Saturday, 30 September 2006

Techies' Guide to Xmas Part 1

Here's the first of "y" number of segments to the "Techies' Guide to Xmas"...
A recommendation of techie gifts for the people around... We cover all kinds of people - from the NERDS to the FASHIONISTA.

1) Intel Core 2 Quad QX6700 (available November)
The first Quad-core processor available to the market... QUAD CORE!!! WOOT! (Fits in current Core 2-compatible sockets)
For Build-It-Yourself Nerds only.

2) Apple iPod Nano 2G
the new iPod Nano with aluminum casing. With colours!
For Fashionistas, some nerds, music junkie / audiophile.

3) Microsoft XBOX 360
The gaming device you'll love. Trust me...
For the gamers, some nerds.

4) Sennheiser CX300 In-ear Earphones
The most value-for-money in-earphones in the market. With good sound quality.
For Counsellors, audiophiles and people who live with chatty people.
And people who are really bad in "tao-ing" people, and needs a little help.

5) Sony Playstation 3
The most expensive item in the list (or second, depending on the price of the Intel QX6700). A good (i suppose) gaming console with Blu-ray, HDMI, HDD, WLAN, CELL and WTHU'veBeenDelayed4SoLong AKA WTHUBD4SL
For the Sony Fanboys who are serious gamers only.
And people who owns HDTVs, only to feed it with standard SDTV signal and typical DVD player ONLY (It's HD, for goodness sake... Give it a LIFE) ...

Of In-ears and counsellors...

I've been thinking... what happens when you give an in-ear earphones to a counsellor?

Would he use the in-ear with his iPod(TradeMark of Apple Corporation.) (had to clarify that before this Mac supporter gets sued totally)...

Would he use the earphones during counseling sessions?

Would he use it when his "client" is {insert verb which is related to loud activities here, e.g.: crying, shouting, criticizing]?

Would he use it throughout his counseling sessions?

Would he use it when he needs to ponder upon himself?

Would he "find his true self" with in-ear earphones?

Would he reflect upon himself with in-ear earphones in his ears?

Counsellors... More than just perfect people who help others with their problems...
In-Ear Earphones... More than just a piece of technology to deteriorate your auditory sensitivity...

Thursday, 28 September 2006

'n'th Replies to comments

where 'n' = the number of times I have been replying to comments + 1

Anyway, enough of algebra... here's my comments..

(posts first, replies after each post...)

28 Sep 06, 14:56
LRY: a get half-freaked out everytime i visit your blog.

28 Sep 06, 00:20
sarahHOON: ps what's with the EYE
28 Sep 06, 00:20
sarahHOON: you know what i want for christmas?! a yellow-white-and-blue-soft-touch-molten...VOLLEYBALL! XD hahahahah luffyDlutfi
Me: What's with the volleyball? and I was wearing contact lenses... whicih explains the blue "ring/halo" arond my eye(s)...

27 Sep 06, 23:21
LRY: omg esvaran u acting lame....this is nice?? Can't really read in peace with a huge eye staring at me
27 Sep 06, 20:51
Esvaran: weee cool blogg skin. =) hahas.
Me: Thanx Es... Shut Up, LRY...

27 Sep 06, 18:59
LRY: wa nuthing to do go think of "v0.11"
v0.1.1 = VERSION 0, SUB VERSION 1, REVISION 1. (idiot...)

27 Sep 06, 17:59
ian: lol. kind of too close up dont you think>
Me: No... It's ART.... Art is "open to interpretation"

27 Sep 06, 14:15
LRY: got N90 still wan newer phone...-.- and nvr pick up calls...
Me: I'm gonna remove it soon.. I find my phone good enough... so JUST SHUT UP!!!

26 Sep 06, 19:35
Clement: Hey nice
Me: Hey Clement! Thanx 4 d comments (and compliment)... I'll add when I'm done w/ my post...

26 Sep 06, 16:59
LRY: ok...after that post...YES IT IS OILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 Sep 06, 19:12
LRY: hey ron, mind linking me? [] thx
25 Sep 06, 18:44
Raymond: ron...i only got 1 thing to say...ur face is oily
Me: Linked (sorry... message outdated...) Anyways... I know... My face is oily... especially @ 11PM...

24 Sep 06, 22:36
LRY: no offence, ron, but mayb u shld digitally enhance ur pix b4 putting it as wallpaper ^^
24 Sep 06, 22:18
Me: For the LAST TIME (in this post...) SHUT UP!!! Go make ur own friggin blog if ur not happy w/ mine! (Idiot...)

Ron: Ok, how's my blog now? for the better or the worse? Comment!
Me: ok.... why am i replying to my own post... Guess that's all I have to reply to.

