Friday, 30 November 2007

Choir Concert Tickets!

Hey everyone!

Erm, just wanna let you guys know, we still have tickets for the choir concert on December 22nd. Details are here, again.

22 Dec 2007
20 00h
YMS Auditorium, 54 Waterloo Street [nearest MRT station: Bugis]

yes, it's $12 per ticket, and it starts at 8pm. If you'll be around town at that time, do come and support us! It'll be a fun night. We'll have a guest performance by Crescent Girls' Secondary School Choir.

Oh, do spread the news around, of the choir concert! Thanks!

[if you want to reserve tickets, please contact me by email with your name, number of tickets requested.
Please use "Choir Concert Ticket" as the Subject.]

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Duncan, read this: 3 laws, and there's more...

In response to Duncan, I found three laws & legislations regarding competitive telco market in Singapore. There's more, but I'm letting you guys figure them out yourself. I'm not a law school student.

I understand there's loopholes in the laws below, and that there's a revision next year [it's every 3 years.]. But heck, I don't see any yet. Good luck, Apple.


Telecom Competition Code 2005 Duty to Provide Unbundled Telecommunication Services

A Dominant Licensee must provide telecommunication services on an unbundled basis. Specifically, the Dominant Licensee must not require a Customer that wants to purchase a specific telecommunication service, as a condition for purchasing that telecommunication service, to also purchase any other telecommunication service or non-telecommunication service or equipment. However, the Dominant Licensee may offer Customers the option of purchasing a package that contains multiple telecommunication and non-telecommunication services or equipment.



IDA Telecom Competition Guideline
3.2.3 Other Types of Conduct That May Constitute an Abuse of Dominant Position

(c) Tying. Licensees may provide Customers with the option of purchasing separate telecommunication services and equipment in a single package. Such packages, which may be offered at a reasonable discount, often benefit Customers.

However, Sub-section of the Code provides that a Dominant Licensee must not require a Customer to purchase any other service of equipment as a condition for purchasing a specific telecommunication service. In addition, a Dominant Licensee may abuse its dominant position where it requires a Customer that purchases a telecommunication service that is not subject to effective competition to purchase other services or equipment, especially if those services or equipment are subject to a greater degree of competition. Such requirements, even if offered as an option, may foreclose competition in a significant portion of an otherwise competitive market. "




7.1 Unbundled network services (‘‘UNS’’) are telecommunication network services that Facilities-based and Services-based Licensees need to have cost-based access to in order to provide a competing telecommunication service. IDA will find that telecommunication network services are UNS if the services:

(a) are technically or operationally required to provide a competing service; and
(b) cannot be self-provisioned, or obtained from a source other than the Dominant Licensee, at commercially reasonable rates.



IDA is the InfoComm Development Authority, the governing agency for Telcos, amongst other things, in Singapore. They have, in the far past, fined M1 for locking Nokia phones with their own SIM card, making the only opponent then, SingTel, unable to be used on the phone. Although the SIM slot in iPhone is accessible, it still has bundling.

What I'm trying to say is that IDA has a "don't mess with me or get your ass whipped and lose in the market" kind of power. [look where M1 is now. Number 3. Last place.] So, when iPhone comes to Singapore, it's going to be an interesting show. Just wait & see.......

Saturday, 24 November 2007

can you say ""?


I'm gonna start posting links to my, specifically what I'm watching on YouTube, Google Video, and other sites. Just check it out!

oh, I do recommend you guys try, too. intergrates very well with Safari, but I'm sure it will, too, with IE, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape.

ill on Black Friday...

it's a sign. it's a conspiracy!

anyway, i was ill yesterday, which was Black Friday.

no, im not being racist.

Black Friday is typically the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving Day.

It's typically the day when stores are crowded, and online stores are loaded with orders.

It's basically the shopping event of the year.

And there's a few good reasons for that, too.

