come from? How did you get here? Do you have a time travel machine? What's the meaning of life? Am I living in a simulation? Is Raymond real or fake? Can I make a black hole? Can I have an interview with you? I have a long list of questions to ask you, aliens! Oh, never mind that missing guy.

6. Describe Jeremy Tan in five words.
答:活泼,矮,顽皮. OR... Lively, Light-hearted, Short, immature, witty.

7. How did you meet Shaun Chui?
答:圣安德烈小学合唱团。 那年,我在读小学4年级。

8. What if you found out that Tan Choon Zhe was secretly an alien plotting to take over the world together with Ernest Quek?
答:ya right. But if they really are, then I'm in trouble, aren't I? CIA will think I'm one of them?

9. In a race between you, Tan Choon Zhe and Shaun Chui, who would win?
答:Choon Zhe. Hands down. [lol. Shaun running against Choon Zhe?]

10. Who would be a better superhero sidekick between Tan Choon Zhe and Shaun Chui, and why?
答:Wow. I guess I don't really talk to Choon Zhe a lot, but neither to Shaun Chui... Can I say neither, because they're both the same?

S.S.: Venice notes: Rise of Venice, resummarized

Leadership: diplomatic and enterprising.

· Doge Pietro II Orseolo maintained friendship with other leaderships in Europe.

o Ensures Venice’s Independence and trade, bringing about peace and stability, which in turn allow Venice to generate more income and wealth.

· Doge Enrico Dandolo led a military campaign to capture Constantinople. The success of this campaign marked the beginning of Venice’s growth as a maritime empire.

· Doge Pietro Ziani, the successor to Dandolo, led more conquests to further expand trade and ensure control of important sea routes in the Mediterranean Sea.

Reforms in Gov’t: Responsive, Responsible

· System of Gov’t adapted to meet demands of people and city-state’s growth

o 12th Cent. : Great Coucil -> better control of Admin matters

o 13th Cent. : more political structures [Council of 40, Senate] deal with more complex matters due to Venice’s Expansion.

· No one above the law, not even Doge.

o Great Coucil exercises authority by preventing corruption or abuse of power.

o Effective checks on power due to this great sense of responsibility.

Attitude towards trade: Competitive, adventurous.

· Motivated by profits, the Venetians are shrewd traders who can obtain more favourable trading terms than their competitors. This competitive edge brought them great wealth.

· Willing to travel to distant land to search markets and supplies, Venice could secure lucrative and exotic trade items, making them important traders. Wealth created made Venice one of the greatest cities of Europe.

Innovation in Maritime Technology: Galley.

· Extensive knowledge of shipbuilding allowed Venetians to design and build superior vessels able to sail swiftly over long distances.

· Oars and sails propulsion methods allowed their ships to sail where others cannot, hence facilitating in expansion of trade and territorial control.

· Pirates tend to avoid Venetian ships as they were a combo of merchant + war vessels called galleys.

Industrial Development: efficient, enterprising, innovative.

· Arsenal: backbone of Venetian Maritime Empire and power, as all shipbuilding activities are centralised here, improving productivity.

o At peak [15th Cent.]: ≥2000 craftsmen could produce average 10 galleys a day when called upon.

· Diversifying into other manufacturing industries [e.g.: glassmaking, printing] resulted in growth of a variety of manufactured goods that Venice could sell.

· Venetians started double-entry bookkeeping [enabled businessman to keep track of transactions]

o Improved on their effectiveness in accounting, made Venice a favourite trading centre.

· Giro banking helped facilitate trade as business transactions were done through banking instructions, not cash terms. [Popular with traders]

· All these improved Venice’s reputation, increases its popularity.

Overcoming trade competitions: Tenacious [persistent]

· Main trade competition: Genoa [also dependent on Maritime trade]

o After a series of war, Venice defeated Genoa in late 14th Cent.

o Venetians can now control Mediterranean Sea, brought them more international trade.

Nice. Not Nice.


Amazingly, this image has captured at least four Martian avalanches, or debris falls, in action. It was taken on February 19, 2008, by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

NOT Nice...

Weird-looking creature is discovered in Montauk, Long Island, which is apparently near a government animal testing facility called Plum Island. Is it real, or just some belated viral marketing scheme for The X-Files movie?

[Link, and Link]

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

In celebration of typography!

After giving you the link to, I thought it's only right if I guide you through all that clutter of countless fonts by narrowing down my top ten list.