Exams #1 to 3 overMUSIC!!!

Exam 1: EL Paper 1
Exam 2: Choir ABRSM Exam
Exam 3: HCL Paper 1

From the guy who brought to you "'Likes to eat fish' Man"...

It's the E-X-A-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N-S S-O-N-G!!!

and here's the ERNIE SONG!!!


Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Christmas Wishlist v0.1.1

IN-EAR HEADPHONES (only 1 of the following)
- Senheisser CX300 in-ear earpone (S$129)
-Creative Zen Aurvana

-Apeture 1.5 (S$588)

-My 2.d bro's DSLR or
-a Canon EOS 350D or any other good DSLR with
-a cheap but decent 28-300mm lens (WooHoo!)
-a HD HDD (High definition Hard Disk Drive) Camcorder

-a PS3 (i know... it's Sony... but Heck!) (Est. S$800)
-an XBox 360, if not the PS 3 listed above...(Est. $500)

-a 20" Widescreen Monitor.

-a TV Tuner for Media Center / Mac OS X

-a Nokia N73 or Sony Erricson K800i
-an iPhone (Steve Jobs, let it into the market)

-an iTV Unit (dunno y i'ld need it, but i wanna own it)
-an iPod Video with Wide-screen View (I know you have it, Mr Steve Jobs. RElease IT!) (that iPod Video 80GB thingy? I'm not falling for it!)

-The Fray - How to Save a Life
-Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
-蔡淳佳 Joi Chua - (insert name of album here)

Monday, 25 September 2006

My face... comment?

Ok, time for everyone to get involved... Answer truthfully... Is my face oily? and is it scary (the way I use it as my BG). TAG! (will be Last post b4 exams, i guess))

Singapore Idol? controversial? hmm...

Ok, we all know S'pore Idol just ended and d winner is Hady... (i didn't follow closely till d past 50 hrs).

Firstly, I am not amazed by Singapore Idol...

Don't get it? Look at Taufik...

Since he won Idol in '04, what has he been doing? sure, making a few TV appearance... sure, performed @ NDP... Sure, he released an album and attained platinum (or multi plat, for that matter)... Sure, he's been on 7-11 ads. Anymore?

You can practically count his achievements. No offence, but I think some other artist has done better than him. Stefanie Sun performed @ NDP 2x, released multiple albums, and had very high sales on all of those. She even made it regional.

If you ask me, Idol is just a show which:

a) find talent from the population who auditioned (3 in approximately 4k will make it. The top 3 shall make an album. a breakthrough is bound to happen) For this "breakthrough",...

b) overhype it so that people know which is the ONE, by letting people decide who they like, then call him an idol.

c) Saves money on advertising. Seriously, why advertise further down the road for 3 ppl who may release 'x' no. of albums each, when you can get free publicity? It's working. I'm talking about idol. More buzz = more recognition = more market penetration = more sales, even if 98% of the population aren't interested. Also, you may contradict, saying that preparing the show costs money. Sponsors can help, ya know... Mediacorp is helping... Dick, Ken (representing Hype Records), Big Gulp, Ja, Flo, they benefit. This whole thing is an AD, i tell ya!

In summary, Idol is a SMART marketing stratergy. Cheap as I may have described it, It is still a briliant idea which will continue to dumb the population down (including me, since I talk about it). Nevertheless, it is a good ad - one which we do not always hate. well, most of us.

Exams coming... may not blog...

Hey guys.

Just2 let ya know, my exams are here, so i'll be away for approx 2 wks... may drop by now and then... may not...

Anyway, Tomorrow's the ABRSM exam and EL Paper 1... supposed 2 be my HCL Paper 1, but postponed...

Nevertheless, exams will pause till next week after that. Hope I can memorise all d facts i need. (o, there's HCL paper 2 on friday)

I really hope I pass HCL. d last thign i want to see is a red mark on my report.

Sunday, 24 September 2006

No TradeMark for me...

I wanted to use Ronfiles as a trademark and make it exclusively for myself, but seeing how many ppl used the same term before me...

hunt for "ronfiles™"

Les Vista screenshot in french is...

les vista photo de l'affichage à cristaux liquides (the Vista photo from the LCD, not screenshot. coz google can't translate "screenshot")

Learning French... how bout that???
With that, I declare the exam period as the Multilingual period!!!

Learn another language or two... speak a word or two... and most of all, brag about it!!!

Spread the words... It's Multilingual Fortnight from October 2 (Oct 1 is Children's day... RonFiles is doing a commemoration to the deaths of Children who died on that day over the past x no. of years) to October 16!!! Multiliguists RULE!!!