Firstly, people like to buy Christmas gifts on Black Friday. It's after Thanksgiving, It's before Christmas. perfect combo!

Secondly, it's Friday. People are gone from work, and they unwind on Friday evening. one way is to shop.

Thirdly, the biggest reason, is the Black Friday discounts. Check out the MacBooks on Apple's online store. they're going at US$101 off.

yes, is said US$.

that's because it's a US-only event.


im still having a fever. hope things will come down by next week...

P.s.: if I appear to be behaving oddly, forgetting names, or acting gibberish, well, it appears I am turning amnesic.No joke here.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Still in Camp... part deux.

i learnt the word from a blog which someone labelled as "Bryant's blog". quite a few people. and when i went to find the meaning of the word, i found out it meant 'part 2'. that's how i grow smarter. lol. [k, i sound like some PSA spokesperson]

anyways, it's bath time. waiting for someone else to guard the room so that I can leave for the toilet, assured nothing will go missing. [we're not alone. apparently, the SYFC peeps are camping here. didn't see ben lan, though.]

really bored...


oh, something interesting happened today.

just now, before breakfast, mrs charles walked past our 'barrack' of C4-09 [Mrs Huang's homeroom.] the room was in a terrible mess, and so were our hairs, but she smiled at us as she walked past.

then, when breakfast came, she walked past again, and she saw us eating in the homeroom. a bit awkward, but she said "this is the only time you get to eat in a classroom, eh?" in a pretty cheeky manner. who knew she had a sense of humour, and not a sarcastic one for that matter?

btw, the school is in a mess. that's it. no more words from me.

not saying why, or in what way. speculate!

Still in Camp...

yes, im still @ camp. nope, im not typing this during my animation orkshop [it doesn't start till 10am later in the day.]

im bored...

strangely, i had 6hrs of sleep, broken up in a 4h-2h config. watched some horror movie in between. tiring day ytd. today's amazing race, but fortunately[or unfortunately], i have animation workshop + the art prelim studies meeting thingy.

o well.... the male toilet next to the library @ 4th floor is now a female toilet for the visitors of some function going on in the hall... it's for kindergarten principals.

heh. what would I know?

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

PA Camp next 3 days, Art Olvl PW Prelim studies & Animation wkshop

Next 3 days...

Nov 20: PA Camp

Nov 21: PA Camp, Animation workshop, Art O level PW Preliminaries study meeting

Nov 22: PA Camp, Animation workshop

So, sayonara, blog-o-sphere!

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Songza. Check out the playlist.

I got to this site thanks to Tekzilla. It's a site that enables you to simply search for songs or videos, play them, add to a playlist, and embed the songs individually. I wanted to move to Songza, but since it didn't allow me to embed playlists, I guess I have to use screenshots. so here it is!

Check out Songza!

Note: this is a playlist. it's not a chart. just some tunes I'm currently jazzing to. The "currently playing" track is the featured track in my playlist. And yes, the playlist is in chronological order of play, not in any random order. It's how i want the songs to transition.

Politics. Space. Al Gore. It's Matchbox Twenty.

Matchbox Twenty - Let's See How Far We've Come

It's got everything that I care about summarised in one video. Politics, Musicians, Live Earth, US Elections 08, Space Travel, guitar smashing. Yup. all checked.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Nelly Furtado - Crazy

Originally sung by Gnarls Barkley, Nelly Furtado really made the song deeper and much more 'emo' [in a good way] with this "live' acoustics cover of the song. A different side from Loose...


Friday, 16 November 2007

500th post, and i'm glad to say my prediction was right!

Singapore's MobileOne phone operator eyeing iPhone
...Singapore's MobileOne phone operator is also announcing it is in talks to bring the iPhone to Asia.


...In addition, M1 is in discussions with Apple Inc. to bring the iPhone to Asia....

What did I say earlier about M1?!

