Wednesday, 31 December 2014

da ron files - it ends with a 2014 retrospect

So, it appears I have run out of ideas for what to include in my New Year's Resolution. Yes, I keep coming up with more-or-less the same things relating to my life - work/studies, fitness, finances, personal stuff, etc. But really, setting these targets so early in the year is pointless in 2015, given I don't really know what will come my way. In short - things don't always go according to plan, so rather than bogging my self down with a list of things to check off (which isn't a proper "plan" anyway), I'm not doing a 2015 resolution.

In fact, with my day job and whatnot, I see no point in continuing this blog. Look, if you want to follow my (sometimes delightful - admit it) blabbering, you're probably following me on Twitter or Instagram, rather than this dreary old medium circa 2006 when dial-up was still socially acceptable.

As such, this is my last New Year's Resolution in retrospect on da ron files.

2014 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: In Retrospect

> Get at least a Merit for my MSc.
> Become an MPhil/PhD Candidate.

> Get funding for the PhD.
> Don't ask my parents for more funds.

> Cycle a total distance of 365km with an app or my Heart Rate Monitor.
> Cut down on my chocolate, crisps, salt, Haribos and alcohol.

> Be nicer to others.
> Cut down on procrastination.

And with the end of this sentence, comes the press of the period key on my keyboard, for this project that was started by a teenaged me, for the last time.