Really, these are the fonts that I like, some of which are even going into my OLVL Art Prep Work! [Yes, I checked the license]

Links are provided as well.




Why 2 'number 10's? Well, I don't think some take a barcode as a font, and there's the group who just don't appreciate the ordinary, plain fonts which look too generic, e.g.: Geo Sans Light. So, to accomodate both, I included both!

Either way, I hope you guys will enjoy these new fonts on your computers!

Oh, PC, Linux, and Mac Compatible. No excuse.

Typography is IMPORTANT!

Here's a confession.

I always cringe at the sight of people who call themselves 'designers' or people people who do digital print media, and yet give the excuse that their computers only 'ship with a small number of fonts, like Times, Ariel, or even worse, COMIC SANS.

To save yourself from getting a lesson on typography and font from me, I suggest you see this link.

Go, get some fonts, and use them in your design works and prints, before I nag.

But please, use ARIEL, TAHOMA, or CALIBRI in FORMAL documents, unless you want your teacher, employer or boss to nag at you. Otherwise, no excuse.

Also, respect other people's Intellectual Property [IP], if they license it as free for personal use, make sure you're not making money out of the thing that you're using the font for, including submission for competition(s).

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Good Tech, Bad Tech, Low Tech

Ok, honest opinion.

I am unhappy with my Razr.

Yes, it's thin. it's sexy. it's reasonably light. And yes, its call quality is awesome. No, it's outstanding.

But, that's not enough.

That's not enough to cover up the fact that this phone has a bad software.
It can't even sync with iSync, something the fat Nokia phones do well.

Its external display, supposedly 'touch' display, is useless. Not completely, but i feel it has greater potential that to tell time and show my sms. What's the touch for? Oh, just to control you music. that's all?

Its numeric keypad is nice and large. But what's the point if it's not RESPONSIVE in the RIGHT manner? Pressing the down key 2x does not equate to pressing the '8' key. Can you guys learn a thing or two about micro-soldering from Apple or Sony? Goodness!

And by the way, sms on the motorola razr sucks. Just ask Kevin Chiam. I sent him 3 smses by accident just because the phone can't catch up to me. And mind you, I type pretty slow.

After about 7 months with the phone, I give it a 3/10. Not because I want an iPhone 3G, but because it does retarded things even the cheapest Nokia won't. BooHoo.

On the other end of tech, I decided I should let everyone in on one piece of technology I have been using for more than 3 years. This thing has interfaced with the many MP3 players I have owned, from the MuVo V200 to the iPod Touch. Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting to you....

I use this thing in the toilet, I use it in my room, and more.

I love it.

What can I say. It's a speaker with good-enough bass. And it seems to be holding up well to moisture.

The altec lansing iM4.
Rating: 8/10

Friday, 25 July 2008

250th Post of 2008! Music Chart!

To celebrate the 250th post of 2008, and the fulfillment of one of my New Year Resolutions, I am giving everyone a little gift in the form of a music chart, because I haven't done one in ages, and I thought it's about time I make a new one.

I tried to add new music that has never appeared in any previous lists before. See if you [and I] like it!

Rihanna - Disturbia
Jonas Brothers - Burnin' Up^
Duffy - Mercy
Weezer - Pork And Beans*
Jesse McCartney - Leavin'
3 Doors Down - It's Not My Time
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl **
Paramore - That's What You Get
The Ting Tings - Shut Up And Let Me Go
Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake and Timbaland- 4 minutes

There you go, the most diverse selection of top 10 tracks ever! no cheap-o 'multiple tracks from certain albums' kind of scenario.

^ - can't find the track on Seeqpod. Sorry.
* - Watch the video on youtube when you can. it's good...
** - lyrics and title can be offensive or a little graphic. caution.

With that, I present to you, the 250th post of 2008, the 51st post of July08, the 30th Music Chart to date, on da ron files.

And with that, another one of my New Year's Resolution has been achieved!

fianlly, I can take a break from blogging.

Yes, I will be going on a blogging hiatus to prepare more educational content over at my class blog, Which means, I won't be blogging crap anymore, and I won't be bloggin here as often anymore. Just blogging study tips and notes at my class blog. You're welcomed to see some of the stuff I've done over there so far, though!

Here's to another 250 posts next year! [cheers]

da ron files is on a semi-hiatus until 13 Nov 2008!


Went to watch the guys [i.e.: choir and drama] perform "Beautiful City" the musical just now.