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Hong Kong!!!

yes, I'm in Hong Kong now... couldn't get th einternet running on my Mac, since my bro's laptop is stuck to the LAN port... free internet in this hotel rm!

I hate Acer keyboards... sheez...

anyways, u'll try to snap some photos when possible. didn't bring my DSLR, but i brought my video camera, just for fun. My dad wanted me to go for some cosmetics exhibition here...

by the way, i think we need a petition to overhaul the economy class seats. 17" width seats, seriously? i can't even bend up my legs, and that living hell cost me S$600? You gotta be kidding me. Even the Airport Express trains here are way better, and that cost HK$100. And the MTR / MRT here? HK$4! economy class sucks! let's push for 20" seats! that's not even a lot. my TV is way larger than that. [my tv = 24". My MacBook Pro = 15.4". These are diagonals, of course, but think about it. what about yourself? you deserve better in the skies, coz if something happens to you in mid-sky, nothing can be done! right?]

anyway, enough of the economy class rant. i always dreamed of sitting in business class. yes, i never wiped my buttocks on those leather seats before. the closest experience was Valuair. but that was Valuair. still not 20". only 19".

k. gotta sleep. sayonara!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

new chart for the moment.

i must say, as we get into the end of the year, it's getting much harder to choose songs which make to the chart.

Anyway, here's the list. [also available under "Featured" as a music playlist]

1. Kanye West - Stronger
2. Matchbox Twenty - How Far We've Come
3. Mika - Grace Kelly
4. Colbie Caillat - Bubbly
5. Kanye West - Homecoming
6. Nelly Furtado - Explode
7. Mika - Love Today
8. Timbaland & Fall-Out Boys - One and Only
9. Mika - Relax, Take It Easy
10. Britney Spears - Gimme More
11. Mika - Lollipop
12. Kanye West - Good Morning (Introduction)


short trip.

I'm flying off to Hong Kong tomorrow evening. But, i'll be back on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile, I won't be blogging again.

Never mind, because this is your chance to catch up w/ what I've been blogging thus far [for those who haven't been reading.]

and for those who have, I'm going to start a series of polls on the side. Just have fun fooling around with the polls!

k. gtg set up the polls now. bye!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

random shots of people.

from people i know, to some guy in RKS Adams or UG,
from those who know me, to those who don't,
from those whom i like to hang out with,
to those i just can't be bothered with.

these are people.


damn moore's law...

ren yuan, i think you'll hate moore's law too.

Apparently, Intel's gonna release products which are lead-free, silicon-replaced, and faster. Hafnium is gonna replace silicon as the next big thing in processors. 45nm, Hi-K Metal Gate mobile processors by next year form Intel. Well, i'm only gonna get a new laptop between 2011 and 2013 [yes, im a confirmed mac user for a couple more years. no regrets. only regretted not moving to the Mac earlier.], so i can't wait to see where Intel's going in the next 4 years...

k, i am back from gibberish mode.

23 episodes. all conquered. in 3 days... [spoiler alert]

yes, Heroes is awesome. and i finished watching it. Firstly, i must say, Niki / Jessica [the alter-ego girl] is really pretty [and hot. k, im underaged. it's official.]. besides that, I have spent the last 3 days finishing all 6 DVDs. never thought I would finish...

I gave the tip on the "appropriate order" of watching the DVDs below. refer the previous in-determined post.

I'm gonna watch the whole thing again! w00t! sorry, zexun, raymond, john, and chen lin, the dvds are mine.

All 44-minute-long 23 episodes of Heroes, plus the 73-minute Pilot.



[kidding, really. the last time, i kid thee not. this time, i am kidding.]

p.s.: Sylar didn't die in Season 1, and make sure u watch the last episode till the CREDITS, not when they show an open manhole cover [looking like a film canister] which had a cockroach on it and saying "End of Volume one]. Keep watching. You'll see Hiro. oops.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Review: "Heroes"

This is a call to everyone: watch "Heroes". It's not an ordinary show. It's amazing. It's awesome. It's got twists, suspense, VFX, and sound engineering written all over it.