Mehrsprachig (German)
Multilingüe (Spanish)
Multilingue (French / Italian)
متعدد اللغات (Arabic. This should be on the Right of the page.. but I can't adjust, so I apologise for the wrong use of Arabic.)
多言語 (Japanese, apparently, and 繁体华文)
다언어 (Korean)

Speaking of korean...
한국어 ("Korean" in Korean language)

Changed some things around here!!!

I know people have been complaining about how words can be difficult to see when they view some pages on my blog. i.e.: Links. so, I have changed certain things here...

1. New BG!!! You may hate it, you may like it... whatever the case, thank ImageShack for holding the 300kb, 1023x768 (yes, 1023, not 1024) JPG file. I took it on my N90, scaled down using iPhoto, and uploaded using an annonymous identity to ImageShack. then i edited the HTML. it was then when I felt the itch in my fingers... the desire to mess around and spoil my day...


2. I changed the colouring of all the links I posted in d Links section. It's more legible...

3. I changed the sidebar font and design... zigzags are nice...

4. I changed the mouse shape in the main box from crosshair to default...... can't change the selection pointer for the sidebar... will figure out why soon enough... I hope...

Well, that's all 4 now...

Preparing a shopping list for christmas

Here's my wishlist for Christmas @ a glance... (by value of "want"-ingness, most wanted above, not as wanted below)

-a Shure e2c or Creative Zen Aurvana or other in-ear earphones compatible for the iPod)

-a Canon EOS 350D or any other good DSLR with
-a cheap but decent 28-300mm lens (WooHoo!)
-a HD HDD (High definition Hard Disk Drive) Camcorder

-a PS3 (i know... it's Sony... but Heck!)
-an XBox 360, if not the PS 3 listed above...

-a 20" Widescreen Monitor.

-a TV Tuner for Media Center / Mac OS X

-a Nokia N73 or Sony Erricson K800i
-an iPhone (Steve Jobs, let it into the market)

-an iTV Unit (dunno y i'ld need it, but i wanna own it)
-an iPod Video with Wide-screen View (I know you have it, Mr Steve Jobs. RElease IT!) (that iPod Video 80GB thingy? I'm not falling for it!)

the holiday line-up looks good... Yumm!

Disclaimer: I know that there's an 89% chance that I won't get these stuff... But who cares?

Saturday, 23 September 2006

Algebra test on viewership (no one will get 0)

In prep of FYE, This is an Algebra lesson for all Tech geeks below the age of 16. Buck up on your Algebra with da ron files!

If da ron files on blogspot = Linux...

and if is Mac...

Then da ron files on Windows Live Spaces = _____________________

Questions: (all questions must have an answer: a, b, c, or d only)
1) What fits in the blank best? (2m)
a: Dell Latitudes
b: Windows XP
c: Vista RC1 x64
d: laptops exploding

2) If Linux = x , what is OS X equal to? (3m)
a) approximately 4000 squared
b) approximately 2x
c) approximately 2 stingrays
d) approximately 2

3) Is Algebra fun? (2 m)
a) YES
b) NO

4) Why did you do this test? (8m)
a) I am dumb
b) I am stupid
c) I am retarded
d) I am 45 degrees higher than lame. AKA: Spastic

Marks given for various answers:
Q1 If you choose...
a) + 2m
b) +1.5m
c) +0.5m
d) +0.5m

Q2: If you choose...
a) +3.5m (u really know your Mac users)
b) +3
c) +0
d) -17 (Mac is not = to 2!)

Q3: If you choose...
a) +0 (good for you, but this Q will not help in an exam)
b) -0
c) 0
d) 0

Q4: If you choose...
(a / b / c / d): +8
(no answer) : - 17

Summary of results:
-34 to 0.5 - Wow. You are really bad at reading instructions... or you hate the Mac users so much... We hate you too.

1 to 10: ok... not bad...
>10.5: Excellent! I made you a admit you're dumb!!!


This dumb test was a production of TSALWWATADWTAA (The Society Against Liars Who Won't Admit They Are Dumb When The Actually Are).

Les Vista photo de l'affichage à cristaux liquides

As promised for those not as lucky as me to have broadband internet to download 2.49GB of data... Vista Screenshots!!!

Computer's Performance. 4.2 on a MacBook Pro w/ Intel Core Duo T2600 and 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon X1600, 0.96GB RAM as well
Games have performance ratings
Clean Far shot of Vista on Widescreen
Vista RC 1...
Far Shot of Vista
Start Button.. Windows logo with a bubble
Windows Media Center (only Home Premium and Ultimate)
Aero Glass EFX

Friday, 22 September 2006

Phrase of d day - suicidal tendencies

Disclaimer: The word of the day does not describe the actual feelings of any person associated or linked with this journalist's column.