Well, maybe it's not considered 'watching', since I was backstage [in the Audi PA room], doing AUDIO recording + video recording [left a camera in the audience], while listening to the entire musical over my headphones, minus all the voices except ambient noise and voices captured by the 2 mic packs held by the 2 main characters: John the Baptist and Jesus.

For the ignorant people who refuse to watch the musical, just read the book of Matthew, in the New testament. That's roughly what 'Beautiful City" talks about, with a modernised juxtaposition. [finally, I get to use that big word]

I must say, with the exception of some minor flaws [hey, nobody's perfect], the musical went well! Really enjoyed myself.

I think the drama and choir peeps, PLUS the backstage crew, teachers, and the director deserve a pat on their backs. It's not easy putting up a musical of such magnitude. For a first time collaboration, this is a good start.

Just hope the guys will get better soon. Some have started to show signs of sore throat or flu... And they still have one more show. yikes.

Anyway, Thank you for the good show! Didn't regret paying for the ticket, even though I was 'behind the scenes'...

P.s.: 50th post of the month! and 1 more post before I hit the big 250 of 2008!

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

new spectacles

they hurt. I feel cross-eyed...

Oh, I managed to do most of the paper 1 math papers. Except a few where certain formulae were missing. Crud!

Blogged on an iPod touch.

P.s. Approaching 250th post of the year!

erm, creepy day.

Let's see.

Class ended at 1.45pm today, and I immediately went home after that.

Something looks REALLY wrong in this picture.

And then Mr Soh was like really fed up with those who didn't to the impossibly thick stack of Mid-year papers from other schools.

ACS Barker, Hong Kah, Henderson, and new on Monday: Jurong, Loyang, Peicai.

All, paper 1 and 2 from EACH of the 6 schools above, by monday, above and beyond other homeworks, such as ACS Barker A Math, Bukit Merah A Math, Skill 3, etc.

It's stress season! [notice the olympics colours? oh, you did?]

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

"iPhone 3G quote"

"We'll be launching about 20 additional countries on August 22nd"

22 Aug, you say, eh, Oppenheimer?


†¥π^~© ^~ å¬†≥

let's see if you can decode this. Clue: alt[on ]

˙ˆ˜†Ú π®´ßß å¬† å˜∂ 嘥 ˚´¥ ø˜ ¥ø¨® ˚´¥∫øå®∂≥ †˙ˆß ˆß ∑˙å† ¥ø¨ ©´†⁄

Erm, no, this is not as easy to decode by just copying the text and pasting it into textedit or notepad. HA! Knew you'ld try that.

© ∂å•®øπ•ƒ¡¶£§™ 2008

Monday, 21 July 2008


Still getting used to some of its features...

ron_liong at me dot com.

email me thru this if it's urgent. I have 'Push' set up from this account to my iPod touch. Just note that I read in the morning [before school] and after school.

I wanted to announce a transition to iWeb after my 250th post, but it's turning out a little rocky, so that plan is scrapped.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Does this mean I can use an iPod in exams?

Behold, the value of pi on an iPod touch. Can you say 'iCalculator'?

Sent from my iPod touch


Sent from my iPod touch



虽然我是高华学生, 我的华文水准还比不上一般的高华学生。因此,我决定要比较时常利用华语来发挥我的感想,让网络世界来读。

通过这个学习过程,我希望你(我最爱的读者)会不断的支持我,也同时会批评我,帮我指出我的错误,弱点,等, 使我的华语会进步。缩短简单来讲:请多多指教!


Have You Noticed...
that over the past few days, I've been posting Chinese content more frequently?

Although I'm a HCL student, my Chinese standard is not at the same calibre as an average HCL student. Hence, I decided to post in Chinese more regularly to express my thoughts & feelings, for the world-wide web to see.

Through this learning process, I hope that you (my beloved readers) will continue to support me, and at the same time criticise me, point out my mistakes, weaknesses, etc, to help me improve my Chinese. Long story short: Do give comments!

Oh, for those who don't like Chinese, especially my CLB friends, I will post English translations for my Chinese posts.

[manually translated. any typos, adjustments to translations, etc, were intentional OR accidental.]


just thought i should pass this along

If the wrong video loads, just click on the one that says
"Superband: The Pink Guava Boys 非常 Superband: 粉红小男生"

Meaning: even if you try while watching, you won't be able to hold back your laughter.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008




Oh, there's a bible in the app store.

Love the 2.0 software upgrade!!!