TV never looked this good before. Seriously. It's filled with suspense, twists, unexpected happenings, and surprises. It's an eye-opener, it's a shocker, and it's cool.

Plus, the Japanese guy in the show was involved in the Video effects, too. He's an awesome, cool guy. Geeks rule!

Anyway, watch it tonight on Channel 5, 10pm to 12mn. And if you plan to buy / borrow / get your little paws on "Heroes" the DVD set, I recommend you watch Disc one first, then move to Disc 6 and watch all the extras EXCEPT the 50 deleted scenes. after which, you watch the rest of the set and then the 50 deleted scene. remember to watch the pilot as well. You'll see a different twist even though it feels the same as disc one. Trust me. watch it. you can fast forward, but don't miss any new bits in it. No spoilers here, but it has something to do with the Jihad terrorists and radiation. freaky, i tell you....

My rating for Heroes: 10/10. It's that good. Never seen anything worth watching as much as Heroes.

P.s.: My progress: I watched the whole of Disc 1, 2, and 6. Yes, i saw the deleted scenes. bad idea.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

I feel awesome!

talk about shopping therapy!

Bought a couple of stuff...

The most exciting shopping spree I ever had!


Well, let's see.... Starting from the least exciting. Mika's "Life in Cartoon Motion" is finally mine.

Then, I have Kanye West's album, "Graduation", and with the album, came a handphone pouch which contained some really old-skool shades. oh, inside the album: entry for 2 to MoS. Wonder if MoS allow entry for teens...

Finally... [drum roll] HEROES SEASON 1 on DVD!!!

i know i posted before that i wanted the HD-DVD version, but hey, HD-DVD is not accessible to me yet. so for now, DVD! and btw, it's not cheap. 6 DVDs, $79.99. OUCH! but I now have a way to waste time while in Singapore till 23DEC.

k, bb. no more blogging till I finished watching all 6 DVDs. bye!


Personal clarifications and confessions.

I just want to make a confession, as well as to clarify a specific misunderstanding that I had since Sec 1.

The Confession:

I often try to act independently of others because of my stinkin huge ego. Very often, in groups projects, I like to do stuff my way, or use my own resources. I remember, when I was doing an MWOS project in Sec 1, I refuse to use photos taken by others. I kept insisting on using mine. And I did for 90% of the MWOS video. So I guess I have a huge ego... heh.

The clarification:

I don't back-stab, I don't think it's right, I don't think it should be done. I think it is cowardly to insult someone without the presence of the person. In fact, I think insulting a person in the person's face is also rude, and I know I'm guilty of criticizing.

OK. that's all. By the way, what album should I buy?
-"Graduation" by Kanye West,
-FolkLore" By Nelly Furtado, or
-"Life in Cartoon Motion" by MIKA?
-or something else?

and p.s.: I updated my wish list, incase nobody realised [i bet nobody realised. my blog's viewership is zero, from what i notice...]

Nelly Furtado - Explode

I found this video while I was channel-surfing through Joost. They just made a "Nelly Furtado" channel, featuring some of ther Music Videos from the last 2 albums or so. That was where I saw this really cool music video, which, for once, mixes cool cartoons with a great cinematic camera angles and awesome beats. I love the way the silhouettes are done. See if you agree with me.


The Corrs Code

I'm inspired by the guy who decoded The Last Supper's hidden hymn.

Hence, i'm going to make sentences using lyrics from songs by the corrs, with the help of the shuffle feature in iTunes and a tracklist of songs by The Corrs. Here we go! RANDOMNESS!

"Give me a reason"
"Oh, Peggy Gordon"

"Go on, leave me breathless!"
"Hey you're too true to be good"

"I had visions like no other, so romantic, you'll discover"
"This boy is cracking up"

"Well, who am I to keep you down?"
"Only when I sleep."