When you read past the phrase, SCREAM!!!

Ms Poon (my P6 form teacher) is teaching the P6s this year.And apparently, the pencil cases of these students have suicidal tendencies.

Zexun does lots of 3D animation. However, when it comes to modifying HTML or Chinese, he has suicidal tendencies.

I have many computer hardware. When anything dies, when compatibility issues arise, I have suicidal tendencies.

Do you have suicidal tendencies?

It's that time of the year when people jump off buildings like rain from fluffy, cuddly, soft white clouds. Be careful. Don't be one of those who want to jump of a building or high objects! Did you know that you can die by jumping off a bed 1m away from the ground? YES! Did you know that you can die if you touch things? Especially radioactive sunstances! Did you know that you can die by being addicted to Maplestory? It's true! (Exhibit A: Nigel Chen is underweight and he has panda eyes.)

Also, did you know that by slipping on the stairs, you can die? YES!

Did you know that really hot water kills? Now you do...

Mains electricity kills too.

O, mercury in the backlight of LCDs... they're bad...

Anyway, Suicidal tendencies... it's bad. are you bad?
-Disclaimer: the words expressed in this blog post is not the opinions of people involved / associated with da ron files. da ron files is not responsible for any suicide attempts, be it a successful execution or a failed attempt.

Wanted Albums

The Fray - How to Save a Life
Snow Patrol - Eyes Open
蔡淳佳 Joi Chua - (insert name of album here)


Attn all Airport Card users

This is a reminder / warning to all Mac users who use the AirPort Express Card (including those intergrated on MacBook (Pro), iMac, and configured Mac Pro). There is a software security update for the above-mentioned hardware. It should appear on your Automatic Update. Otherwise, you may get it from the Apple Support Page. Just get it.

iTunes 7, Flunk HCL, Weirdos on a bus

iTunes 7 seem to have lots of problem... Apple, please check it out... (I'm gonna ask around... will email DL.TV l8r)

I flunked HCL... 46%... Darn it...

I saw weird things on my way 2 HCL class...

imagine a bus...

\ D
xx xx
xx xx
xx xx
xx M


\ Door

x seats

w weirdo(s)

M Me (standing)

first weirdo - clips nails on the bus! like, WTH??!!! She has a nail clipper! She can kill ya! Terrrorrist!!!

\ ww D
/ w
xx w xx
xx w xx
xx w xx
xw w
xx M

2nd weirdo (group) - Remember the VLCTA groups Mervyn talked about before? (check his blog archive) I saw this grp, too... They were crowding around d front near the door for some ironic reason... Can't ya guys move in??? No-one's stopping ya...

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Should learn Tamil...

I'm joking... I'l porbably have a hard time coping with 4 languages... EL, CL, ML... add a TL and Jap to that... lol. (no, i can't speak or write Jap).

Anyway, I'm trying to "modify lyrics"... 高华专题作业。Hope I can finish it... still undecided on which song to "modify"...
Things on my mind:

Been stressed here...
Exams coming...
ABRSM coming...
Still haven't finished learning the tested chapters for hist n Sci...
HCL project...
Still have leadership training 4 choir coming...
Art? Good or bad?
Sci test not very well done... wat bout history???
Where's my history file?
Why iPods restart on random...

Sec 3 camp coming soon...
When's d friggin SL gathering already???
Farewell Assembly...
Scheduled outage at 4PM....

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Gimana Sekarang? (Malay post, just to prove that my Malay is fluent ENOUGH)

Aku nga-pernah memakai Malay untuk blogging, jadi kalao ada yang salah, maaf "in advance", ok?

Kenapa saya kali ini posting-nya pakai Malay/Bahasa Indon? soalnya Aku harus "mencoba"... Nga lah... Cuma bercanda... (Nga lucu, setujuh) sebenarnya untuk "training"... Aku disuruh "summarise" salah satu lagu Malay yang kita akan nyanyi untuk SAS Choir punya ABRSM exam... Soalnya kita punya invigilator dari UK, jadi kan nga ngerti Melayu... Jadi kita harus "ELABORATE" biar mereka ngerti... terus diantara 30+ orang yg di choir kita, cuma ada 3 orang yang bisa Melayu, terus yang BENAR BENAR BISAH cuma satu... Me. Jadi, no choice... nga ada pilihan lagi... harus "transl8..." *sigh...

Anyway, kalao nga ngerti post ini (sentence ini pun nga ngerti)... too bad 4 u...


Ronald Liong

Proving that being multi-lingual may have its advantages... and disadvantages...