Blogged on an iPod touch, using safari, the world's best mobile browser.


from a low-life, jailbroken iPhone with firmware 1.1.4,

I DFU-ed the iPod,

bricked it while trying to restore the iPod on iTunes 7.7,

restored it on a PC with iTunes 7.6.2,

then downloaded the iPod touch 2.0 software from BitTorrent [finally, some good use of this technology!]

and after 10 minutes of stalling and waiting...

Voila! 2.0 on my iPod touch, no longer jailbroken!

*sobs silently.

best digged pic ever.


I'm currently watching the webcam on the school Art Room's iMac to see if anyone went to touch it. Yes, I managed to get the iMac to auto-accept video chats. But not the screen sharing thing. damn...

So, if you're in the art room, and you're reading this, do note that I'm watching the mac, and I can see who's using it. So, don't mess with the iMac!

And btw, I'm hearing an odd music selection over the speaker earlier on...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

This looks retarded...

I logged in to my .Mac iChat account on the Art Room iMac, which is currently rendering some scenes for my OLVL project.

Then, I went home, created a new AOL iChat account, added that account on my .Mac iChat buddy list.

Now, I know that the iMac is still on.

Because I left my status on that Mac as "Busy".

If I must get a PC...

My favourtie PC of the moment: The Sony Vaio Z-Series

+13.3" display: the new sweet spot.
+1600x900 pixels = 16:9 aspect ratio.
+Discrete Graphics [GeForce 9300M GS] and Intel GMA4500MHD = Great Blu-Ray playback w/ enough battery life to last!
+Intel Centrino 2 w/ Montevina.
+A2DP Stereo Bluetooth
+Fingerprint sensor

Why NOT?
-Crapware from Sony.
-Can't find the XP downgrade link.
-Only 2 USB slots [well, my MacBook Pro also has this issue. Plus, it's smaller. So, fair enough]
-1.3" at its thickest: Thicker than my MacBook Pro, and the MacBooks.
-It's not a Mac. lol.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Mind not screwed up yet?

Got this off Facebook...

Riddle -
3 men rent a room in a hotel. The cost is 30 dollars. Each man pays $10.
The manager realizes later they only had to pay $25.
He tells a maid to return $5 to the men.
On the way up, in the elevator, the maid thinks, "They can't split $5, so I'll just take $2 for myeself and give them $3."
So the maid gives the men $3.
Therefore, out of the $10 each man gave, he got one dollar back. Therefore, each man paid $9, right?
$27 = $2 stolen + $25 supposed to pay.... Add $1 per person, you get $30. + ...
So, 9x3 is $27, right? So they paid $27 in total.
But from the $30, the maid stole $2. 30 - 2 = $28.
What happened to the other dollar?
Solution: highlight the dotted row.


Let a=b
aa = ab

-bb to both sides...
aa - bb = ab - bb

(a+b)(a-b) = b(a-b)

Cacellation of common factors,
a+b = b

Sub a=b.
2a = a

Divide both sides by a,
2 = 1

Find a and b.
Courtesy of the Bio relief teacher my class had...

Whoops' late news.

Forgot to upload this screenshot these screenshots. [forgot that it's plural since there's two.]

Look closely, people. Singapore has an iTunes Store, in the form of an App Store! Sure, we don't get a music store from Apple, but at least we have apps! And so did Indonesia, and UAE! Next stop: Music!

Spore Creature Creator! I made one! Called this one grazko, modelled after a gecko and a grazing animal [like a cow!]. lol... Spore.


The guys at ESDAA, including Nickson Fong, came down to St. Andrew' s Secondary to talk about the academy and animation, as well as Kungfu Gecko. Look! They use Macs!

Still tired. kind of.

Thighs hurt.

Slept late. So lacking sleep now.

Waiting for iPod touch 2.0 software upgrade to pop up under [yes, it's jailbroken]

And I'm reaching the 250 post goal soon. yay!

Slowly inching closer.

Still thinking whether to run the 10k race.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Can I run 10K in 90minutes?

The Answer: YES.

To explain why my speed fell in the last 2 km:

I was running into city conditions [MacPherson Road junction, then Sennett Estate with its many turns, bends, and crossings]

My route today:

*not drawn to pin-point accuracy.

Friday, 11 July 2008

I wanna run!

Really, really, tempted to take part in .