"Don't let yourself go"
"You've been keeping me warm"

"The Heat of Summer Sunshine"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"
"Coz we're so young"

"Heaven know no frontiers"
"Would you be happier?"

"I'm hoping to love you like we do, forever"
"borrowed heaven"

Tracks: [in order of appearance]

"Give Me A Reason", Best of The Corrs
"Peggy Gordon", Home
"Breathless", Best of The Corrs
"Humdrum", Borrowed Heaven, twice
"Old Town", Home
"Dreams", Best of The Corrs
"Only When I Sleep", Best of The Corrs
"Everybody Hurts", Best of The Corrs
"Summer Sunshine", Borrowed Heaven, twice
"So Young", Best of The Corrs
"No Frontiers", Dreams: The Ultimate Corrs Collection
"Would You be Happier", Best of The Corrs
"Angels", Borrowed Heaven
"Borrowed Heaven", Borrowed Heaven

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Buying a MacBook Pro? go to Hong Kong!

Yes, if you live in Singapore, and you plan on buying the MacBook Pro, and you have a day [or a few] to spare, why not go over to Hong Kong to purchase your new toaster MacBook Pro?

Not only will you save money, but you get to get out of the country for once!
Why? Coz it's cheaper in Hong Kong!

Let me do the Math for you.

Let's say I want to buy the higher-end 15" MacBook Pro. That's the one with
-2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
-256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT
-160GB 5400rpm HDD

Singapore Price tag: S$4267.00, inclusive of GST, or S$3,987.65, for those who will benefit from GST refund.

The similar model from the Apple Online Hong Kong store: HK$ 19,200 [no tax applies].
HK$ 19,200 = S$ 3,555.69, which is just S$100 more than the lower-end 15" MacBook Pro model.

But you'll be saying: Getting to Hong Kong cost money, too!
Yes, indeed it does. but how much money is that?

For this, I checked with To save money, one probably wouldn't want to check in at a hotel. so let's try to book for a one-day round-trip ticket on Cathay Pacific for 21 Nov 2007, pretty close to the High-season.
Ticket cost: S$601, including taxes.

Grand total:
S$601 + $3555.69 = $4156.69

Savings: $4267 - $4156.69 = $110.31

but of course, you may have wasted $110.31 worth of time in the process as well, since the flights are 3h 45 min each way, then you have to wait in the terminal, then there's 4 road trips: home-airport, airport-shop [unless you want to shop at the airport shops. they have shops there, though the prices should still be the same.], shop-airport, airport-home.

it's a hassle, but if you need to save a hundred smackeroos, I'ld do it. Besides, you could go to HK disneyland for a vacation! money well-spent!

Friday, 9 November 2007

more Daft Punk!

[Ms Gan, if you're reading this, check out the A Cappella video above! *HINT HINT!]

And of course, Kanye West has his song, "Stronger"!

more albums wanted...

i am really tempted to buy Kanye West's album, Graduation...
but why, you may ask? Even though i don't enjoy R&B?
well, One song: Stronger.
That song sounds awesome. and no wonder.
coz it had bits from daft punk's "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".
What's that song, you ask now?
well, just check out this hand movements, follow them, and you will know the lyrics to the entire song!


One request. It's not as if I wished for World Peace, or a change in the ideal of every living soul, but just one simple request.

More Mac Games for the Intel Macs, please?

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Catchy tunes| "Grace Kelly" by MIKA

here's another treat by MIKA.


RANT| what's in a name?

I have a question to ask: What's in a name?

In the technology world of the 70s,80s, and 90s, we had very logical name. The Playstation obviously means it is a console, or "station", for playing games. The PowerBook meant a notebook which had more processing power than its sibling, the iBook. Windows 2000 meant the Microsoft Operating System with a UI made of windows, released in 2000.

In recent years, names of Tech gadgets, softwares, and Web2.0 apps are going into the reds.