Monday, 18 September 2006

Typos are NORMAL... no typos' ABNORMAL

<ç¶!R!Ñ> said: erm...just telling you, your last post title on your blog has spellin gerror
[R0n41d} ... WEEKENDS!!! said: i dun care...

Note to people: I know I tend to have typos... I disregard all typos. I do not care if there's typos at all....

Thus, stop complaining.

Thank You.

Saturday, 16 September 2006

10 Reasons Why You Shold Chat With Ronald

Disclaimer: da ron files "studio" will not be held responsible for any missing:
i) heartbeat in the chest,
ii) air movement in the oesophagus,
iii) saliva or tongue in the mouth,
iv) brain cells in the brain, or
v) missing organs in a person
because of reading any post on "da ron files".
Thought I should make this clear, before anyone sues me...

Also, note that this blog post is completely (not) fictional. (be blind to words in brackets!!!)
Reason 1: U get to learn Discipline and courtesy!

>[R0n41d} says: joel, don't be so mean 2 ernie, larh...
>joel_lee: mcdnalds
>joel_lee requests your attention! [nudges]
>[R0n41d} says: grr.....

Reason 2: U get to learn Economics!

>joel_lee says: how muchs a happy meal
>joel_lee says: hahahaha
>[R0n41d} says: $ 5
>[R0n41d} says: $1 for me
>[R0n41d} says: $4 for McDonalds'
>[R0n41d} says: YAY!
>[R0n41d} says: Profit!'
>joel_lee says: dotz..........

Reason 3: You get to... well... communicate?

>joel_lee says: ronald=veeron
>joel_lee says: haahhaha
>joel_lee requests your attention! [nudges]
>[R0n41d} says: HEYHEY!
>[R0n41d} says: Don't go too far w/ ur jokes.
>joel_lee says: yaya
>joel_lee says: jkjk
>[R0n41d} says: good...

Reason 4: You get to learn proper English!

>joel_lee says: wad i dong
>joel_lee says: doing*
>[R0n41d} says: u? maple i guess...?
>joel_lee says: me ask 1st
>joel_lee says: !!!!!
>[R0n41d} says: u asked "wat i dong" what...
>joel_lee says: later
>joel_lee says: doing la...
>[R0n41d} says: so i answer what ur doing lorh...
>[R0n41d} says: im doing nothing, actually...

And btw, Reason 5: Just to let you know, I never take conversations from unwilling people...

>[R0n41d} says: btw, can i use our conversation on my blog?
>joel_lee says: den y u on computer
>joel_lee says: huh???!!!!
>[R0n41d} says: just a part of it, when it was all funny...
>joel_lee says: i dun get u
>joel_lee says: 4 wad
>[R0n41d} says: like, can i post the beginning part of our conversation on my blog?
>[R0n41d} says: just for fun...
>joel_lee says: frm were to where
>joel_lee requests your attention! [nudges]
>[R0n41d} says: from the start to "Don't go too far w/ ur jokes." --Me
>joel_lee says: wadeva
>joel_lee says: u r coice
>joel_lee says: big bird hahaha

Reason 6: Ronald Thanx people...

>[R0n41d} ... WEEKENDS!!! says: ok. thanx, then

Reason 7: I teach... stuff...

>joel_lee says: ernie ernie ernie
>joel_lee says: rubber duckiie
>joel_lee says: bert
>joel_lee says: btw...
>joel_lee says: the person in the trash bin in seame strt is called....
>[R0n41d} says: cookie monster?
>joel_lee says: nono
>joel_lee says: trash bin one
>joel_lee requests your attention! [nudges]
>[R0n41d} says: dunno... try to find sesame characters on google lorh...

Reason 8: I am Nudge-able...

>joel_lee says: ERNIE JUS LOGGED IN
>joel_lee says: oi
>joel_lee requests your attention! [nudges]
>[R0n41d} > o. ok...
>joel_lee> ernie jus logged in u noe
>joel_lee requests your attention!
>[R0n41d} > so?
>joel_lee> u toki to cookieemonster
>joel_lee> tokin*
>[R0n41d} >no... blogging...
>[R0n41d} >brb
>joel_lee requests your attention! [nudges]
>ernest\ernie joins conversation
>joel_lee requests your attention! [nudges]
>joel_lee> tell me when ur baq

Of course, Reason 9: is because I'm Evil!

>ernest\ernie > dao him lar idiot
>[R0n41d} > o... ok.
>ernest\ernie > shut up
>[R0n41d} > sollie.
>ernest\ernie > dun say i here
>[R0n41d} > let's just block im together, k?
>[R0n41d} > 3...
>[R0n41d} > 2...
>[R0n41d} > 1...
>[R0n41d} > block!
>[R0n41d} > k. i did it
>ernest\ernie > u block liao?
>[R0n41d} > yup
>[R0n41d} > u?
>ernest\ernie > k
>[R0n41d} > lol.... we're evil...
>ernest\ernie > yeah

Reason No. 10: I'm dumb... I admit.