But, the problem is:
1. $25. What if I decide not to run?
2. Never ran 10k before. ever. Only walked 10k before, when I was in P5. Took me 2h 35min, and I ended up with pus excreting out of my largest toe.
3. I'm 'addicted' to Addidas. lol. Maybe i'll try using Nike just for once...

Well, anyone else going to run 10K as well? Besides, I think it'll be fun if more run together. Just a warning: they will close the road after 2h. And they'll only give a finisher's bracelet if you clocked under 90minutes. I think I'll aim 75min.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Biofuel, man!

I was inspired to post about the biofuel story below [scroll down] by this video. It's a Rocketboom episode. [Rocketboom is like a quick update on what's going on in the world of news, from the quirky to the hot topics. Kinda like Mahalo Daily, if you ask me, but with a more serious British accent]

Regardless, I really think you should watch this if you want to know more about is the impact of biofuels and wheat on food prices. After all, food is important for one to survive.

Reply about le poteau français

daniel said...

One year of mandatory French, and I could barely understand that... Damn...

Well, that could mean two things.

  1. Daniel's French isn't good enough to understand the translation I got. OR
  2. My translator widget is a phony that comes up with random crap that may not even make sense in a sentence. A FRENCH sentence.

Biofuel hurting your pockets?

Think about this.

Ths US subsidises farmers who grow crops for bio-fuel / ethanol production.

That means more farmers are switching to wheat growing, instead of, say, poultry, vegetables, or soy.

Furthermore, more wheat is going into biofuel than grain food products, especially rice.

One more thing: the US wants more biofuel, so they're reducing exports to foreign countries, leaving less food for the rest of the world who depend on the US. And mind you, many countries depend on US food aid.

Oh, one more thing: since the US is making a move towards biofuel, the demand for crude oil reduces. Hence, the Middle East, furious at this and wanting to make the same amount of money / even more, raise crude oil prices to compensate for this reduction in demand from the US. Bad news for the rest of the world.

Is biofuel our answer?

Biofuel can certainly reduce our dependence on crude oil. Perhaps it is a cleaner. But it's hurting the poor people. Ironic, but true. The amount of grains needed to make biofuel enough to fill the tank of an SUV, is also enough to feed a person. For a year.

And one more thing: While the rich / middle class are able to afford grain alternatives such as processed food, the poor have a higher dependency on grains, as that's their main diet and their staple. By raising grain prices, it is the lower tier of the world that is being lowered into more severe poverty.

And before I end this summary on biofuel, can I add one more factor?

Global warming is affecting crop yields globally. With the rise in temperatures, it is expected that global food productions may fall. And even with the fall in productions, MORE crops are being used to make biofuel, leaving much LESS to supply the same global population.

Biofuel, are you really meant to help us?

I want my canteen food prices to go down, damn it!

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Viva La Français!

Je tape ce poteau entier en français juste parce que je peux.

I'm typing this entire post in French, just because I can.

Ainsi, Esmond, je vous connais Français de haine, mais hé, au moins vous pouvez comprendre que blanc je tape, à la différence du repos.

So, Esmond, I know you hate French, but hey, at least you may understand wht I'm typing, unlike the rest.

Je pense vraiment que nous devrions apprendre à embrasser des langues étrangères.

I really think we should learn to embrace foreign languages.

Ainsi, dans la célébration de la langue française, j'ai traduit ce poteau en Français, juste parce qu'un Macintosh peut vous a facilement laissé traduire la substance en d'autres langages en utilisant un widget de tableau de bord.

So, in celebration of the French language, I translated this post into French, just because a Macintosh can easily let you translate stuff into other languages using a Dashboard widget.

Dieu d'Oh, font s'il vous plaît ce travail de traduction.
Oh God, please make this translation work.


Physics class was awesome...

Today, our class was doing a Science Practical where we had to test out the effect of area of a parachute on the speed of descent.

So, we went out of the Physics lab to drop parachutes [made of plastic and strings, with 10g mass attached to each chute]

Some of the people were a bit crazier - they dropped chutes all the way from the 7th floor to the Courtyard @ the 3rd floor. A few got stuck in the building shades, but nonetheless, it was nice to see things fall like that - so slowly and gently.

The funny thing was that everyone who passed by was like staring at what the heck we were doing. LOL. 0.0

Went for orthodontics appointment. now, all the rubber bits on my braces are black. Let's see if I can polish them till they're white! [My bro's joke.]