Firstly, what the f*** is a Wii? It sounds sick, wrong, childish, and soft. "I wanna play with my Wii!", is that what Nintendo wants its consumers to say? Perverts.

Next, i-whatever. I know Apple invented the iPod and iBook, but why must everyone, including Apple themselves, pose them? iLife, not just the software package, but also the air purifier from Osim, notorious for adding an 'i' or a 'u' in front of their products. then the iPhone. iTV, a Cable TV service in the UK, saved apple from adding another i-product. i-witness, a CNN initiative for people to submit eye-witness footages of events happening around them. get what 'i' mean?

Then there's the people who are just trying to be different. Motorola hates vowels, but we know Asus loves the most common vowel in the English language, they decided to call their latest PC with 3 of these: the Eee-PC.

Oh, don't get me started with Windows Vista. Vista? Clarity? more like constant pop-ups asking me to either "Cancel" or "Allow". Heh, I'm pretty clear this UAC pop-up is blocking my view.

And what about their campaign slogan? the WOW starts NOW? what wow? World of Warcraft? it plays better in XP than on Vista. Why must I say 4 words before WoW starts? that is retarded. Where is my instant-startup World of WarCraft game? not that I play, but seriously, why are computers today as slow as computers from last year?

and what the HELL is Mio? "My instinct overloaded"? Retarded marketing retards.

Then there's FireWire. Why the f*** do I want my wire to have fire? fire moves quite slowly, by the way...

Pixma? huh? what's that? Canon, you marketing people are Aliens, vapourise them!

Twitter,Flickr, Friendster, Blogger, Joost, Flixter, are just some of the most vocabulary-degenerating works of art
[sarcasm added] in the web.

Please people, be logical when naming your company or service...
k. rant over [for now]

Windows CE,
Windows ME
Windows NT


Yes, Microsoft can spell.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Webbie of d moment| HeadRoom

For the audiophiles, the people who want headphones on a budget, the simple cans for listening pleasure, or maybe just for comfort, check out this site.


They have the most reliable, honest-to-goodness recommendations on headphones, earphones, amps, and almost anything audio-related. Just check it out and maybe you'll find something good for yourself, or even for Christmas!

Do note that some of the headphones they recommend may be difficult to find locally [be it in Switzerland, Singapore, or Indonesia], but most are available here. One example is the Sennheiser PX200, which I currently use. Its sibling, the PX100, is also very common amongst 'casual' audiophiles here.

Hope you find the site useful!

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

heh. saw that gun coming...

I post this post [heh. ironic phrase. we need a new phrase that's not in a "ABA" pattern...] to put off the criticisms on my Flickr about "awkward" or "bad" photos.

Those [obviously] aren't my best shots.

Why am I posting my worse shots on Flickr?

Well, couple of simple reasons.

1. Intellectual Property rights issue. Flickr is an "online photo-sharing thing". As such, whatever photos you post onto flickr, you are sharing with the rest of the Flickr community. Intellectual property is something you would want to defend. For example, if you want to take part in a Photo Competition, they often mention that your submissions should not be photos that were previously published online. Uploading your good shots to Flickr means you are "sworn" to never use the shot for photography competitions unless they are using Flickr for the shots. Well, if that's the case, then I'll post better shots up there. But anyway, I preserved my better photos and keep them in a network of folder hierarchies in my hard drive(s). Yes, I need a database.

2. Sensetive place. The place which I went to was to a great extent, training area for the Gurkhas / military people. They were giving me very hard, rude stares as I went around taking shots, so I figured I act discretely.

3. Skies are nice, but skies cannot be controlled. Look at that sky. Ok, fine, they appear light in most of the shots, but I shot the photos at around 6pm, passing sunset hour. That meant darkening skies. The entire field did not have a single light source, except for the houses nearby [e.g.: my house.] And the place is not exactly small or flat, unlike what you see on Google Earth. Hence, light is practically only available from radiosity .
p.s.: i don't have a flash, I don't plan to get one, I don't like to carry them. And also, I don't have reflectors which will work in this sort of conditions.