>[R0n41d} > o, who's d guy in d rubbish bin in sesame street?
>ernest\ernie > me lor
>ernest\ernie > ernie...
>ernest\ernie > idiot
>[R0n41d} > no no, d guy in d rubbish bin
>ernest\ernie > ?
>[R0n41d} > ernie's d rubber ducky-obessed guy
EDIT: sorry, didn't know was a HTML code...

Friday, 15 September 2006

been busy lately...

Dun believe I survived week 1 of term 4...

Come back from holidays... expect date of Science test.

Expected date of return of the SAS tour choir - 4.45AM
HCL - 3 to 5... HCL test THIS DAY

Sci Test tomorrow...
Choir ppl in school...
Must finish AA Basic training... or 50 push-ups in the real world...
Zexun wants me to print stuff... (17 pages. that'll be 85 cents, thank you)
Learnt about the Apple announcements... (I'm in Asia. so, this is when apple announced...from an Asian's POV.)

Sci Test!!! (Chapter 9-10)
Choir rehearsal. did not memorise 2 of the 3 songs for ABRSM, but nevertheless memorised 1 of it through this rehearsal.
Where's Ms Gan? MOE HQ.
History Test tomorrow...
Zexun wants me to print stuff (another 3 pgs...)
BTW, d class is lively today during Science... Where we learnt Chapter 6... (immature bunch... sheez... Grow up! Drink Gain!)
O, Merv, ur d best man... Didn't know God and prayer could help in strengthening an electromagnet...

History Test... Chapter 6-8...
Ms Gan came 2 play d piano in d morning for the tour choir presentation...
and left before our Music lesson.
HCL class...
Skipping HCL on 26 Aug. Paper 1 is 27 Aug for me.
Here, blogging...

So much... difficult to describe... stuff goin on this week...
That's y i've been away from blogging...
OK, so maybe i also played AA...
but that wasn't a lot...

Wednesday, 13 September 2006

I Love QUOTES!!!

Word of the day: Quote

Whenever you read across the word "quote", scream loudly and laugh!

"O RLY?" -- Headshot, Student

"Hey, I've grown taller!" --Ernest Quek, Student

"Everyone ah, came back from Italy, like noot themselves loh. Their hairstyle all." -- Ernest Quek, Student, unable to speak in complete sentences

"Ciao" -- Edward Loh / Jerome / Ernest Quek, Student, speaking in Italian

"You don't have to use the quote method for your conclusion." -- Ms Goh, EL teacher

"Seriously, Honestly" --Isaac Wong, Student, "retired" blogger (dude, where's ur blog?)

"What the hell" --Tan Choon Zhe, Student, Sarcasm addict

"He's my brother" --Bryan James Wong, student, when asked about Aaron Chua (He is heavy, and he is my brother)

"FIN" --Ronald Liong, Student, blogger, and so much more...

Monday, 11 September 2006

of good macs and bad macs...


CONFUSING? thoughtsotoo...


wanted to do a post at 9:11PM just now, but i was too busy w/ a conversation w/ zexun...

anyway, today marks the 5th year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin tower in NYC. 5 years have gone... and the Freedom tower is to be built where many have perished. All because of a few crazy idiots who hijack planes and kill people.

Let me remind you, people, that terrorism is a crime. Never forget also, that merciless murdering is a crime (actually, murder is also a crime). Killing people is not a very "holy" thing to do. It's downright idiotic, senseless, ruthless, and downright outrageous.

Murdering and terrorising in the name of a religion is disgusting. It makes me sick that someone will do such senseless acts and call it "a part of the religion". I have no grudge against any religion. Only those who terrorise (and those who are pro-cannibalism.)

So, Let's stop terrorism.

(P.s.: Atomic bombs are weapons of terror. they are terrrorism, too)
(P.s.s.: People who download free music are terrorists too.)
(P.s.s.s.: People who buy pirated stuff, including those fake prada bags, are terrorists, too)

失败 (Failure - Chinese post)

好旧没打华文字了。 最近一直想, 只是每次都忘了。

明天是高华测验。(这一年最后的测验)(测验和考试是两件完全不同的事情, 不要误会我)过了这就是决定性的一贯了 - 年终考试 将来了。





“失败是成功之母。” 这句话,作得比说难。


Sunday, 10 September 2006

Posting this from Vista

Hey guys.

just to let ya know, I have Vista Release Candidate 1 installed on my Mac. in fact, i have it on as im blogging right now! Will post screenshots soon.