Oh, I bought the "I Heart Revolution - With Hearts As One" Album from Hillsongs United. I must say, if there's any reason why you shouldn't just DOWNLOAD this album [not even from iTunes], but instead BUY it, is because they include a really cool panoramic poster-ish album booklet. I know I'm not making any sense, but trust me. It's really nice.

Ok. Viva La Vida on loan. I Heart Revolution was reserved [i believe, if I recall correctly] by Matthew Ho. Erm, Matt?

Oh, just a little experiment, especially amongst those who see me often. I wanna see if you can actually see my lower set of teeth when I smile, talk, or in any way, open my mouth. I was told my my orthodontics that apparently, I have an overbite. Meaning: My upper teeth is WAY in front of my lower teeth when I bite my teeth together, such that my lower teeth are 'hidden'. Oh well, it's all in the bone structures, I guess.

One more thing [related to the title]. I was telling Bryan that I linked their blog [the FCK United blog] on the Class blog []. He was, like, OMGWTF. Ok, dude. the link's down already.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

sports day -> chess boxing?

Are obese kids redundant during sports day?

Just want to get the ball rolling ......

It is a personal observation that obese kids at the junior school are often left out of running events due to their physical outlook. Get real, who wants to slow down a race where agility and speed is needed. No one loves to lose.

However, coming across to the other side of the camp.... at SASS. There is a tug-o-war when zero becomes heroes and where fats are biceps. I really hope to see events cater to these students at the junior school. Example....tug-O-war....sumo wrestling... junior judo or even boxing (that's something I learned in P3 back in 1977). Why not? A SAPTA cup for this main event. These kids are also part of a sport's day team besides being "eyed" as forwards for our esteemed rugby team. Anyone with constructive ideas?

PS : offence to teachers....just an observation

[taken from the SAPTA website at


after just reading the headline, I was thinking to myself: what about a sport that doesn't just test athletic capabilities? How about chess-boxing?

In chess-boxing, you lose either through using up 12 minutes on your turn in chess, in a checkmate, or a knockout in actual boxing. /just searc online to find out more about it.

So, Chess-boxing for National Day?

Monday, 7 July 2008

O Hai!

before you know it, you'll be saying lolcatspeak in no time...
Ceiling cat iz watchin u!!!1

realised my posts have been coming in like SPAM?

no, i didn't create a bot.

I'm posting as frequently as possible just so that I can meet that 250-post target this year.

I am probably ramping down my blogging habit by late July in preparation of the Prelims, after which I may have another burst of blog posts on this blog in September.

After September, I may still post stuff, but maybe more 'revision notes' and 'educational content' than 'interesting content for the general (ignorant) audience'.

so, yeah. 250, here I come.


i tidied up the links a little bit.

-Crossed out a few names of blogs that have seized to exist OR had been stagnant since / before Jan 2008
[Theodore Koh, Shao Wei]

-Updated some of the people's links
[Christian Sng, Clovis Tan, Stephanie Yeo]

-Added NEW Links
[major blog n422 and 伍个人, Daniel Lim, Ken Koh, Jeremy Tan (rugby)]

-my frequent haunting ground
[Twitter and Macrumors]

-moved my links to just below my links, so that it makes more sense.

UPDATE: thanks to bensee for pointing to Shao Wei's new blog.

Intro to my new Web2.0 apps...

"Yes it works. What's Pownce?"

Well, to answer that question, I thought I'ld give 3 different versions.

The First: The Official "What is Pownce" answer, from

Pownce is a way to send stuff to your friends. What kind of stuff? You can send just about anything: music, photos, messages, links, events, and more. You can do it all on our web site, or install our lightweight desktop software that lets you get out of the browser.

The Second: My thoughts of what Pownce is.

Well, is kinda like, if you use it, but more. lets you post updates in a micro-blogging format. No character limit, unlike Twitter. also lets you share files, links, and even notices to events.

It also integrates your different social networking profiles into one, by linking them on your profile page.

The Third: also an official definition outlined by the About page, but in a geekier tone.

The website is Django which is Python and we use a MySQL database. The servers are Debianand our web servers run a combination of Apache and Perlbal (by Danga Interactive). File storage is supported by S3 from Amazon Web Services. The desktop application is written in Flex for Adobe's brand new AIR platform. We support Microformats and we're XFN. We use some of the great FamFamFam Silk Icons and the ISO Seriesicons by Sodafish as well as some beautiful background illustrations by artists at istockphoto. Also, thanks to Peter Simonsson for his help with some icons!