P.s.s.: I have labelled shots with ['O'] for the ones I am using as prelim studies for my 'O's. no hint on the topic I'm going for, but I think you can figure out on your own...

Monday, 5 November 2007

What I want for christmas?

This is the post where I can sound like a spoilt brat, but it's ok. It's just a wishlist. Probably not gonna get any of these stuff!
Anyway, since Christmas is exactly 50 days away, i thought I'll prepare a list first! so here goes!

1. A new mobile phone to replace my dying N80... specifically: The Sony-Ericsson W910i [Black colour]. It's wide, 86g, and it looks friggin cool... <= $180 with contract on Starhub

2. A Sony PS3 40GB model [Black colour]. I just want a Blu-ray player. Dammit. And I want it cheaper than a X360E [that's "Xbox 360 Elite", 4 da p33ps wh- dun sp34k 1337]. And i don't need it to glow in the dark, so no thanks to the white PS3.<= $599, accurate as of 5 Nov 07

3. Starhub MaxMobile Subscription. It's friggin expensive, coz they charge $36.38/month for Ultimate [for existing MaxOnline subscribers], and that's EXCLUDING your monthly phone plans, which start from $25.68! do the math!

4. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. I've tried playing this game kinda bit before... Pretty much loved it. Seems like the only kind of game that appeals to me. Maybe this is my kind of game? $49.99 - $59.99

5. A friggin Me2U bear. Always asked for one, but never received... haiz.... Price variable.

Checking out [former] Bidadari Cemetery l8r on

Before I go there to get some shots, perhaps I should give some BG info on the route I'm gonna go on later on in the day.

View Larger Map
the route.

The route above is what I often see the Gurkahs at Mt Vernon go on for their daily afternoon jog. Besides that, the route also outlines the former Bidadari Cemetery. The cemetery is located very close to my house, as you can probably see. But now that the removal of the caskets are done, and the land is open once again, I decided maybe I should check out the place again.

I will probably go into the cemetery instead of following the route mapped on Google Earth [Google didn't let me add a destination point to the paths on the cemetery.]

I remember walking around there before the graves were erected in 2001. You would see untouched graves overun by plants. There was one grave which belonged to a 3-month-old baby. The grave area was as small as half of a regular single bed, which proves how small the little guy was. That sight reminds me of the fragility of life. You may die at any time, even now. That is why we should cherish our times while we are alive and make the best out of it.

Of course, that grave is now gone, since the government has erected it years ago, but the trees remain. Let's hope the place is still open to the public.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

site of the moment| Marble of doom...

spinning wait cursor... spinning pizza... spinning pinwheel... spinning beach ball of death... rainbow wheel of death... marble of doom... beach balling...

many names, but they all refer to one thing:

but nonetheless, we should take note of the spinning beach ball of death whenever we use our macs...

and report them to this site!

That's right, Marble of Doom, the website! What are you *@#% waiting for?!

Marble of Doom

check out my macbook pro... exposed!

yes.. it's all stripped down to the motherboard is in full view. hey, i still need my Mac!

The little trouble-maker. code-named "chainsaw" for obvious reasons*

* - the fan has been making unusually loud noises when it spins @1800 - 4200rpm... beyond that [i.e.: 1000-1800, 4200-6000], no unusually loud and rough noises are heard. The weird thing is that the fan actually passed QC [Quality Control], as hinted by the tick on its label.

p.s.: here's a preview of my group's physic project. hint: there's gore!

Simpsons Movie the Game!!!

hello sassy consumer!

are you ready for?!
are you READY FOR?!

BIG super happy funfun!

2 fun = double the fun = fun fun = sprakle sparkle!

now reverse it!

fun fun happy super BIG!


remember HTF?

Happy belated Halloween!