A quick one today.

Saturday, 9 September 2006

Posted the link ...

Err... to the NDP ppl who's been visiting my blog, and wondered what she mentioned, Check this link

  • YouTube thingy

  • Will post on my links section in case this message gets archived.

    sorry Ms Cheong... Somebody shot it... somebody uploaded it... @ least only those in NDP knows... Nobody else!!! (well, maybe not anymore...)

    Friday, 8 September 2006

    Wow... I'm smarter than ever! (not)

    It's done! It's here! It's confusing, you say?

    well, My blog skin's been changed to one with pictures other than the ones i upload! YAY! I saw this on blogskin, and i thought it was pretty cool...

    Anyway, Somehow, the skin maker didn't include a sidebar or an Archive spot... so now, all the links are together... And my blog is gonna stay like this for as long as I like. (don't expect changes in the December holidays, though. Maybe before that, maybe after that)

    BTW, tip to those who want to edit their blogs, use a Guinea pig first. I made a dud blog, and did all kind of horror there. Added one crap at a time... and finally, OMG! (that's a tip for those who had NEVER done it before, and PLAN to do it, so don't "w43v4" me, 1337-s934k1n9 [-]34[)5[-]07 [translation: leet-speaking headshot] [omg, i did it!!! I spoke 1337 (leet)!!!]

    blood... lots and lots of blood...

    my nose is bleeding (on the outside, coz i scratched a pimple...)

    Anyway, my blog's gonna be pretty bloddy over the last few days of the hols... Have to renovate. Getting bored of the styling, i know.

    Well, brb. till next time...

    n to reemphasise, don't be shocked if my blog looks wrong the next time u refresh.

    Guess she didn't like me that much...

    Yeah fine.... I'll confess now... on my blog... (sheez)

    It's lazy day here... im so lazy, im not gonna press shift from now on...

    anyway, yes, it's true. i had a crush... and she's not exactly a girl friend...

    i'm still not comfortable about 'announcing' her name, but since most of you know already, why should i type her name out, thn/

    well, crushes are meant to be crushed... and i guess i was crushed... or as dan said it, 'slapped'...

    she finally told me 2 stop pestering her... so i guess that's d end of d rd for d 'her-n-me' relatnshp

    anyway... stop calling me names frm now on, k/ im fed up with it... dionne's not my gf, never was, n won't be... and im a pathetic loser [adapted from morgan webb of xplay game podcast from g4tv]

    well, im single, free, and untouched...

    edit - that was 330 messages in between... small number to many, but it's significant to me...


    From Above:
    what's up with Isaac's blog???
    Vista RC1 ALMOST DONE!!! *(sorta)

    EDIT: Ok, FINE! Im an idiot for Blogger.... It's not from "above"... it's from "Below"... How would i know which is which if im looking at codes???

    Too bored...too lazy...

    I know how people say we shouldn't plagiarise... but i don't care... nobody does...

    I "borrowed without permission"... a post from Raymond... (thanx dude, ur too kind...)

    "Tuesday, September 05, 2006
    6:46 AM

    haiz...long time never blog liao so since i got time now, might as well blog and play later...haha...

    2day, bout half the sec 2A went to mrs yew's house for lunch...i went with matthew n ronald n jasper n his mum drove us there...reach her place then saw ryan there...he was like damn confused...standing @ the porch and doin nothing...haha...jk hor ryan...once in the house i was bugging ronald for his mac which i and the others wanted to touch( said by ronald)...he was so goin siao when we went taking his 'baby' everywhere...haha...then ppl started comin in and mrs yew took out the snacks and as KEITH WAS THERE the snacks were gone(YES...GONE...BYEBYE) in bout 10min...haiz...left none for me...haha(actually i ate abit)...anyway...when most of the ppl were there mrs yew took out the curry and told us to eat...she also called her 'pet' down to talk with us...haha...then we just ate eat eat eat eat...then when the lagsania(i dunno how to spell :P) was ready she ask us all to eat..."

    Thursday, 7 September 2006

    Reply to my own comment...

    Ironic... people really "obey" me...

    3 Sep 06, 21:30
    LRY: dis blog is getting quiet...esp the tagboard

    between 17 Aug 06 and 30 Aug 06
    Maybe i shouldn't have said "Bring it on".... (me on a post somewhere...)

    17 Aug 06, 21:00
    Ron: replied till here so far... got a msg? Bring it on!!!

    Well, i dunno what to say...

    Not bring it on... but not shut up completely...hmm....

    I know!

    Comment constructively!! (let's try this... for now...)

    Wednesday, 6 September 2006

    why Vista is delayed

    Check these videos out... Vista Speech Recognition... Failing... in a Press Demo...

    Tuesday, 5 September 2006

    Magsafe problems... and more Steve Irwin commemoration...

    Firstly, Steve Irwin Commemoration...

    Here's a message which was sent from Daniel Lim...

    "its been one day now since steve irwin has died i think its time to pay our respects and replace the turtle for a rose if u dont send this to whoever is online u have no respect"

    Well, got it?

    Now, the second point...

    I've been having problems with my Magsafe port and plug... For some ironic reason, I think there's some problem with the springs... Hope I can fix it over @ Apple... Wish me luck. (O, btw, ppl @ Apple, I cleaned my laptop on the outside to make sure you guys don't get a dirty laptop... So fix it well!)

    Well, that's all for now...

    Monday, 4 September 2006

    Condolences to Steve Irwin...

    Calling all IM users, be it MSN, Windows Live, IChat, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, or whatever...

    As a mark of respect and condolences to the Australian Environmentalist Steve Irwin, let's put a turtle in front of our nickname. For MSN users, that will be (tu)

    Also, I think we should start eating stingray... or boycotting stingray-derived products...

    Really sad that a great guy like Steve Irwin have to die so tragically, during a time when he is trying to save the environment... Let's all take care of animals a lot better...

    Reminder for class outing tomorrow...

    Dear fellow classmates of 2A,

    Please remember, if you have put down your name, to go to Mrs Yew's house tomorrow. People with games (e.g. PS2, XBOX 360, XBOX) are recommended to bring along their consoles and a couple of CDs...

    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Ronald Liong
    Must we do this again?

    I've got a present for u...

    Sarah wanted to learn the motivators' moves for "Absolutely Everybody"... Well have i got the surprise for her...

    Btw, Ms Cheong... here's somthing to prove that you WERE audible @ SIS...
    (who d heck shot this???)

    Wow... light show!!!

    In case d ndp ppl think i forgot abt ndp completely... I still find links 2 NDP=related stuff... such as this video:

    Archived stuff...

    I don't believe what i've been seeing while looking through my archived photos...
    See for yourself...

    More to come...

    in need of photos of the class...

    Calling all 2A classmates...

    Please give me photos of anyone from our class doing anything PRESENTABLE...

    I'm trying to put together a class presentation for the end of the year...

    Thank You in Advance...

    Yours Truly,
    Ronald Liong
    Welfare I/C
    2A 2006
    St. Andrew's Secondary School
    Solar System
    Milky Way Galaxy

    Sunday, 3 September 2006

    I didn't forget, guys.... Music...

    Music Chart for the moment...

    1. Keane - The Frog Prince
    2. Keane - Try Again
    3. Keane - Put It Behind You
    4. Keane - A Bad Dream
    5. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars
    6. Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober
    7. Nickelback - Far Away
    8. Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous
    9. All American Rejects - Move Along
    10. Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man

    Photos from the airport...

    Saturday, 2 September 2006

    awkward day of trouble n hearts

    see if u can decode the title for this blog post, coz im not gonna talk the title on this post at all!

    Had a boring day @ home 2day... Still got d ndp blues... although it is easening... gradually... slowly... since some other form of pain is settling in...

    anyway, i'll be like Apple Corporation from now on... Very secretive about current progress n updates... Only leaking lame stuff and being very secretive... coz u guys always abuse the rights of the reader.

    Let me get this straight out for u...

    I'm a FREELANCE Journalist... As a blogger, i am posting to an ONLINE JOURNAL. people who write JOURNALS are called JOURNALISTS by law... Ask Apple, they learnt that from 1 of their lawsuit cases over some blogger leaking out a feature in the next version of one of their softwares. (i don't wanna be sued by a giant company... i have no lawyer to protect... yet...)

    Anyway, back to the point. If you want to view my "work", you are suppose to view it with respect. For goodness sake, i am suppose to own copyrights to all the things i post here, past, present or future, unless otherwise stated. Before I forget, Apple, Apple Corporations, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Corporations In the US and other countries that may apply. Now, back to the point again, By Respecting my work, please DO NOT MOCK THE JOURNALIST. IT'S ONLY RIGHT.

    DON'T LIKE IT? DON'T LIKE THE RULES? nobody forced you to come here... Remember, i still give you the freedom... I never FORCED my friends to link my blog on theirs... And nobody forced you to click on it... You have EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS TO WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR KEYBOARD, WHAT YOU TYPE, WHAT YOU CLICK WITH YOUR MOUSE...but you HAVE YOUR LIMITS, TOO...